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  4. Whiskey Canyon [Map WIP] updated 12/30/18
  5. Aliens: Game Over - Chapter 1 "Operation: Launch that Bitch"
  6. Aliens: Game Over - Chapter 2 "Operation: F.U.B.A.R
  7. Highest 'Quality' Miko Art Book 2: Battle Tendency
  8. Aliens: Game Over - Chapter 3 "Operation: Saving Corporal Brian"
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  13. CM: Infestation on Solaris - Chapter 1: A normal day on Solaris, goes seriously bad.
  14. CM: Infestation on Solaris - Chapter 2: It spreads
  15. New Title Startup: Stories of the U.S.S Johnston
  16. CM: Infestation on Solaris - Chapter 3: A plan B
  17. Avant Garde Art - "Squads in their Natural Habitats"
  18. my recent playtime in a nutshell
  19. Mark Wilson's "Wanna have the fucking best artist ever draw your character?" Revived
  20. The siege
  21. Self-Destruct After Reading
  22. From Bad Fax to Dumb Meme
  23. The round where UPP won without firing a single shot. [Retelling, actual story later]
  24. Cool art for EPIC gamers
  25. Art! Art for all
  26. some gun I was working on for about 30 mins
  27. A Warhammer Fantasy short story by Gabe (Not CM-Themed this time]
  28. The Four Horsemen of Friendly Fire
  29. The Cristobal Massacre: Part One
  30. The Cristobal Massacre: Par Two
  31. The Tiensten Campaign: Part One
  32. Aftermath - USS Almayer short story! Characters wanted!
  33. The Documents of A. Drigger
  34. Operation Thunder Run II.
  35. McRamon art
  36. | Some stuff I made while bored |
  37. A normal day working for weyland
  38. Chen's timeline rework and supplemental lore.
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  44. Ice is Nice - A CM Mini-Series [Characters Wanted - As many as possible!]
  45. Who the heck is keep laughing evilly (drawing I made)
  46. Warriors be like
  47. The Story you Need, but not deserve.
  48. A Dammed Operation
  49. Heavy Wall Off Guy (to all us drone and hivelords)
  50. I have the best ideas. Here is the concept art.
  51. Gear Retrieval- A glorified creative exercise (Character name casting call)
  52. Gear Retrieval - The actual story this time
  53. Lengord art
  54. AI writes a story about CM
  55. AudioStories by CM players - The Black Box
  56. Draw Whatever because it's like uh I don't even know
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  58. Half Cocked- A beginning to a short story.
  59. A 10 Minute Photoshop Armor concept
  60. I'm not sorry
  61. Looking for characters for Alan Drigger chronicles.
  62. Anyone have an experience with this RPG system?
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  67. Love on the Almayer - A CM SS13 Dating Sim
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  75. D&D Story [Adventurers Needed!]
  76. Me and the boys with the new longstreet tank. (Or; look at the trash photoshop)
  77. Nuclear Dawn
  78. Left Behind- The story of the Soldiers left behind.
  79. Sing us a song you're a squad engineer [Squad Parody]
  80. The history of a crazy grenadier.
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  83. USCM Vs. UPP Ship wars Aftermath. (Characters Application is Over.)
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  85. Some random ideas for (probably) pointless lore of the L42 which no one asked for
  86. Bill Wilkerson
  87. Leaked WY Document
  88. Defying the Colonial Marines
  89. The evactuation experience.
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  91. Lv-624
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  103. A Private's first day
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  105. My final contributions to this community...
  106. The tale of the vengeance blade
  107. Weyland-Yutani Satisfaction Forms - Circa 2182
  108. Ordering a custom USCM themed zippo check it!
  109. mitdepain's questionably not so good drawingz
  110. Upsilon Event Line information dump.
  111. Crematorium Worker Lullaby.
  112. Bravo Leader Nightmare.
  113. Cas good hits!
  114. Empire Times, #98626
  115. In the Cards
  116. Runner Slayer
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  118. Art of Godfrey (Not by)
  119. PFC. Marie Auburn, my new unga
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  121. Story I Will Never Finish
  122. Drown them in blood!
  123. Old story I found
  124. I killed BOO with a knife...
  125. Ever wondered what a harmonica converted to MIDI sounds like?
  126. Alien : Vault of Heaven [FAN ANIMATION]
  127. Corporate Liaison uncovers Roblox Conspiracy
  128. USS Atlantic
  129. The Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soyuz Megapolisov (River Potemkin's homeworld)
  130. I chest bursted the queen...
  131. A ballad for an APC