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  1. The first (and the best) club has been made, join now!!!!!!!!11111
  2. Moments with Caitlyn Amyx
  3. Map discussion.
  4. Group wars
  5. Best club ever (join now!)
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  7. Roller bed/stretcher bug!
  8. Discord: New Round Ping Map Images
  9. post yer sulaco adventures here.
  10. Xenos Can't Meta
  11. Nicknames!
  12. Old Forum data
  13. Player Report: Erich Bishop
  14. The State of the Game
  15. Do we really need the Corporate Liaison anymore?
  16. Changelog/dev Discussion. January 2019
  17. Progress this year?
  18. 2018 in stats.
  19. Moments With: Overlord
  20. CM Themed Achievements
  21. Tribes stories
  22. Rule 3. Racism in CM. Should it be allowed?
  23. Marines using Predator Equipment
  24. Lobby music
  25. CM on Linux?
  26. Xeno/Human population & which role is best?
  27. Can we please remove the absolute cancer that is the Anti Body Block feature?
  28. Whats Happened?
  29. The Abysmal State of POs
  30. Ban on roundstart "shenanigans" - a discussion
  31. Some Bald Ideas for Colonial Marines
  32. Redoing whitelists?
  33. Gitlab Suggestions
  34. The Problem with Mutators and Weapon "Rebalancing" and regarding updates.
  35. Revolvers, who uses them?
  36. Why Lurkers shouldn't be able to pick offweed regen
  37. The Problem with the Current Endgame
  38. Xenos rushing armories and making it impossible for survivors.
  39. The Current State of the CM Forums.
  40. Wield delay is gone
  41. Community Discussion about Development Changelog February/2019
  42. Increase posts per page
  43. JTAC for marines
  44. Regarding Recent Events: Late Edition
  45. Survivor Council applications
  46. Xeno Rebalance Playtest Discussion
  47. Things you don't like about current balance and what you'd do to fix it
  48. [FEEDBACK] Mapping Changes
  49. Let the meta shift.
  50. Synth Survivor Guidelines?
  51. Xeno players be like:
  52. How do I learn caves at Big Red?
  53. Idea I had for a new ending scenario [Event/possible change to current xeno endgame]
  54. Embedding images on this new forum is cancer.
  55. Predator Related LRP
  56. What's the best sidearm? POLL
  57. Observations About POs Post-Fire Missions and a Serious Suggestion
  58. Approaching Balance
  59. Please help me, I cannot connect to the server or cm-ss13.com
  60. Primordial Abomination Massacres Everything (PMCs called!) (Deathsquad called!)
  61. Hefa
  62. Community Discussion about Development Changelog March/2019
  63. thoughts on the new battlerifle?
  64. Dev appreciation thread!!!
  65. Pill Bottles are ID Locked
  66. Metagame/metaknowelge Survivor and the rule issue
  67. Dutch Dozen: Wasted potential? Discussion.
  68. Cropped Fetish Avatars
  69. So... Opinions on CM updates and changes
  70. New Xeno caste Suggestions Thread
  71. survivor tips
  72. The Flow of the Round
  73. There needs to be a player limit.
  74. How does High Pop + effect how you play?
  75. Vote on "Bootcamp Day" for new Sseth tide players.
  76. Limiting Mentor powers
  77. Experiences and interactions with the Ssethtide (New Players)
  78. My PFC Shenanagains were banned, for some reason
  79. New Faction/Team
  80. Space Beast
  81. Has CM-SS13 gone to shit?
  82. A discussion about ethnicity (skin tone) and the proportion haircut-head sprite.
  83. Should there just be a rule on vocabulary at this point?
  84. Why does hyperzine last so short?
  85. Remove Ice From Rotation
  86. The "click"
  87. A huge thanks to the server team!
  88. A good update idea? [for grenades]
  89. Practice Dummy Suggestion
  90. Your opinion on character descriptions
  91. Iíve missed this game.
  92. whats the deal with the lack of townhall?
  93. I am DONE with novice doctors.
  94. Medbay commandments in wiki guides
  95. Bring back Global emotes to the discord server
  96. With the addition of mutators, any talk about adding Radioactive damage being added?
  97. What the FOB
  98. LV fog and the gaps
  99. Semi-Official Community Discussion about Development Changelog April/2019
  100. Gameplay Balance Standpoints & Statistical Analysis
  101. Justice for the Synthetic Council
  102. The CM Weapon Triangle/Square
  103. Obscure Game Mechanics
  104. Making the CL mechanically and roleplay-ingly engaged - The Rework.
  105. Opinions from the Ssethtide
  106. Xenomorphs - Delaying
  107. CM's 4 year anniversary.
  108. Best requisitions fortification ever
  109. Perhaps it's time to talk about Lurkers.
  110. My Take On Marine Operational Weakness
  111. Hello Guys..............
  112. Railgun Boiler Is ACTUALLY DECENT
  113. Remember: If there is MRP in the title, and one event isn't MRP, the entire server is
  114. Best USCM Ship Component layout?
  115. Best Moments With John Titor
  116. Some of the Best Flying I've Ever Seen
  117. I don't like boilers
  118. Requisitions
  119. CM SS13 From Scratch (doing CM SS13 differently)
  120. A round 'Draw' Mechanic
  121. why does trijent dam suck
  122. [Heavily Moderated] Armor balance patch issues with damage for both sides
  123. MilSim vs LowRP Fun
  124. Late Round Antagonist ERTs
  125. Bring Back Xeno/Marine Major Message At End Of Round
  126. Should we bring back the LTB cannon as a roundstart option?
  127. Ruminating on a New Wall Type
  128. Are super predators already apart of the game or will they be?
  129. Elder Predators
  130. Remove Whitelists
  131. HvH Feature Questionnaire
  132. Any ambidexterous mains out there?
  133. Nerf or Remove acid blood
  134. Bring back the old HPR
  135. The UPP Anthem, Misheard.
  136. Discord Political Channel Suggestion
  137. Was the IO/Intel mechanic a good addition?
  138. Anyone notice something different?
  139. Head Devs, Managers, and Hosts, oh my!
  140. Head Dev Neth (repost from discord)
  141. Vice host dead, we killed it. Community manager, promotions, concerns.
  142. Rules change!