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  1. Funny, Embarrassing, and General OMG Moments
  2. Filename thread
  3. >> Quick Questions Thread <<
  4. Rule Clarification Update 2019
  5. Opinions of the new forums?
  6. A small dev ramble
  7. Rounds are too short now
  8. Townhall Archve.
  9. Payday Game Mode Idea
  10. CM-SS13 tips and lesser-known features
  11. CM-SS13-Logger - Separate and highlight your log
  12. Term 3 Council Questions
  13. Semi-Official Community Discussion about Development Changelog May/2019
  14. Poll:Zombie rounds, Like them or not really?
  15. CO alternative weapons
  16. on the fate of facehugging
  17. I really like having a public Gitlab!
  18. Colonial marines plug.dj revival
  19. Should xenos have their own version of every misc things marines have?
  20. fun, balance, or realism?
  21. Map Voting
  22. Making Medical Conditions Canon
  23. My Opinion On balance and what I think we should do about it
  24. Unofficial Community Discussion about Development Changelog June/2019
  25. Remove “how would you punish the accused” from reports
  26. Should the green trijent dam uniforms replace the yellow standards as default?
  27. Filthy things done as Researcher.
  28. automated range ip ban for no reason
  29. Your Gosh Darn Signitures Are Too Big
  30. FF_Disable_1 - An CM...something
  31. Grimcads music Thread
  32. Why is balance in this game always one sided?
  33. A Brief Commentary on the State of PainCrit by Klaus (Now with Pictures!)
  34. What makes Trijent difficult to "complete"?
  35. PTSD from xeno surprise attacks?
  36. depressed xeno main here
  37. Once upon a time there was an epic research update
  38. Banned for an accident? Really acutecirlce?
  39. Metagaming, the Nonrule
  40. How would YOU balance the game?
  41. What thing in the game is not fun?
  42. Make Queen a whitelisted / minimum playtime role.
  43. Make Trijent Dam HvH only
  44. Marines out-attrition Xenos
  45. A (mostly) redacted log of ahelps during the tank v tank round.
  46. HvH Event - Strategic CO Conference - 6/30/2019
  47. Uh...
  48. Constant crashes, freezes..
  49. Event idea
  50. Moments with Rylee Jenkins
  51. Moments with X Marine
  52. Why aliens get free drop ship every time marins evac? What is roleplay justification?
  53. Semi-Unofficial Community Discussion about Development Changelog July/2019
  54. Prison Station - Lack of RP devices
  55. Round Music
  56. CM is BIAS.
  57. What's new?
  58. Yautja naming
  59. Whats the Best and Worst LT you've had handling your squad?
  60. Marine Directives
  61. Turtle Trouble
  62. Should Rule 1 Be Changed?
  63. Escalation appropriate if fight goes on long enough?
  64. A little appreciation for the best staff
  65. Question for staff and players alike
  66. Pseudo-Unofficial Community Discussion about Development Changelog August/2019
  67. Semi-Unofficial Community Discussion about Development Changelog August/2019
  68. Combat mechas?
  69. Weird BYOND Bug (?) Banned Due to Someone Else
  70. Suggest a MIDI that admins can play!
  71. New Map Perhaps?
  72. Local penguin lord kidnapped by Spaniards, Ban system borked
  73. Big Brain Ideas for Marines and Xenos alike
  74. Noob confusion of continuity
  75. Show results at the end of the round
  76. The State of Predators
  77. Am I using the fax machine wrong?
  78. Can someone explain to me what predators do?
  79. UPP Additions?
  80. A Ramble on RULE 4 (NOT CLICKBAIT)
  81. Quick medical doctor questions
  82. Shelters
  83. mareen space travel future of CM ss13
  84. Ice Rework
  85. Xeno Structures Test - Discussion
  86. Vendors not loading the menus - Here is the Workaround.
  87. Tips and tricks to get whitelisted as predator
  88. Pyro Spec: A subject of debate
  89. Replace perma with forced cyro
  90. Autonomy for Pilots: Close Area Support and What [Has] To Change
  91. Its a Good Time For Events Again
  92. Chances of another server
  93. whats wrong with the servers?
  94. now it really stopped working
  95. Jerkface Events are Bad
  96. Can we do something about the metarushes?
  97. Interest Check: Roleplayer of the month.
  98. Personally collecting feedback on roleplay
  99. Expected Contact RP Test
  100. CM-SS13 9/16/2019 Resin Structure Test
  101. Add a new rule on MegaFobs roundstart
  102. Questions for CM devs
  103. A Discussion Regarding Map Design
  104. Switch Alpha and Xeno's comms
  105. Bancrose Event Thread
  106. Attention intelligence officers. I have an important announcement to make
  107. epic TC in walls
  108. epic survivor time
  109. Proposal for Expected Contact RP for Liasions
  110. Old forum link
  111. Ideas for a 3rd party antagonist / 3rd party chars on planet
  112. Heavy Support T3 Drone-Line Caste: Obscurus
  113. Ice Colony Rework Discussion/Sugg
  114. Does anyone like smoke?
  115. A small change to Survivors I'd like to see.
  116. "Special Survivors"
