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  1. RIP those left behind on old forums
  2. I'm Done
  3. I quit cm.
  4. Bye
  5. That guy who always keeps you waiting.
  6. Adios, till another day.
  7. Farewell you glorious spessmen
  8. Ok, so basically
  9. Im boutta head out...
  10. Imma take a break
  11. Joshuu
  12. THP - Stepping Down
  13. So my computer broke, aka forced break
  14. Ok so basically im finna head out mista cm
  15. Game Over, Man. Game Over!
  16. Bye
  17. Later!
  18. Time to say good bye.
  19. Farewell for sure.
  20. Pierce Jackson's farewell.
  21. Kennard Davis, Signing Out
  22. Buck Montes & Phillip Murray finna boutta head outta for a while
  23. Burnt out
  24. Athena Blackburn on leave for a while
  25. Dalheart on shore leave
  26. Irkalla Resheph on short SS13 break
  27. Haythem Castian going on ice.
  28. Some greasy nerd goes on leave
  29. Yeet
  30. break time
  31. So finna boutta time to head out
  32. Gamer Down
  33. HKO20006 - Taking a break
  34. Mvp777 - Down the toilet i go.
  35. Goodbye Gerdy
  36. I'm quitting CM for a bit
  37. Sir, I got lost on the way to college, sir.
  38. Just a little sleepy
  39. Fake buck has left the building
  40. What if I told you... I got filed for perma... haha just kidding... unless?
  41. Another Farwell I guess
  42. Deanthelis
  43. What if you wanted to RP, but CM said NO.
  44. Uh yeah, this idiot has quit CM
  45. Why penguin man gone?
  46. Cassie gotta head out!
  47. Good bye from Hunky
  48. windhealer signing off
  49. Boomer out - Boomer back in!
  50. Temporary Resignation of Blast Hardcheese
  51. Thank you, everyone at CM
  52. Byond Broke
  53. I'm out
  54. o7
  55. ... hell ... it's about time
  56. yeah
  57. I cant handle it
  58. Cryosleep Forum Rules
  59. A true farewell
  60. Long Break
  61. Goodbye
  62. That yellow guy who's good
  63. bye
  64. It's been a wild ride CM.
  65. CM is Dog#&$_
  66. Im finna head out mr CM
  67. It's been fun!
  68. See you folks
  69. Catching Up with Reality
  70. I'm sorry ... but I'm done
  71. Cha cha real smooth
  72. Bye bye
  73. quitting cm's community
  74. were it so easy
  75. Taking a break for a while
  76. Taking a Break Again I Guess.That
  77. Getting away from CM for awhile.
  78. Allah is not with me
  79. Toedelsss
  80. Why Colonial Marines SS13 is currently a toxic and unrecommended experience
  81. See you soon.
  82. literally who???
  83. G0dwin 'elite' Agg signing off
  84. Windhealer signing off proper this time
  85. Blackburn out for real
  86. Adam Berkshire evacuating for the last time.
  87. A long break or something I dunno
  88. The true boomer is finally heading off to the old retirement home
  89. Ray/Fay Sandys heading off
  90. Jason 'Goliath' Willaims is Retiring from the in-game rounds.
  91. It's Time For Me To Head On Out
  92. Mvp777 - Two words, i am retired.
  93. Update: Retirement and leaving the community.
  94. time for my retirement
  95. and so the shockydoor closes temporarily?
  96. Who the fuck is this guy
  97. Starmute over and out
  98. Mei Mayed
  99. Farewell. Alysha 'Nutjob' Cooper, Signing off.
  100. Ethan "Simpsader" Weiss
  101. Fuck It I Dont Wanna Be Here Anymore
  102. Admins are actually doing their jobs
  103. Moving on
  104. I'm outta here
  105. Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow.
  106. Felix is going offline
  107. Hell ... it's about time.
  108. I wish I could say I'd be missed.
  109. Tortellini got whacked
  110. Machete Lady Leaving
  111. In Memory of TheSoldierLLJK
  112. Rahziel 2.0
  113. Viktor Kleiner lost in Brazil
  114. Mei may want to be smart
  115. Somehow found dead in FOB - I. Doyke
  116. This game has lived rent free in my head for too long and it's time to evict it
  117. Sent back to the Almayer for surgery
  118. Bye
  119. Retiring from Staff and CM
  120. washed up idiot goes AWOL
  121. It's finally happened...
  122. Tyrus is putting on his sandals for the summer.
  123. Bye from TobiNerd
  124. Thanks Obama
  125. Cabal offline
  126. Won't be around anymore.
  127. Felix gone
  128. Elf stands!
  129. The Tsar is retiring
  130. please stop asking if im okay
  131. im out
  132. how do I leave
  133. Goodbye Lanche
  134. This UNO deck has run out of cards
  135. It has been an honour
  136. Man Cave flooded
  137. Thanks, and I mean it.
  138. see u
  139. Ceyella - Got myself perma'd, im out
  140. Leaving for a few months
  141. Real lifes sucked recently, cant keep using CM as a crutch.
  142. Literal CM NPC goodbye post
  143. Charlie Main Out
  144. SSGT Nova Davis Has Gone MIA
  145. Goodbye friends - Grub
  146. EPIC is signing off
  147. Saying goodbye for now.
  148. Edward Diaz- Going to work for the UPP now
  149. Bye
  150. LRP CM Boomer Shithead Unlocks the Good Ending
  151. Retired Captain Aden Cooper signing out.
  152. off we go into the wild blue yonder
  153. Going into SOF: SEAL training, wish me luck!
  154. Leavin for good - Grubba doonka
  155. Tio briggs mia
  156. Sofia Racic gone (like everything good about CM)
  157. see u