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03-16-2020, 09:11 AM
Commander Whitelist Application
Byond ID?

Player Name You Use Most?
Jameson Hawkins, I don't think I've ever changed it.

Make a list of links to all of your applications and (job)ban appeals, including whitelist and staff apps, within the last year. Also, provide "Ban reason; Verdict" beside each (job)ban link
You have been banned by 50remandcounting.
Reason: Rule 3 - As a PO refused to medevac a marine because they were "rude to him". Was uncouth and aggressive when PMed about it as well..

Resolved - Denied, bans 24 hours or less cannot be appealed.

Have you received any ban within the last month? How long was it and what for?
2 I believe. Both 3 hours. One is the above which I appealed (I didn't actually stop running medevac. I only told him that, then commed over to medical that I was still running medevac. I then continued to run it). The other was because a CT I believe shot a PO into crit . Both were dead by the Normandy drop pad. I was dragging the CT back when I saw 2 guys were coming to get the bodies so I dropped it and left (I was rather busy, was playing an XO). Turns out neither guy got him, so I was bwoinked for leaving him on the pad. Me and the staff member argued a bit, I asked that I be allowed to cryo, went to cryo, then got a 3 hour.

Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

How do you view the tool of Battlefield Execution to be used? What circumstances do you think it would be necessary to BE a member of the crew? Where do you think the Battlefield Execution Mechanic Differs from regular Execution and why?
The battlefield execution is a powerful tool to be used to immediately restore order and function to the ship/crew. It is not to be used lightly. The circumstances under which it can be used boil down to the following:
Threatening the CO or a person near the CO, and the CO reasonably believes that you intend to carry out that threat. I'd add that it should be a lethal threat, and not that a marine is going to punch out another marine.
Harming the CO or a person near the CO, though I'd refrain from doing this because marines got into a fistfight. That's technically covered by marine law but a poor idea.
Attempting to undermine your command (I.E. a SL says "Fuck the CO's orders. Let's go get drunk" and takes his men to a bar.), or trying to mutiny illegally.

In addition, if the CO reasonably believe that someone poses a severe threat to the ship or the servicemen and crew members, they may also BE someone.

This power should NOT be used lightly, and just because something technically fits the marine law definition for what you can BE for doesn't mean you should do it. It is an emergency power first and foremost, and abusing it is going to end up with a mutiny and your lawful arrest by highcomm.

The difference is that you don't need to announce it, give any warning, or get approval from the XO and CMP to carry it out. The BE gives you the ability to immediately carry out an execution and restore order. Something may not even be executable by marine law (assaulting the CO), but may still get someone BE'd. It is an extremely powerful tool, and should not be treated lightly. It should also not be used when MPs have the situation handled. It is a "battlefield" execution, not you being lazy and deciding to skip doing paperwork.

How will your Commanding Officer run his/her ship? Provide a detailed explanation on how he would handle situations that might commonly occur such as, a insubordinate Req, Engineering, MP, or Command Staff
I will first and foremost make sure there's proper communication between command staff and whoever's insubordinate. Send a SO or get them on comms, talk about what happened. 9/10 times this can solve the problem. Proper communication is the difference between requisitions throwing a fit because they don't have supplies to send down, and you knowing they don't have supplies and correcting that. If the MPs are acting up then odds are you fucked up bad. I should voice my concerns to the CMP let him handle his department if possible. Same for requistions and engineering. Establish communication, understand what the problem is, let their heads of staff deal with it if possible. If none of this works, then we get the MPs to detain them and brig them for a reasonable amount of time. Insubordination is still a crime, and if they refuse to see reason they will be made to see reason.

On field duty, I've found that fast deployments with multiple dropships work best. I've fought against the CLF a fair bit before and they almost always get caught off guard. Fast deployment and strong pushes of multiple squads on a single target will minimize casualties and increase our chances of victory. In the event this fails then we fall back and evacuate. I may instead order a slow advance covered by mortars and CAS situationally. Above all else for tactics: Be fucking adaptable. I favor fast movements and overwhelming force but there are some situations that won't work in. I will staunchly refuse to focus entirely on one push and neglect our flanks, back line, or that the push is getting bogged down. Such tunnel vision is anathema of a good commander.

For shipside, maintain order, keep communicatoin between all branches. Engineering needs to know what requisitions needs, requisitions needs to know what the marines need, command needs to know what both needs, the MPs need to know what everyone needs. Comms are the best way to do this. I will randomly call upon various officers in comms checks, and occasionally visit important parts of the ship in person to make sure they're running well.

What do you think is the job of a Commander?
The commanders job is to oversee the operation, coordinate all crew members and servicemen, and ensure the operational success of whatever mission they are assigned to. This requires them to be adaptable. Sometimes you will be better off leaving your XO to take over running ground forces entirely, so you can focus on making sure the squads and requisitions have good communication and work together well. This is fine, and part of your duty as commander. Yes, you will often be in charge of all strategic planning but if you have good staff you may be better served ensuring the ship runs well. Your duty is not just ground side tactics. Your duty is ensuring the function of the crew, the success of the servicemen, and the well being of both. You will manage this through your staff and your own actions.

