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Thread: Sakuyoi - Rule 5. Mechanical Exploit

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    Sakuyoi - Rule 5. Mechanical Exploit

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    June 20, 2022

    Your Character Name?
    Kaamnooshi Khani

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    XX Queen

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    1:40am EST

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Rule 5. Mechanical Exploit

    Description of the incident:
    Queen told other xenos to drag her to bypass the foot step sound.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    Logs. Have a screenshot.

    What resolution are you seeking?
    W/e you think.

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    Giving my response here.

    In my defense.

    1. A praetorian was the one who told me to rest so there are no stomps when we were almost near the LZ.

    2. There were no mods, No xenos in game telling me that it was a bad thing to do. Even in dchat i dont remember someone telling me that it was unintended.
    Only until in the discord that i noticed when you pinged me that you were gonna report me for it and i replied that i didnt know it was unintended.

    3. When i searched about the ruling. The queen stomp ruling was only given in #ideaguys which is a channel i very rarely use and it only appeared using specific words which was very hard to dig and not worth someones time. I only usually use LRC and administration feedback.
    There were no rulings about queen stomping in #rule-clarification.

    4. The only last exploit note i got was from a year ago and it was me putting an engineering turret inside a van. Despite me having a lot of notes. When im told not to do things i follow especially its an official notice like an moderator/admin PMing me.

    5. I dont keep up nowadays. Im just way too busy for it since i have a job so i can contribute to society. I dont have the time to play a spaceman game 24/7 anymore like i used to, much up keep to date on what will bwoink me or not.

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    Note placed linking to this report, no further action taken as Sakuyoi is unlikely to do it again. Offiical rule-clarification post will also be made regarding this.
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