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Thread: NuggetsOnToast - Yautja Application

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    Quote Originally Posted by morrow View Post
    I very obviously don't have the whitelist but I'd like to come from a perspective of someone who is newer to the community and also had some negative run ins with Rob in game.

    First, from my understanding, and feel free to correct me, one of the large parts of a predator whitelist application is the ability to be trusted with a large amount of responsibility in your weapons and powers. The recent use of an exploit to grief and harm another player's experience is the absolute opposite of this. It is a complete lapse in empathy and critical thinking all on top of proceeding to lie and try to hide it. It's weird to me to see people walking past that as if it's nothing.

    Second, I'd like to talk a bit about Rob's treatment of people in game who he doesn't know or isn't friendly with. On multiple occasions I have had Rob taunt me while I was a medic in game. Whether it was not working on his friend fast enough or telling me I suck or insinuating I didn't know what I was doing or whatever. It especially stung when I saw him as the face of the synths after my synth app. It has made me rethink my previous interest in becoming a synth and how I see synths in game.
    I do not carry prejudice into my rounds or out of my rounds. Whatever I do ICly is related to what is happening ICly. I may hate someone's guts but ICly I will always restrain it unless ICly there is a reason for action.

    In regards to your synthetic application it simply was not up to par and that is what I said. You chose to receive one sentence of my feedback instead of the rest and presumably got upset about it. I did not hold a grudge and infact I believe I advised you to try and seek help from the discord as it was a promising start to joining the WL.

    It is unfortunate you have this view of me, but I thank you for giving feedback on my application.
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    Due to receiving a note/ban while the application is up, I'm afraid the application is denied. You can re-apply in 30 days starting today.
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