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  1. Sentry VS M56D
  2. The HPR Argument Never Stops
  3. Research and Paper Archives
  4. Introduction
  5. Request a Nickname
  6. XO Roswell Weeter Mutiny
  7. Espirit De Corps
  8. Current Status of Bravo Squad: The Forward Operation Base Marines.
  9. Hall of Medals
  10. Current status of Charlie Squad: Breakfast at Grape's.
  11. holy shit Carson actually got punished for being a shitter for once
  12. Medical Gripes and my thoughts
  13. An Important Message for the USCM Smartgunners out there
  14. Marine loadouts: EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED edition
  15. Honorable Mentions: Who Do You Think Deserves a Medal?
  16. Most Chad Unga and the most Incel Bunga FOB's you've seen.
  17. Boonie hats or Berets?
  18. How to survive a 1 tile corridor Crusher meme
  19. What is the In Character reason to ignore virology?
  20. what's the most BE'd marine role?
  21. Never Evacuate
  22. DEFCON Mechanics
  23. Specialist Metatarget Discussion
  24. [POLL] BRIG EXECUTIONS? If you had the choice of how...
  25. CTs shouldn't be able to authorize ASRS requests
  26. Memorial Services
  27. DEFCON, objectives and so on
  28. Moments with: The Man
  29. Analysis of the HPR Case File - CPT Devereaux
  30. Test
  31. Gas mask - Why so unpopular?
  32. New specialist Ideas
  33. Favorite CO's
  34. What happens to your marine after he/she leaves the corps?
  35. Mini Rail Scope vs Rail Scope
  36. The Dream Team: What's Your Ideal Shipside Lineup?
  37. Marines are too spec dependent
  38. How to get more kills?!
  39. share your way of honking
  40. ASRS Discussion
  41. Everyone Has A Reason ... And Now I Do Too
  42. Salt bucket
  43. Doctors deserve love: The Commendation of Medical Excellence
  44. The Squad Heavy Machine Gunner
  45. A really bad cas fuckup
  46. Objectives & Defcon balancing
  47. This just in: Cpr, is it worth trying?
  48. The abcís of a succesful FOB: LZ>Nexus (or the zone within LZ)> Road. Discussion
  49. A concern relating to PFC Kits
  50. Preferred style of deployment?
  51. Recruiting Squad Mates
  52. My Honest review and analysis of the spec rifles
  53. Give APC repair skill to the Engineer Kit.
  54. Rank idea
  55. Anti tank rifle
  56. Gerdy Appreciation Thread
  57. Jailbreaks
  58. Creative Traps and Tactics
  59. The Hungry Marine Meta
  60. Thirsty for Armor Attachments
  61. MP dream team
  62. Suggestion Gun maintenece
  63. Suggestion Gun maintenece
  64. Suggestin Selective Vehicule
  65. Suggestion to vent some MP boredom and spare some marines in the process
  66. Medal Expansion
  67. Tank crewman role questions
  68. Some ideas for laws, take em or leave em devs
  69. Instruments and where to find them on every maps
  70. How to be a (Good) MP
  71. Medic Survey
  72. MP Main discussion/qq'ing thread
  73. Mini-Medic Kit Best Kit
  74. Mini Kits - Displaying your Kit Speciality
  75. Squad preferences
  76. Defcon nuke
  77. Researcher: An Uneventful Life. [SUGGESTION]
  78. Visible Server Experience
  79. Have a Nice Death: Ironic or Funny Deaths
  80. Attachies: Your Prefered Combos
  81. Grenade whitelist
  82. What happened to XUR?
  83. Tanks for the help...
  84. Simple times
  85. Marines you looked up to as a newbie
  86. Squad breakfast bonus
  87. Marine Squad Update: What each squad is known as, as of April 2nd
  88. Worst Grenade You've Ever Thrown
  89. Pogo's Weapon Discussion -- The M41A.
  90. Tired of xenos turbo stomping you? Just drop some rockets and 30mm on them!
  91. Talk about that first bootknife kill ungas
  92. Trijent Dam; Logistics Nightmare
  93. Teamwork: A marine's best friend is the marine next to you!
  94. 10x24 ammo: AP vs Normal, The biggest lie given to Marines.
