View Full Version : Report a Player Forum Rules

11-26-2019, 07:27 PM
1. Be respectful at ALL TIMES. You may be angry about the situation, but you need to remain CALM AND COMPOSED.

2. Do NOT post in a report if you are not contributing as a witness. If you are going to post as a character witness (for or against), keep it simple and easy to read. Witnesses should only being posted about what happened/occurred during the round the alleged violation took place. Not what happened in previous rounds.

3. Understand, that it may take up to 24 hours to begin the investigation process. The more logs and screenshots of evidence you can provide the better.

4. For screenshots, we recommend using ShareX or Greenshot for instant uploads to imgur.com.

5. FALSE accusations may be met with YOU getting punished instead of the accused.

6. You may not make an report for another player if they were the victim of a rule break. The exceptions to this rule is if you are reporting a player for a Whitelist violation (CO Standards/SOP, Synth Guidelines, Predator Honorcode) CO Battlefield Execution reports may only be made by the player who was executed if they feel it was not right/improper.

7. Reports may be withdrawn at the original poster’s request, however once logs have been posted the report is final, and will need to wait for a manager or relevant whitelist maintainer to resolve.

8. Reports may only be made for violations that have occurred within 48 hours of when it had taken place. Anything beyond that is null and void, and also you may only make a report for violations in that time frame. No reports or evidence making allegations of rule breaks going beyond that time frame will be accepted.

9. Reports should not be made if a staff member had already investigated the issue and determined it was not a rule break. The decision is final, and there is no second guessing or "Monday morning quarterbacking."