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  1. tl;dr Get fucked xeno main and everyone above who is saying that you didn't break the rules is a massive denthead since if a synthetic were to actually be programmed with the objective to just "Survive" they'd just go ahead and hide in a fucking locker. What you did was acting like an actual person with character motivations (Synthetics aren't real people and they don't have motivations.) If This is REALLY toeing the line and it makes no sense why you wouldn't go to the much more secure Almayer ship if your motivation really WAS to stay alive (it really could not have been.) You just want to chill with your xeno metafriends. If most people find the idea of "xeno/synth" RP repulsive, then why should it be allowed exactly? A real synthetic would realize that going into the hive is more of a risk to their existence than hiding would be. This is not HRP, in fact, it's only one tier higher than the usual "mmm yes corporation mmm" the Corporate Liaison has, which is already VERY low.
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