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02-20-2020, 10:55 PM
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Feweh Character Name?
N/A Type of Ban?
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N/A Admin who banned you (if known)
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Banned by nggjamie|Duration: 10080 minutes|Reason: While his contributions to the community are acknowledged, he has since worn out his welcome with his recent shenanigans. If he is so keen on starting his own server, he can play there. My patience is out on dealing with him here.
by NGGJamie (Host) Link to previous appeals for the same ban (if applicable):
- Your appeal, including evidence (screenshots, etc)
Going to lay this out as clear as possible and remain as blunt and honest.

I'm asking for the following;

To be unbanned from both Discord and the game.
To have my name restored to the changelog and return my in-game credits for my contributions to the game.

I have no intentions of returning to cause drama or join the staff team.

To address some things:

1. Code Release.

Yes, I released the server code after Rahl left CM.


At the time I arguably felt complete entitlement to CM, it's code and how it should be managed. It's important to understand that I had been putting in over 40hours a week on CM managing staff, the server and helping Dev with testing and game mechanics. I was one of the top 4 people of CM at the time and as such felt a personal right to CMs code.

I never had access to the code due to my Manager position, but was given it by 3 different developers at the time who all expressed concern and distaste for what was transpiring. I was always against open-sourcing and code-leaking but once Rahl was forced out by BMC/SLC I felt CM was being taken over by the brothers through political means.

2. Reddit Alts

No, I did not have 16 alts

We're going on 2years + now and I have nothing to lose or gain by still denying this.
The reddit alts were a clever and well timed political assassination against my character to destroy any and all credibility I had after my removal.

I will keep this short since this comes down to a he said, she said ordeal.

The initial announcement was made on Reddit/CM Forums and was largely SLC/BMC submitting numerous accounts to reddit admins for review. All the accounts were found to be connect by IP, banned (?) and deleted by the time I saw them.

My account was also lumped into there BUT my account had been deleted 2 days prior to the banning. The reddit admins NEVER submitted a list of names banned, rather BMC/SLC compiled them after re-searching the profiles and saw them all DELETED. As mine had already been deleted two days prior, I was lumped into that batch(intentionally or unintentionally) with the alts accounts. It's important to know that I had told BMC via Discord at the time 2days prior that I was deleting my Reddit Account due to the drama.

eg; https://imgur.com/oA2ZZvx (dated the 13th, his discord is deleted/blocking me so i cant pull old logs stating I'm deleting my reddit account)

To this day there is no list from the Reddit Admins naming every account banned, but rather the stating "it has been dealt with" in few words.
This is evident as even those who accused me of the alts we'rent confident themselves as they weren't provided any concrete proof.

eg; https://imgur.com/a/7p8nOg0

To this day there has never been a Reddit Admin letter, message or confirmation on WHICH accounts were banned. The only link BMC/SLC had at the time was that my account was deleted and so were the others so Feweh must be connected to them.

Why do I think BMC/SLC orchestrated this? Simple, SLC had numerous ALT accounts and I had proof on Slack that he did via messages to me. If he was running Alts that I knew about, he was well within the realm to have more. I was denied numerous times to retrieve these messages on slack as I had already been removed. Furthermore, the information these accounts would release was information privy to BMC as well and not just me.

The Reddit alts where the best assassination you could possibly use on me. It was a story everyone wanted to believe and it was perfect timing as I had just been removed from staff which weakened my influence further.

3. My Removal from staff.

Yes, I was justified in removing me from staff.

I was removed from staff for disrespecting a player on Discord via voice-chat. To this day I will argue that I treated this person no different than I treated males but can I understand that given my position as a community lead jokes about someone being a slut probably isn't kosher.

I was however offered the right to resign instead of being removed but told both Apop/Rahl that it would show far more integrity if they removed me and would avoid drama if they simply let me resign.

To make it clear I wasn't removed from whitelist, discord, banned or anything due to my removal from staff. I added this here just so those who were uninformed are clear my staff removal doesn't correlate to my bans.


My appeal is simple and I ask that you put yourself in my shoes to understand my actions.

I spent 3 years of my life maintaining, managing, running, assisting, testing and ensuring stability for free with over 40hours + a week. I truly cared about CM and from my perspective did everything I could for the betterment of CM.

By no means do I claim I was perfect and I can view my flaws now that time has past. However I don't think any old staff, player or person could reasonably argue I didn't care or would actively do anything malicious to destroy CM during my time as staff.
My methods were strict and harsh but it's what CM needed at the time and it kept the machine well oiled. From my view and probably some older players.. CM really did prosper during my time and was elevated significantly.

I reacted so poorly after my removal as I believe (still do) it was political assassination to remove any presence, integrity and influence I had left on CM.

Why do I think this?

- My whitelists were all removed despite me creating Synths (testing, ideas, lore etc), Predators (lore, mechanics) and Commanders (testing, lore, ideas etc)

- I was removed from the changelogs, my in-game credit and name wiped out for no reason. (Changelog stated Game Mechanics: Feweh)

- All forum posts, announcements, whitelist info, game info was re-written quickly and published under someone elses name (sometimes straight up copy and pasted)

I never asked anything from CM, never expected anything and never wanted anything long term. But I think any developer or person who has created anything can a-test that watching your work erased, covered up and credit being given to others is infuriating.

Lastly, I don't care anymore.
Maybe there was a huge conspiracy and two brothers conspired to take over CM (or take the entire dev team) or maybe it was just a bad coincidence that I deleted my Reddit account and you genuinely thought I was connected.

02-20-2020, 11:24 PM
For the record, I advised Feweh to make an appeal to allow the current staff/management to decide if they want him back.

I have no hard feelings against Feweh at this point anymore, and based on my conversations with him believe that he does not intend to cause problems upon his return.

02-21-2020, 12:15 AM
This is being discussed by the Admin Team.

02-22-2020, 02:34 AM
Appeals are not for non staff to post recommendations unless you’re a staff member from another server providing a vouch.

However if you feel that we should know something by all means please reach out to the admin team


03-23-2020, 06:00 PM
We're at 30days for this appeal and I think it's a reasonable enough time to ask for a verdict at this point.

03-23-2020, 07:58 PM
We're at 30days for this appeal and I think it's a reasonable enough time to ask for a verdict at this point.

The Verdict is presently out of the hands of the Admin Team.

03-26-2020, 02:10 AM
The Verdict is presently out of the hands of the Admin Team.

If you could relay that to the appropriate individual(s) that'd be great, thanks.

03-26-2020, 07:56 AM
If you could relay that to the appropriate individual(s) that'd be great, thanks.

It has been relayed, at this time all that is left is for Jamie to make a final decision.

04-16-2020, 06:09 AM
I've been dealing with drama the past couple days, and some of the folks involved, in my opinion, make you seem like a saint despite your past trouble.

I apologized to you in Discord already, but I do apologize again for taking so long.

Your name can go back into the changelog, that was basically unanimously agreed. I'll likely get that done today-ish (Tomorrow? Depending on what you want to call it).

I'll discuss Discord with you privately since that one was more complicated.

Past that, welcome back to CM. You'll be under a 60 day probation that will last until 14 June, I'll give you one day for free since the clock just ticked over. Keep out of trouble that long, and you're basically a free man.


04-16-2020, 06:18 AM
Addendum to the above to ensure probation is accurately observed 20 hours per month is typically the minimum playtime expectation. Less than this will make probation tick over another month.

Welcome back, hopefully you enjoy your stay without issue.