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10-16-2021, 09:26 AM
Player ReportYour Byond ID?

Date of Incident
October 16, 2021

Your Character Name?
Anekcahap "Kneecap" Volkov

Accused Byond Key(if known):

Accused Character Name
Case Walker, counter-accusation for griefing

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
Central US roughly 3:45 AM

What rule(s) were broken:
Rule 4 / 10.

Description of the incident:
Late-join as pyro spec

get geared

Go down to planet surface, 5 xenos left.

Hear about the last pyro spec being a shitler/griefer (important for later)

See the scan for viro caves as I'm in ETA.

Start heading there.

We're upon the hive, and we're trying to push, here is what I recall seeing:
2 marines in front of me, BOTH of them are slightly to the left of the north of me, and there is a xeno to the upper-right, along with the hive-core in sight.

I flame the hive-core after activating FIREWALK protocol, only to realize my mistake that I had accidentally selected green-flame which makes the flame go wide, which ignited both of my fellow marines.
I attempt to retreat and put-out the marines I flamed, which one of them I actually did put out and the other one apparently put himself out roughly the same time I used my extinguisher, making him believe that he was the one that put himself and the other guy out amongst the confusion. (completely understandable / logical conclusion to come to)

The subject in question is Case Walker who, after "I put myself out, you didn't" (Discord logs) proceeded to pull out a pistol loaded with nothing but AP, and burst-fire FF me with intent to kill me. Discord logs can insinuate that he did this deliberately, and with intent to kill.

I understand his viewpoint that he was upset, and that a "similar" pyro spec was there earlier in the round "being a shit", but it's still un-acceptable in my eyes to literally FF kill ON PURPOSE when I'm literally trying to rectify the problem and in the process of apologizing and starting to pull out my own meds for him.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
Combat Logs:

Obviously I don't have video evidence, but you can *clearly* see me starting to use the under-barrel extinguisher to attempt to put out my burning comrades.

How you would punish the accused:
Warning that you can't simply FF kill on purpose without giving the other person a CHANCE to explain their actions.

10-16-2021, 09:38 AM

1. I never said I put the other marine out. I said I put myself out which is easily doable since my flamer had an underbarrel extinguisher and I've gotten in the habit of having to put myself out with a quick e + over-under macro then left click. So yeah.

2. You saw us in front of you. That much you acknowledge. Even though you saw us, you flame the both of us.

3. Right. The gunning you down bit, I get may have been somewhat overkill however you also acknowledge that there was an earlier pyro spec who was griefing marines with their flames who also happened to be in delta as well. After seeing this pyro flame marines and cut people off, I finally had enough of it and turned to shoot you for nearly killing myself and Alpha Marine Kaden Hatton who asked why when you flamed us both.

Now I will point out that rule 4 states that there must be a valid roleplay reason which there was. A pyro specialist who has been observed flaming marines and being an overall detriment to the push suddenly flames two marines who saw some of the earlier cases. Of course one is going to retaliate after being set on fire.

10-17-2021, 04:21 AM

He makes some fair points.

Though what he did was (and we both *somewhat* agree) a little over-kill ...

I don't actually see any grounds or an incident of rule-breaking so to speak.

Plus ... I forgive him, if it was me in that situation, I would be Extremely tempted to do the same exact thing.

Please close this.

10-24-2021, 09:58 AM