View Full Version : How to get a whitelist reinstated if it's removed.

11-28-2018, 03:49 AM
I had a whitelisted role but was since removed from it for ___ reason, what do I do to get it back?

If you've been removed from a whitelisted role, you are not required to make a new applicated to get your whitelisted role reinstated. Do the following steps to attempt to have your whitelist reinstated.

Step 1: You must wait three months from the date of your removal to appeal. This is the date your player report was dealt with or you were personally told your whitelist was revoked. If you bother the council to look at your appeal before this time, you may be required to wait additional time.

Step 2: You need to talk to the council of the whitelist you were removed from. To get in contact, message one of the council members with your appeal via forum PM or CM Discord to have your whitelist reinstated.

Your Ckey
Date and reason you were removed from the whitelist (you can link to your player report if you wish)
Your appeal, aka the reason you should have your whitelist reinstated. This can include things like being active on the server without bad notes, getting accepted into other whitelists, or any other positive changes since your removal.

To find the current council members, check here (https://cm-ss13.com/forums/showthread.php?44-Current-Whitelist-Council-Members).

Step 3: After you've done that, give the council member 24 hours to reply back that they're discussing your appeal. If you don't get a reply back by then, you can send the appeal to another council member. Once you get a reply, wait at least 3 days before asking for an update regarding your appeal (the council will be discussing your appeal internally). When a final verdict is reached, you'll be informed and one of two things will happen.

Your appeal was accepted! The Whitelist Manager will update your whitelist in the next 24 hours and you're good to go.

Your appeal was denied! This isn't forever, you can appeal again in the future. You have to wait at least a month between appeals and you'll want to reinforce proof that you're going to be responsible with your whitelist this time. A copy-paste appeal is not going to be accepted after being denied the first time around.

If you get your whitelist removed for the second time, it is permanent. This is not negotiable, as you were given a second chance and proved you were unable to uphold the requirements.

If you have any questions regarding this, you can contact the Head in charge of Whitelist Management (TheSoldier) or any council members.