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  1. He was a boy
    She was a girl
    Can I make it any more obvious?
    He was a punk
    She did ballet
    What more can I say?
    He wanted her
    She'd never tell
    Secretly she wanted him as well
    But all of her friends
    Stuck up their nose
    They had a problem with his baggy clothes
    He was a skater boy
    She said, "see you later, boy"
    He wasn't good enough for her
    She had a pretty face
    But her head was up in space
    She needed to come back down to earth
    Five years from now
    She sits at home
    Feeding the baby, she's all alone
    She turns on TV
    Guess who she sees
    Skater boy rockin' up MTV
    She calls up her friends
    They already know
    And they've all got tickets to see his show
    She tags along
    Stands in the crowd
    Looks up at the man that she turned down
    He was a skater boy
    She said, "see you later, boy"
  2. Life is something we all share,
    Just like oxygen, in the air.
    The way we live it, is up to us,
    With a negative or with a plus.

    Life is something, we should cherish,
    We never know, when we'll perish.
    Live each and every single day,
    Smell the flowers, stop and play.
  3. I changed my life by planting yellow flower tea trees
    um gold flower tea
    Three wine flowers
    la tea yellow flowers
    um cover the flowers
    Three needles
    la yellow tea tree
    um spicy wine
    Three cheap yellow tea trees
    la cay tra gia gia re
    um the yellow flower tea tree is a tree
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