As a player what do you think could be added for Commanding Officer to benefit the role?
The ability to play music over the dropships radios so we can blare "fortunate son" as we go to napalm CLF.

What do you think you could contribute by being whitelisted?
Having another decent commander on board that's active, has fun rounds (I even found a way to make Ice fun via my patented gas chamber elevator tactic™), and doesn't BE people constantly. I frequently play XO and have good knowledge of how each department functions, and I'm also experienced in making sure an OP goes smoothly even with crew outright shooting eachother.

Your story (potential topics listed below)

December 27, 2189

Fort Benedict, RC-241 "Gaia", Sol System


Jameson Hawkins

Landon Townsend


Review of CO prior to assignment to new ship.



August 2nd, 2168

Hawkins, James, T
September 29th, 2141
8/2/68 - Current
#4 912 387
August 2nd, 2168




10/2/69, promoted to PFC
5/13/70, promoted to SGT following meritorious service.
1/28/72, promoted to SSGT
8/11/75, promoted to MSGT
4/20/78, promoted to MGySgt.
7/29/82, promoted to Ensign
6/1/84, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2/17/87, promoted to Lieutenant
9/5/89, promoted to Lieutenant Commander
10/2/89, promoted to Commander following meritorious service (see addendum)
United States Civil Service Commission
Colonial Service Division
Washington 26, D.C.
Saw heavy combat against the dust raiders pre-83. Recently given an early promotion for meritorious service as XO against CLF forces.


Lieutenant Commander Hawkins served aboard the USS South Dakota while it was being attacked by a CLF boarding party. The Commander, one Robert Stewart, was killed during the boarding forcing them to assume command. Securing the command center, Hawkins successfully reorganized the surviving marines there and set up defenses while launching an emergency distress signal. While defensible, the CLF at first circumvented the defenses using the maintenance shafts, with several dying in the fighting to push them back before it could be secured. They were then attacked through the floor, with the CLF planting charges on the lower deck and breaching and inflicting heavy casualties. Finally, they pushed through the front and almost overran the marine forces. Hawkins was shot once in the lower abdomen, and twice in the right arm while firing upon them with his pistol and personally regrouping the marines. Their refusal to retreat under fire and loud orders helped the marines reorganize instead of completely breaking, driving back the CLF until a nearby ship arrived. Following a WY NDA, we can not disclose further information on the ship other then it was swiftly followed by a PMC team. With heavy casualties, the combined PMC and marine forces retook the ship. They were awarded a purple heart, a defense meritorious service medal, and a silver star.

Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any public platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

03-16-2020, 09:40 AM
I have seen you SO or XO once and it was beyond bad. Also these days I'm more or less always involved in the command structure.

It seems you want the CO role for its prestige, rather than the actual role. Otherwise you'd be more well known such as Tom Dinkle or Alan Jones.

Play XO and SO more and you'll have something for us to base your behaviour off especially from your ban history. We can't tolerate that shit on command.

As right now I only see you as the marine who's always being hunted down by MPs.

Sorry but this is,


03-16-2020, 03:37 PM
Your attitude in Discord and ingame is less than stellar. Your style of playing skirts our rules on LRP and metagaming, something CM staff is strict about with regards to command roles, especially XO.

And echoing what Cha said, you're just way too green to be a CO.

Work on your attitude, put some serious grind into command roles, play SL, put some actual effort to roleplay, then try again within whatever alloted time.


03-16-2020, 05:19 PM
What made you apply for this WL ?

03-17-2020, 05:17 AM
Eyonggg said when he did have you as SO/XO you done poorly, maybe it true maybe it not but the core issue is this...

I don't think I seen you as SO/XO/RO/CE/CMP ; basically havent seen you play a lot of command roles recently. Shouldve grinded more beforehand but now if you can show experience as a SO/XO hopefully you can still get some +1s.

Not enough info to +1/-1 yet

03-17-2020, 01:56 PM
While the app itself is mediocre, your piss poor attitude is what breaks it for me. Also, I’ve never seen you play command roles, maybe it’s just different time zones or such. All in all, we don’t need this kind of behaviour for a serious role. -1

03-18-2020, 12:20 PM
Staying neutral for now here. There's some damning comments above, but you also only just now posted your application so I'll be keeping an eye out for you on CIC.

03-18-2020, 03:43 PM
Honestly bud, I can't support this because my brother Cha told me earlier that you're pretty new and your rp isn't really good. There is always a chance and maybe next application you will be accepted. Dont lose hope. Keep improving. -1

03-19-2020, 03:10 AM
Everyone else has said what needs to be said.

Your answers lack essential key points that needs to be mentioned in a good response.

Your story has 0 effort put into it, starring your character being promoted from enlisted to an officer.

Experience is important, and it's obvious that you have little.

We expect people in roles that have such a dramatic effect on the round to follow our server rules, if you are unable to do that, then you do not deserve to be whitelisted.

03-20-2020, 07:58 PM
If any whitelisters are watching this I'd like to withdraw the app. I'll probably start trying to get 3+ games a day on XO for a while before trying again. See ya in a month.

03-20-2020, 08:12 PM