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04-07-2021, 11:55 PM
Staff ReportYour BYOND Key
AdmiralGreene Date of Incident
April 7, 2021 Your Character Name?
Jackie Leveilleur Their BYOND Key
SolidFury Approximate time and date of the incident
5pm Central Which Staff Protocols (https://cm-ss13.com/forums/showthread.php?5-Staff-Ranks-Code-of-Conduct-and-Protocols) were broken
Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the server Description of the incident
I was playing as Jackie Leveilleur, CMP this round, with 5 MPs including myself, Jacklyn Sahara, Casey (whose last name escapes me), Jeremiah, Joanna Baryka, and Noah Alcott. Roughly at the same time as the Alamo deployed the marines, we received alert from ARES of an incoming object.

This object turned out to be Provost William Crimson, and a substance that was carried in a beaker. At first, the event seemed to be a standard Provost situation where there would be some crime to stop or some such, but it turned out instead to be something entirely for the amusement of the Provost.

Crimson had the entire MP team line up in front of him, then picked out the three women in the team with bright hair colors; being myself, Casey, and Jacklyn Sahara. He then spoke at length about discipline, 'hair and grooming standards,' and the concept of decimation. He then made three of the other MPs face us, each with a syringe, and told them to inject us, while Noah Alcott watched.

2 of the marines injected the others, and I injected myself after Joanna had difficulties doing so, as Crimson stated that failure to inject us would leave the other party member at risk of punishment, and I did not wish that to happen. The injection made all 3 of us bald, at which point Crimson referred to us as "offenders" and stated we still had more punishments to go through. At this point, I accused Crimson of being sexist, for specifically picking out the women in the team with bright hair colors and punishing them, and Jacklyn Sahara threw a flashbang and killed Crimson.

After this was done, I immediately went to cryo to get out of the situation and try to calm down. I found the entire incident to honestly be borderline violating, being dressed down and harassed for 20 minutes because of my hair color, over a policy that does not exist and is not present in marine law or SOP, referred to as an offender, and mocked, was a deeply upsetting experience.

I felt this incident crossed a boundary, it was not fun roleplay, it was not for the good of the members involved, it was not an enjoyable experience. It was frightening, disappointing, and deeply distressing. Had I had my wits about me better I may have thought to LOOC Crimson to tell him to please stop the event as it was making me deeply uncomfortable, but knowing he was a Senior Moderator (and a member of the CO council) at the time I did not feel comfortable speaking up, and instead left once I had the opportunity to.

I respect Solidfury as a moderator and as a MP, I have always thought him to be one of the better roleplayers and members of staff on CM, but this event has deeply shaken my respect and trust in him as a member of staff. I'm sorry that I felt it necessary to write this report. Evidence


https://gyazo.com/d7c367269b0ed34fa3a9332643aeacc1 -- Meme that SolidFury made after the fact. How you would punish the accused
All I wanted initially was a sincere apology for the actions that transpired. However, after finding out that Solidfury decided to instead denigrate me and my character in deadchat as well as make memes about the event after the fact, makes me believe that punishment is necessary.

04-08-2021, 01:04 AM
Ok I'll be the first to respond I guess.

I'll start off by saying that this is an event, not a personal attack on you or anyone else. It was an event were the provost decided to remove your hair because it was undermining discipline. The real U.S. Army (God bless the Army and the soldiers) doesn't allow hair styles like that. They like order and stuff. Being bald is actually cool. But the thing is, solidfury removed your hair because he's establishing discipline, not any reason you may think of.

Secondly, I will say what happened from my perspective. I was the chief engineer, doing some atmospheric tests and such with my boy Calum, and I dropped by the CIC conference room to see the admiral and ask him if I could upgrade the execution room. He was talking to the MPs about being tools of the law or something, it seemed like a routine check up I guess.

I didn't see a ton, but no one else is talking so I figured I'd kick it off.

04-08-2021, 02:22 AM

This was supposed to be quicker than writing it but 39 minutes later, oops.

04-08-2021, 02:26 AM
I was the one who ran this event, and honestly, I do not really have a response. I honestly cannot understand how your hair being changed in a 2D game about shooting aliens is so severe. I reviewed the logs, and while I see accusations of transphobia, misogamy and such. I personally don't see anything that could possibly be considered as such, but it is possible I missed it? I'd appreciate it if you could give examples or explain in further detail.

If it is entirely regarding the hair color thing, I also cannot understand that, since as per:
https://www.army.mil/article/242719/revised_army_regulation_and_grooming_standards_sup port_diversity_equity_and_inclusion_and_people_fir st_priority

Soldiers will also be allowed to have a uniform hair color blend (also known as highlights) as long as it presents a natural appearance. However, purple, blue, pink, green, orange, bright red, fluorescent or neon colors, and some others will be prohibited.

This is from the real life United States Army.

I just don't really understand this report, I'm sorry.

04-08-2021, 03:38 AM
We discussed this report in both management and many staff have contributed their thoughts. I understand sometimes you can feel uncomfortable with events transpiring in the game, but we gotta stoop our foot somewhere to what's allowed. We already ban racism, transphobia and all other sorts of nasty behavior, making fun of hair color is not up there with these things. Event was that provost was going to be very strict in regards to appearances, and choose to enforce not dying hair neon colors, something that's already enforced in real life military. An admin went thru logs and didn't find solid saying anything rude, just saying that neon hair is not allowed etc. He was even planning to make everyone go bald at the end. Solid was acting as a strict provost with high standards in regards to hair and uniforms.

You shouldn't be afraid to speak up if you're uncomfortable. The event was meant to be IC, no one was targeting you specifically or thinking of you any less because you put bright colors on your character. If people are harassing you out of game about this please let us know. That is unacceptable and all of this should just stay IC.

Resolved - no action taken