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Thread: Staff Report - Time_URSS

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    Staff Report - Time_URSS

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    May 23, 2022
    Your Character Name?
    Sergey Petrenko
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    13:00~ US central
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Staff code of Conduct.
    -Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the server.
    Enforcement of the rules.
    - Ensure that all incidents are adequately investigated before giving a ruling.
    Protocols. Rule 5.
    Description of the incident
    I was PFC marine waiting for drop. I've been discussing with synth whilst other marine (Colten) was mocking me, I've responded aggressively in which he responded with "XD". Doctor (Erick) that was near us joined in and say "XD" as well ironically. To ease the tension between me and Colten I've decided to say "Eksdee lemao" as if I've pronounced instead of typed it out like in internet chat (situation from my perspective during that time). After checking chat logs, it seems Erick started saying "XD" out of nowhere and people including Colten started jokingly saying along with it. When we arrived to the planet I got PM'd by Time_URSS for saying that and because I've found the reason petty, I've started an argument with him considering what is even allowed to pronounce. Time_URSS's response was that for example "bruh" is just a slang, whilst something like "Lemao" or "Eksdee" is not allowed, because bruh is being pronounced by "millions" (Whole situation is subjective and simply silly, because I've heard people speak out loud lemao and eksdee). They gave me a note afterwards.
    EvidenceWhat resolution are you seeking?
    I would like my note to be removed. Whole situation is just petty and ridiculous to read. I don't see what I did wrong for I've not instigated the whole ordeal and simply RP'd along as if I would react in real life to similar situation. I understand my sarcastic tone with staff member is not respectable and should not be encouraged, but I simply got taken aback for being noted for such petty stuff. I understand that staff members trying to preserve RP standards, but I personally think that this situation was just in good fun and subjective. If staff members wants to note people for saying with similar tone words, then we've a whole can of worms to open for there's plentiful words being said constantly without a regulation with similar level of undertone. My apologies for taking your time for petty stuff, but I do not want to have unwanted notes on my profile.

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    I honestly don't find anything wrong with my deed. You clearly followed the joke of other people, which is still a rulebreak on itself. To clarify, no you were not the only one noted. The other two people who began the joke were also dealt with.

    "Bruh" is a slang word that can be used IC. Slang IS allowed, netspeak is NOT. XD, whether spelled "icksdee" or "eksdee" is still netspeak, and thus noted you for it. I don't see how it is "fun and subjective" to reply to netspeak with more netspeak.

    That said, I will eagerly wait for the veredict. Have a good day.
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    2022/05/23: [17:43:31]SAY: Erick Cressman [1]: XD
    2022/05/23: [17:43:35]SAY: Colten Jenner [1]: XD
    2022/05/23: [17:43:48]SAY: Erick Cressman [1]: XD
    2022/05/23: [17:43:52]SAY: Sergey Petrenko [1]: XD

    You engaged in netspeak with everyone else, and everyone involved was warned as well. It's still "netspeak"
    Bruh is considered slang, and the only netspeak we allow is "WTF" because a lot of people say "WTF", but no one laughs in real life and goes LOL as an example of something we don't allow.

    Everyone was treated fairly, and everyone involved was noted/warned. If you see people breaking rules, ahelp it, don't join along.
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