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04-21-2021, 08:58 PM
Staff ReportYour BYOND Key
DanielHoc Date of Incident
April 21, 2021 Your Character Name?
Burrower (XX) Their BYOND Key
GrimReaperX Approximate time and date of the incident
Around 8-9AM Which Staff Protocols (https://cm-ss13.com/forums/showthread.php?5-Staff-Ranks-Code-of-Conduct-and-Protocols) were broken
1 point of protocol (PM) Description of the incident
It was round on LV, xenos crashed into alamayer and marines were doing last stand in lifeboats station. I was one of two burrowers and when other xenos attacked marines baricades, i used burrower ability to get on the lifeboat (it is worth noting that you cannot burrow into dropship and escape pod but you can burrow outside of ,,play area" into lifeboats), the second burrower joined me. We used burrower ability to get to marines, they killed other burrower but i was able to escape back on the lifeboat. After around one minute i was deleted by Grim, no PMs, no XOOC, nothing. After i was deleted, Grim announced that going out of ,,play area" is not allowed. In the mean time i said in dchat that he could have PMed me because i didnt knew that wasn't allowed and then asked what is the reason for havinglifeboats if they are not part of ,,play area", after that Grim has threaten me with ban so i stopped asking. Evidence
I do not have any screenshots but there should be evidence in the logs. How you would punish the accused
I don't really want to punish Grim but it looks very unprofesional, it looked like he got pissed off by some xenos saying: ,,gamer", ,,g-word" and so on and then decided to take his anger on something or someone, it was like my third time playing burrower and first time actually surviving to alamayer so it was my first time burrowing to lifeboat (i didn't know it at the time that it wasn't allowed because i have seen few people do that)

04-22-2021, 12:34 AM

Gibbed, not deleted, and annoucement made

2021/04/21: [07:42:10]ATTACK: Burrower (XX-290) has died to Grimreaperx15 at the Lifeboat Docking Port
2021/04/21: [07:42:10]TGUI: grimreaperx15 in tgui-window-1/close (suspending)
2021/04/21: [07:42:10]ADMIN: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) gibbed *no key*/(Burrower (XX-290)).
2021/04/21: [07:42:29]ADMIN: Announce: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) : This should be insanely obvious, but if you're a burrower, do not burrow outside the map.
2021/04/21: [07:43:01]ADMIN: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) : Lifeboats are outside the map
2021/04/21: [07:43:31]ADMIN: Announce: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) : For clarification, anywhere that cannot be normally accessed, like lifeboats, counts as "outside the map"


2021/04/21: [07:42:14]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : oof?
2021/04/21: [07:42:19]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : what killed me
2021/04/21: [07:42:47]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : i guess i couldnt have been PMed then
2021/04/21: [07:43:26]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : yes
2021/04/21: [07:43:44]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : yeah i got deleted then they announce that
2021/04/21: [07:44:03]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : plus i could have been PMed
2021/04/21: [07:44:07]ADMIN: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) : Maybe don't do the insanely obvious metagaming.
2021/04/21: [07:44:17]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : how is that metagame
2021/04/21: [07:44:27]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : whats the reason for lifeboats then
2021/04/21: [07:44:27]ADMIN: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) : Getting outside the play area isn't intended.
2021/04/21: [07:44:47]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : if that wasnt intended it would be set that you cant get there
2021/04/21: [07:45:03]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : like you cant tunnel to DS or escape pod
2021/04/21: [07:46:48]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : so whats the reason for lifeboats if they arent part of the map?
2021/04/21: [07:47:10]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : kinda
2021/04/21: [07:47:25]ADMIN: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) : Next time I can just make it a ban instead of deleting you.
2021/04/21: [07:47:34]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : bruh
2021/04/21: [07:47:47]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : i litteraly didnt know that its outside of play area
2021/04/21: [07:47:51]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : because i saw people do that
2021/04/21: [07:47:58]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : and they had no deleting
2021/04/21: [07:48:36]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : i just asked whats the reason for having lifeboats if they arent part of the map
2021/04/21: [07:48:36]ADMIN: Grimreaperx15/(Ysabel Buttersworth) : The old CM had you guys banned for nothing
2021/04/21: [07:49:43]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : by the way, is stunning as burrower through fog allowed or not?
2021/04/21: [07:50:21]SAY: Ghost/DanielHoc : so noone is sure?

04-25-2021, 08:52 PM
My bad, i was indeed gibbed, i thought i was deleted because i saw no gibs. (They were probably under weeds)
I would like to apologise spelling and grammar errors i made in report, im struggling with new phone autocorection.

04-26-2021, 01:39 AM
Admins have an option to punish the player via IC means instead of noting/banning them. Grim opted for it, removing you since you went into an area where marines have no access and then reportedly you used tremor ability to knock down marines, who could not get you at all since lifeboats are inaccessible right now.

I don't see any wrongdoings on Grim's part, don't burrow into lifeboats as of right now, marines can't get to you.