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Thread: Staff Report - MrDadMan

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    Staff Report - MrDadMan

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    July 3, 2022
    Your Character Name?
    Ash 'Ashley' Leigh
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    ~3PM (CST)
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Enforcement of the rules
    - Ensure that all incidents are adequately investigated before giving a ruling.
    Description of the incident
    I was alpha rifleman talking with Eric overstreet and the alpha spec (forgot their name) about how they (as scout spec) should NOT take off their cloak. One of my argument was what got me into the rule break,

    "Keep the cloak so lurkers go and lunge your friends and you show up"

    I noticed quickly afterwards that I said lurker instead of UPP (or enemy or tango or whatever) but decided not to aggravate myself by going "Or upp you don't know what's down there..." because that'd make it even worse (in my eyes at least). I did not make any other mention of xenomorphs prior or afterwards.

    A bit later, probably five minutes or so I get admin say'd by DadMan asking why I am metagaming that there are xenos on the colony. I tell them it was a slip up (I played like 8 hours of CM that day. We fight xenos 99% of the time, etc etc.) and that I said lurker by reflex and did not mean to.

    They decided that obviously I was simply lying and trying to metagame that xenos are on the planet. Kept telling me to stop lying and that "it was very explicitly not an accident".

    I just find it a bit shitty to be instantly accused of LRP and metagame (and most importantly, lying in tickets) because my monkey brain slipped up and talked about xenos on a server where you fight xenos 99% of the time, despite having (IIRC) absolutely 0 notes regarding metagaming (maybe I have one when it was during the era of first contact in 2018-2019?)
    This is how the admin ticket went down. I unfortunately didn't screenshot what I said and my chat log got filled with bullet text and overrid the ticket. Hopefully the mod in question can give us the logs of said ticket. (The caption in the imgur album are pretty paraphrased, but it is pretty much what I had said)
    What resolution are you seeking?
    I just want this note to be dropped or at the VERY LEAST mention that it was a slip up and not intentional.

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    Initial comments by Ludox:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    PM's and Note:
    Spoiler Spoiler:
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    Hi there! After reviewing the logs posted, it does appear to me that the conversation you were noted over was an OOC discussion of game mechanics in IC chat, so I feel that the note was valid.

    I do think that while MrDadMan was correct in placing the note, they could have been clearer in explaining why, and been a bit more gracious in their conversation with you, which I will speak with them about.

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