  117. Should MPs be able to break marine law for RP?
  118. The Music of CM-SS13
  119. UPP Battalion Alternative
  120. Commander Rework
  121. Predator Rework
  122. Synthetic Rework
  123. SS13 Chemist Newbie Tutorial
  124. Marine Law Discussion Thread
  125. A few issues I think should be addressed
  126. WHERE'S THE LAMB *SAUCE*!?!? Event Idea
  127. A discussion on hostile survivors
  128. Expected Contact Poll & Future Plans
  129. New Role Suggestion: Company Representative
  130. New Motion Tracker noise
  131. Return from the Abyss
  132. On how to repair Synthetics
  133. The state of engineering
  134. The State of Ship-Side RP
  135. B18 Armor
  136. Can someone please fix/remove the fail aids that is the chatbox at the moment?
  137. What's your favorite thread ever in Appeals/Reports?
  138. War crimes.
  139. Hostile Survivors are no longer permitted 11/6/19
  140. host survs return them
  141. Could we cut down on the amount of sticky threads?
  142. CM SS13 Collectible Card Game
  143. Walling in corpses
  144. Defender Strain: ERA
  145. Time Lock Feedback
  146. Christmas is here - by Skysoldier and Nanu!
  147. Annual Christmas Compilation Video.
  148. Crusher Strain Suggestion
  149. Rule re-work/changes, discussion think tank thread
  150. Metarushing discussion
  151. Whiskey Outpost: Predator Version
  152. Please God Change Marine Law Please God Please
  153. Why can't I choose to have normal helmet on my head?
  154. Rules chapter 13 : The unclear and the Unwritten
  155. Connecting issue; any help would be greatly appreciated!
  156. Distancing from the Aliens Universe might be a blessing in disguise.
  157. Rework IO
  158. forest2001 Events Thread
  159. Christmas epicness mini giveaway
  160. Roundstart shenanigans
  161. A Chance to Escape.
  162. How to win as Marines - ultimate guide (0% chance to fail)
  163. do you like sorokyne?
  164. Invading "Humanoids"
  165. There should be a Discord channel for discussing Gitlab.
  166. Closing opinions of 2019
  167. Admin staff mod appreciation thread
  168. Should we give people the ability to make new maps?
  169. Trucks/APC Update, thought opinions, dislike or like
  170. Older player coming back to the game and kinda overwhelmed
  171. Have a CM day: "Made me smile" thread
  172. Unity Station 13
  173. Nesting Gameplay 2020 Discussion
  174. CORSAT Discussion Thread
  175. Survivors as consultants in the SOP
  176. Vintage Submachine Gun
  177. The status of HEFA and Shrapnel
  178. I have an idea
  179. Rank andere communication
  180. Bring back combat carriers.
  181. The next map will be on LV-624...
  182. I can barely connect
  183. Stop making 3 hour timelocks
  184. May my son rest in peace.
  185. Xeno Mains Described In One Sentence
  186. My take on CM midgame and some ways how to avoid it
  187. Amazing Round on LV Today
  188. Very Important Engine/Reactor Post
  189. Where were you when the Benos lost their Click Delay?
  190. Feedback on Today's Test Round
  191. Test Day
  192. Stuns and Armour (Xenos)
  193. How CM's host is above his own rules.
  194. What is the appropriate length in to a game to join?
  195. Why aren't CLs whitelist only?
  196. Game Master/Event Manager - Possible New Staff Role Discussion
  197. Game freeze for seconds, performance SS13
  198. Xeno winrate needs to improve back to 70-30 so that...
  199. My best xeno round EVER
  200. State of the Whitelist
  201. Would a new ship ever be considered?
  202. risk/reward for CAS/OB/mortar/etc?
  203. If lag is so bad, why not just split the server into two servers for now, until ss14
  204. Event Boss mode
  205. Various ideas
  206. Silenced Weapon Fire Messages and Silenced Hit messages need to be the server default
  207. A question about bodyblocking
  208. A mini game that should be played a few more times before it goes bye, bye
  209. Giving the SO/XO the ability to recommend medals through their OW consoles.
  210. Xenos Evolve 2-4x as Fast
  211. Can We Please Get Map Rotation Instead of Voting?
  212. Fix the MOU53!
  213. Give people more reason to carry sidearms
  214. Chat bubbles!
  215. how to survive?
  216. Enemy Spotting
  217. Serious Issues with bone breakage+Organ damage currently.
  218. Regarding Survivor Synths
  219. A question on the behavior of marines and rules
  220. The "Ideal" FOB layout, and how Bravo can build it
  221. New event/gamemode: Seeker
  222. More stalemates than usual
  223. Chem 'nades are officially dead
  224. I want your opinion
  225. Xeno Flyers Y/N?
  226. Done with CM for a while
  227. Company or Platoon? Platoon or Squad? Navy or Marines? Do these ranks make any sense?
  228. The coming fleet battle
  229. What is the most pressing issue with Colonial Marines in your opinion?
  230. Axe uscm and give subforums and direct them to general
  231. General Forum Rules
  232. RP issues again...
  233. Discussion - Attachments are Bad? Could QoL Updates Work Better?
  234. If we're not fighting Xenomorphs, we shouldn't be fighting Xenomorphs.
  235. Question for Coders/Devs
  236. Thoughts on CM Balance
  237. LV is Stale...
  238. Let's Recreate Aliens inside CM
  239. Rare Footage of Grimcad actually being angry
  240. The myth of consensual RP, isn't there an admin you forgot to ask?
  241. Structure Test Feedback
  242. public test server when?
  243. Hiding/generalizing names of enemy units?
  244. CM is apparently going open source
  245. April CM time machine event discussion
  246. About the updates.
  247. got new PC and now SS13 CM wont load any ideas?
  248. An Open Letter to the devs - Don't tread on nades. (About the latest dev branch)
  249. Current reason to fight over power?
  250. The Experimental Modular Plate Carrier Suit