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09-01-2019, 09:19 AM
With Deanthelis' recent departure from Head Developer, myself and Emerald have been working with the Development team to pick a new Head to lead them. Whilst having discussion about what to do about a new Head Developer, topics about the structure of our Staff Management team came up, and it was decided we would shake things up on that end, as well.

A New Head Developer has been Chosen

Since having started hosting CM-SS13, I have always opted for the Developers to choose their own Head Dev when it's necessary to choose someone new to lead their team. They set up and vote for whomever they wish to be in charge, with some input from Head Staff, but no direct interference in the outcome. The choice today has been no exception, but is slightly different, to say the least. There were four original candidates for Head Dev that stepped forward for the role, one of those being Triiodine. However, hours before the vote officially occurred, some unexpected circumstances cropped up in Triiodine's real life that may or may not resolve in the near future. Having had some backing in discussions from other developers, we decided that if he was voted to be the Head Dev, a runner-up would also be appointed in a second vote to directly take the position until those real life circumstances cleared. As could be imagined by this being relevant, Triiodine won the vote.

I had a brief discussion with Triiodine afterward to determine what he wanted to do, and he opted to have his backup vote take the position for the time being. Hence, for the next two to four weeks, NethIafins will be the Head Dev with full effect, and depending on Triiodine's situation, may relinquish the spot to Trii or take the position permanently. The specifics of this particular situation are a bit more nuanced than is being given off here, but I'm remaining intentionally vague out of respect for Triiodine's privacy. I will leave this portion off with a note that all sides involved knew roughly what this plan would look like beforehand, with the exact timeframe being determined afterward.

Shifts in Staff Administration Management

At the same time as the Head Developer appointment, the Staff Management hierarchy has seen it's most significant change in some time.

Emerald Blood has been promoted to Vice Host
Grimcad has been promoted to Head Manager
TheSoldierLLJK has been promoted to Mod Manager

I suppose the best place to start would be the most notable change in this list, the filling of the seemingly permanently-vacant Vice Host position, and is also a good opportunity to give insight on how the upper levels of community management actually function. This appointment is significant by merit of title, but as far as most of the community, staff included, is actually effected by this change, things will remain very much business-as-usual. In its current state, while CM does have a clear chain of command from Manager -> Head Manager/Developer -> Vice Host -> Host, in practice it doesn't quite work this way when we actually deal with each other. Each role is given large amounts of autonomy to fulfill their goals as they see fit, within reasonable parameters. And the gap between Manager to Head roles is actually not considered to be very wide, with the gaps between heads being virtually nonexistent.

Managers are given significant say over what happens in the community, and a lot of ability to argue with the Heads about issues they feel are worth arguing to make improvements to the way things work. Whereas between the Head Manager, Head Developer, Vice Host, and Host, we all consider each other to be equals except within instances where it is required for one person, usually the Host, to step up and give a final word on something. This is most evident on the rare occasion that a report of any kind comes in against a member of Headstaff, but the number of times the authority has been used outside of that can be counted on one hand. Everything else discussed between headstaff is resolved democratically, with the Host acting as a tie-breaker if need-be.

What this boils down to is that Emerald has gained a small soapbox over other Headstaff in situations where I am not able to directly weigh in, but that privilege generally isn't used. By all other aspects, most of her responsibility will be to make sure that the long-term goals for Staff Administration stay on track, and to provide space for another Headstaff member to be available when issues arise. Grimcad will be taking on the lion-share of hands-on community management that Emerald has done until now.

As for Grimcad and Soldier, they were each given small amounts of extra access in advance to help grant them an understanding of the roles they would be taking beforehand. They are both still very much acclimating to their new positions, so please go easy on them with the hard-hitting questions in these first few days. It's been a while since we've had changes in the Managerial portion of CM, so I am personally enthusiastic to have a fresh set of eyes governing the Moderators in Soldier's case, and overseeing the day-to-day running of CM's administrative staff in Grimcad's case.

A warm congratulations is due to everyone mentioned here for their hard work, they're a big part of making CM what it is today. While precisely what the community is may be viewed negatively by no shortage of people, I find that something often overlooked is that nobody here is being paid for what they do, nor is anyone making money out of this community, including myself. All of us from the top-down are just a bunch of guys and girls doing our best to hopefully have a fun game for people to enjoy.

Best Regards,
CM-SS13 Host

09-01-2019, 11:35 PM
Only took you over a year to do this when multiple people including me, when I was an admin, told you we needed a vice host and active managers/heads.

09-02-2019, 12:20 AM
Whew. Well I expected we werenít supposed to post on this but I guess itís fine.
Things have been going smooth for the past few months. Hope these changes keep things on track.