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11-10-2021, 02:41 AM
Player ReportYour Byond ID?

Date of Incident
November 9, 2021

Your Character Name?
Cash Flores

Accused Byond Key(if known):

Accused Character Name
Elder Queen (XX)

Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
9:34 est

What rule(s) were broken:
Rule 6 No metagaming (metarush

Description of the incident:
I was Bravo SL for this round for when I deployed first drop to lz, we were building up and got reports Delta and Charlie were wiped on the front and DS didnt come back down from my knowledge yet and we saw sentinel and warrior come to lz-2 with t3s shortly after, in barely any time lz fell and I saw the DS.

Self explanatory from here, DS got swarmed and when I died I saw queen in full support of this rush, now I dont know if DS was here by the time xenos reached lz or not but I believed it wasn't

I believed that this should be looked into as we had a tmod on at the time and I trust his/her word fully but I just want a deeper look into this.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):

What resolution are you seeking?
the queen seems new and I dont want anything harsh

just a warning telling em not to metarush lz

11-10-2021, 03:15 AM
Solo late join XO of this round. Complete and utter disaster if I might say so myself.

Queen's plan apparently according to dead chat was.

"Wait for marines to push into hive, and then counter push."

As I actually gave orders that weren't just fucking deathball all at once. Xenos wiped the floor with delta instantly, then charlie, and by the time I reported this due to t-coms coming in late. I was already ordering all marines back to FOB. Not 1 minute later, T3's and all the usuals were knocking at the door of a completely unfinished FOB before 10 minutes. Evac was called shortly after, and xenos failed to lock the dropship because someone else sent it down, and I called it up with a few. But xenos still refused to try and steal the shuttle until after the 2nd drop attempt and evac. If nothing, that was pure delaying by a force that already won and was far superior.

I can't help but feel the whole "Wait for them to push into hive" then counterpush is like that oldschool attempt at cheesing the rules, using virology hive on big red, then instantly rush into LZ because "Well they were in our hive so we had to use queen and t3s instantly!!!!"

But this is just speculation and honestly, round was... kind of fun despite being a disaster. But anyone who died minute 10 or before I can understand being furious.

11-10-2021, 03:32 AM
I can confirm that some of the DC chat xenos clearly mentioned the queens plan which was inline with what Kreydis said, I really should have used my shadowplay.

11-10-2021, 05:53 PM
I was a roundstart T3 that round. Basically Queen's plan was to gather all aliens at hive and attack marines when they got near, luring them to a surprise attack. That surmounted in the Queen deoving when the marines did get near, and leading the hive in a giant push. It took one screech from the Queen for the majority of the frontline marine force to be decimated.

After that, Queen told us to immediately push to LZ2 before the marines could build cades. Several xenos in hivemind confirmed that marines barely had any FOB cades by the time we chased off straggles from the afromentioned frontline force.

Though by the time I reached the FOB, I saw marines were atleast able to set up about a line of cades and we had to siege the FOB very briefly. I know we still basically rushed FOB, but just specifying for accuracy sake.

Also yes, it is accurate that DS was called up about twice when the FOB was already taken. Queen forgot to hyjack the ship the first time we took over FOB, and she was not quick enough the second time because marines actually redeployed to the FOB and were fighting some of us inside the DS which was evacing.

11-10-2021, 08:32 PM
I was a survivor that round, I basically dealt with no xenos for the entire time I was surviving. This becomes important later. Other survivors didn't have an issue with xenos either, like one surv getting to duel a pred uninterrupted around LZ1. At the time I thought it was strange, but it became clear on why only a single lurker harrassed us survs. Following the marines landing at LZ2, myself and the other surv i was with pushed directly south to research with Delta and Charlie, we encountered no resistance until the xenos clown cared out of a single choke with the queen and wiped the entire front. The xenos then chased us back (I think I was the only person with the push who survived) and nearly instantly broke through the fob. The queen was there when they broke through, but didn't hijack despite the PO not launching for like 30 seconds and her being on the DS.

11-21-2021, 01:58 PM
Adding this here so I don't forget, but this was done earlier.

Logs assigned to Fortypercent.

12-02-2021, 11:34 AM
Time was 9:34 PM. Not 24h 9:34. I'm livid.

Logs follow.

Epic queen strat:
[21:07:58]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: due to our low numbers we will be pulling an epic xeno strat.
[21:08:28]HIVEMIND: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) : There are alot of talls
[21:08:31]HIVEMIND: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) : And
[21:08:37]HIVEMIND: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) : We don't have enough xenos
[21:08:40]HIVEMIND: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) : To hold them off
[21:08:44]HIVEMIND: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) : So here is the plan
[21:09:15]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: Here is the plan, we will hide inside the hive and charge them immediately once they get to the hive.
[21:09:39]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: So, unless you are currently watching the lzs, get to the hive.
[21:10:40]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: we will use their confidence aganst them. do not attack them until I give you the signal, stay at the hive. If this doesn't work I apologize.
[21:11:01]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: IF YOU'RE NOT WATCHING THE LZS GET TO THE HIVE.

Shuttle launches:
[21:16:46]ADMIN: Patt Falcorne (Shotgun Wizard) launched a shuttle using the 'Normandy' flight controls.
Marines deploy.
[21:19:59]ADMIN: Patt Falcorne (Shotgun Wizard) launched a shuttle using the 'Normandy' flight controls.
Shuttle returns shipside.
[21:20:08]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: WAIT FOR MY SIGNAL.
[21:20:36]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: attack now
[21:21:19]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: THAT WAS PERFECT.
[21:21:27]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: SADAR GIBBED.
[21:22:10]ADMIN: Patt Falcorne (Shotgun Wizard) launched a shuttle using the 'Normandy' flight controls.
Second drop.

Assault on the FOB:

[21:23:33]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: fob isn't caded, attack and skirmish.
[21:23:57]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: do not let them cade.
[21:24:03]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: do everything to delay them.
[21:25:48]ADMIN: Patt Falcorne (Shotgun Wizard) launched a shuttle using the 'Normandy' flight controls.
[21:25:59]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: ATTACK!
Final push on the FOB after EVAC
[21:26:27]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: NEARBY MARINES, CAP THEM.
[21:26:35]ADMIN: SlumpMans/(Mature Queen (XX-980)) Word of the Queen: GET TO LZ 1 NOW!
FOB fell and queen sent hive to pick up stragglers at LZ 1.

If I missed anything, let me know. Sorry for the delays.

12-03-2021, 02:35 PM
I've reviewed everything, I can't fault a queen if they make a hive at a permitted location and marines end up getting into the hive and the battle starts before the FOB is properly setup.