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  1. Mobile Alien Artillery. (The Boiler)
  2. A guide to bullet paths and friendly fire. [Alpha]/[Omega]
  3. Specalist Guide
  4. (Re-uploaded) The Vanguard: Manual to frontline combat.
  5. How to Defib
  6. Easy Peasy Medic Squeezy
  7. How to HPR Main in 2019
  8. Xenomorph Guide for New and Old Players
  9. Command Edition; The Flow of Combat
  10. Marine: The guide to organized chaos
  11. A basic overview of Defensive Structures
  12. A Short Guide to Flamethrowers
  13. A Corporate Liaison not a CLown
  14. A Guide on what to buy as PFC
  15. How to TRULY know when you can evolve as alien
  16. How to Become a Synthetic
  17. Squad Leader Guide
  18. Simple Guide in being a Good RO/CT
  19. Crusher PTSD
  20. This Kid Pushes Like A Fucking Idiot, Dude. - PFC Guide.
  21. How to [s]Friendly fire[/s] frontline like a god
  22. JTAC - or How to nuke somebody with a laser pointer
  23. Doctor 101
  24. Guide to being Special (AKA a Spec Guide)
  25. | How to be a Good Enough Corporate Liaison |
  26. Rigga's SL guide: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo
  27. How not to use the M44 magnum
  28. Black's Guide to Killing Xenos
  29. The guide to fire support
  30. An Intermediate's Guide on How to Beno.
  31. Guide to Mutinying(i.e. Giving Command a Well-Deserved Boot Up the Ass)
  32. Getting Treated in Medbay Before Those More Heavily Injured 101
  33. Corporate Liasion Form Collection
  34. Caryl's Guide to Formations
  35. Yet another (anti)Vanguard Manual to please your inner unga: The Last Ditcher.
  36. Queen Guide
  37. How To: Intelligence Officer
  38. Guide to Creating Shortcuts for SS13 servers
  39. Magnus Opus on Reasearch by Cory Paulson
  40. On FOB duty
  41. A Guide to Hive Defence - No Metarush For You
  42. The Art of the deal - A RO guide
  43. An Supplementary guide to Intelligence Officer (In-Depth)
  44. A simple guide to help you be a better and more effective combat medic
  45. How to be the hive buff master A.K.A How to be a Shaman Carrier
  46. Tips for Playing Runner
  47. Dropship Attachment Catalogue
  48. Guides Forum Rules
  49. Allakai's Guide to Not Be a Bad Medic
  50. R&D and You: The Guide to a Successful Operation
  51. Starting up in leadership
  52. Guide to the Staff Officer: Your Eyes in the Sky
  53. CAS Guide to Firemission Length: The Forgotten Feature
  54. Making helpful chems without a bluespace beaker
  55. Braindead Guide to Medic
  56. A Guide on What to Buy as Squad Roles Other Than PFC
  57. Synthetics and You - A brief primer
  58. Kryth's Guide for blowing up marines [OT Guide]
  59. Flamethrowers, for a PFC
  60. Guide on how to be CMP
  61. When should you use AP ammunition (Woolard et al.)
  62. Mei May's Guide to Riot Control
  63. How to play XO during a CO app and not get -1 During the attempt
  64. Ghost Reporting (Scout guide)
  65. Muffin’s Specialist Sniper Guide
  66. Reqs - The hidden aCTor
  67. Guide to being a T1 Xeno
  68. Guide to Xeno Cultists
  69. Guide to being a T2 Xeno
  70. A Look at the Laudable MOU53 Break Action Shotgun
  71. A guide to the M240A1 Incinerator's flame pathing
  72. A guide on how to drive a vehicle in Sorokyne without going crazy (Warning: C4)
  73. Luis's guide to cooking 101
  74. Guide to being a T2 Xeno (Updated Edition)
  75. Research Department Guide for Marines which makes Xenos Mad
  76. Kooarbiter's Short MP Primer
  77. Guide to Whiskey Outpost (By Karl)
  78. So you wanna blow shit up with JTAC, and it's not Marines?
  79. Your guide to the convoluted AA/picking where DS lands meta
  80. Xeno builder's guide for Hivelords and Drones
  81. The Super-Generalized and compact; all-in-one; player's guide
  82. A Guide to FOB Siege - Death to Cade Huggers
  83. How to fix IB as of November 2020 (it changed)
  84. How to greatly reduce the LAG.
  85. How to turn your local marines into gods using science
  86. Gillians book of pyrotechnics
  87. The Guide on What to Buy as PFCs (2nd Edition)
  88. Ghost Reporting (Scout guide) (Updated Version)
  89. Nar-Sie Based Engineering and Pun's Powergame
  90. OT Guide "Explosives for Dummies" (By Katria Fourcade)
  91. The LeBird braindead medic guide for people who dont know what they are doing (or do)
  92. Mouthbreathers Guide to Mass Producing Ultrazine
  93. SImpliefied OT ordinance, for the new era.
  94. [Ultimate Queen Guide] Rip && Tear (Image Heavy)
  95. APC Maintenance & Improvement
  96. Guide to Engineer 2021 edition (By Karl)
  97. Guide to the Radio Telephone Operator: Communications Expert
  98. Whitebeard’s guide to sailing with the APC!
  99. the crappy guide to being what I call "the initiator"
  100. Advanced Ghost Academy Guide (Ghost Academy Pt. 2) (More In-Depth) (Optional Guide)
  101. Guide on What to Buy as PFCs 3e -NEW VENDOR EDITION-
  102. How to survive: Lv-624 edition
  103. The Bombmaker's Mix Calculator
  104. Simple guide on how to position yourself in a fight
  105. Squad medic tips and wisdom
  106. Braindead guide to command: Do's and dont's for tryhards
  107. Survivors:How to become a thunderstorm of the round
  108. New to Specialist Guide / Sniper Specialist guide
  109. On Boot training
  110. How to be competent at rifleman, a guide for the new.
  111. 20 Minutes of Hell - The Ultimate Guide to Survivor
  112. How to NOT be a chimp when using the M2C
  113. Tisx's guide for blowing out everyones speakers (GAU guide.)
  114. Requisition Pick-up Alert & Delivery Tracking Outline
  115. Motion Detector Fence w/ Real Time Reactive Map
  116. Utility Technician(medical,thermite, bluff nades, et al)
  117. Crash course on HvH engineering: WALLS!
  118. Groundside Req Guide (As rifleman) (NOW WITH PICTURES!!!)
  119. How to NOT have the Almayer collapse as a CL (CL GUIDE)
  120. Upgrading the APC & Checklist