  95. Countering Spitter
  96. When the Aliens board the Alymayer after marines retreat
  97. What to do when marines donít listen?
  98. Marine Fashion: Love it or hate it.
  99. The Close Air Support HELL and the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (J-TAC)
  100. Change how the game starts for Marines?
  101. Plans for Cyrochamber
  102. Emergency Marine Health Hazard Report
  103. Armor preference
  104. Weapons Meta?
  105. Paracetamol vs Tramadol
  106. Guide to weapons in this Nerf world
  107. Medics, why do you bother bringing down fancy guns?
  108. Better guns for more inventory or larger inventory for meh guns?
  109. No one beats us like us
  110. Its been a while, can someone redirect me to where you fill out your marines profile?
  111. Times you had your round ruined as survivor by marine
  112. What are Your Favorite Dropship Loadouts?
  113. Redo Squad SL Req
  114. Redo Squad Requisitions
  115. Weapon Attachment Tester
  116. Why is oxycodone disliked?
  117. Need tips for CAS
  118. What is your opinion on deployed staff officers?
  119. Players 'forcing' people to retreat - can this be stopped?
  120. Favorite unorthodox loadouts
  121. The importance of the ace of spades
  122. Could I get a quick rundown of the major meta changes of the past 4-5 months?
  123. Why is the AT Spec kit so rare/Admin only?
  124. Great Local Bar Locations
  125. How do you guys reload?
  126. Why Marines WHHHHY
  127. The Anarchistís Cookbook
  128. the Introduction of a Master Drill Sergeant
  129. Ideas for new Specialist Roles?
  130. Preferred CAS loadouts and Fire Missions
  131. What is your biggest assist/kill count?
  132. Cargo Tech Blues
  133. Old post, New Year: Nine Principles of War
  134. Hunger
  135. Who is anime?
  136. How to pistol only 101 without waiting Vamp rework
  137. Snowflakes Suggestion Thread
  138. minor guide to cleverly fuck them xenos up
  139. medmarine vendor machine
  140. grenade launcher is despawning loaded grenades
  141. What are your best "I guess I'll die" moments?
  142. Hall of shame
  143. Your advices how to survive as survivor
  144. Blowtorch and eyes damage!
  145. How about to add ability to..
  146. Crawling
  147. Good One-Handed weapons?
  148. Human-Specific Achievements/Challenges
  149. Worst Best Weapons?
  150. Limey makes 60 minute short film on why marines suck
  151. Improving current Non-Meta Tank guns.
  152. Tonk
  153. Worst commander's ever.
  154. Squad Leader improvement ideas
  155. AITA: Battlefield Execution Edition
  156. MP's what is the most shady thing you done?
  157. I quit CAS for good.
  158. Unmanned Ground Vehicle [Suggestion and WIP]
  159. Tank Getting Removed
  160. New Spec Ideas?
  161. Smartgunner role question.
  162. Friendly request from a friendly newbie. Rant/I love the game still.
  163. Medic Loadout for a new guy!
  164. Hello Everyone!
  165. Question to fellow smartgunners
  166. Winning on Trijent Dam
  167. Alpha tribe in line
  168. Current HPR Meta?
  169. We were near, cult.. near..
  170. FF Champion has been crowned - Shut the Server down.
  171. Can Alien embryos be removed?
  172. Squad and their meaning ingame!
  173. To doctors
  174. damn Gerdy, show that Liaison
  175. alpha tribe lineup bruh
  176. M37A2 Ammo: The Final Debate (again)
  177. Preferred Sidearm Thread.
  178. Instant equip and fire shotgun macros
  179. Statistic hall
  180. NanoMeds, Injectors, and you.
  181. A-10 and not an DS please
  182. The Alignment of Captains
  183. Tank Loadout
  184. The Art of Unga: Leading by the Mateba
  185. Marine Mixtapes
  186. The Corp Bar
  187. Direct Bombardment
  188. Fellow CT/RO mains, do you allow MPs to get weapons from Requisitions?
  189. What can shot down DS?
  190. The "Default" loadout for C.A.S.?
  191. Proper usage of Grenades.
  192. What makes a good FoB?
  193. The Greatest OB in the Universe
  194. A message from a man who wants to cook
  195. Coordinate Lists
  196. Just small advice for medics and survs(maybe)
  197. A Clueless Beginner Marine Asks Questions
  198. Don't Fight Coordinate Extrapolation, Incorporate It
  199. Best Spec Ammo to Use?
  200. Is it me or is the smartpistol actually really strong?
  201. USMC Ideas Division
  202. message to command people
  203. An Offensive Stalemate Ender- The Bunker Buster
  204. How would you BE someone?
  205. Flames vs Rav/Queen
  206. Greatest memes
  207. What sort of additional foods would you like to see in MREs?
  208. To all the people who go into cryo at roundstart
  209. Grunt life
  210. Psa: Cpr and you
  211. What are your favourite events?
  212. New Role/Tag - Recruit
  213. Stop killing live xenos in containment you turdburglars
  214. Proposed way to calculate KDR as marine main
  215. MP hate is a scam to lower RP standards - prove me wrong
  216. Allow hostile survivors back, please
  217. The absolute state of (Widely seen as) boring but necessary roles
  218. Is the tank getting a third crewmember?
  219. Post your wrongful imprisonments for nicho audit.
  220. Beret Gang?
  221. Why Corporate Liasions Should be Traitors (Sometimes)
  222. Balancing Non-humans for USMC Enlistment
  223. A Comprehensive List of Viable Marine Weapons (2020 Jan)
  224. Place to view the maps of SS13
  225. Share your Marine load outs for me to try.
  226. The new helmet/armor sprites
  227. Am I the only one who thinks the tank doesn't FEEL like a two ton death machine?
  228. Should squad stereotypes be reinforced through gameplay?
  229. We need to add snickers
  230. Amateur Marine here
  231. Gun cameras
  232. I kinda like MP
  233. Baldy Thread
  234. Dinkle's Dozen: The USS Almayer declares Independence
  235. Medics should have access to medbay vendors
  236. Marine gameplay feeling stale and unrewarding
  237. Suggestion - Convert "points" into dollars, give us the RP back.
  238. Automatic fire: A worthy opponent for the buckshot?
  239. Flamer Loadouts
  240. Flame specialist,Burn or Bust?
  241. Is the Flaregun the new marine meta?
  242. APCs Feedback, Commentary, and Spitballing
  243. Current Weapon and attachment situation.
  244. The CO's Should Be Like queens: Their Word is Law
  245. WIP Cargo Tech Guide Video (Help Wanted)
  246. buff the apc or something
  247. Command and survivors.
  248. USCM Forum Rules
  249. Bad Mortars/CAS/OB