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Thread: TacticalSpacePilot - Synthetic Application

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    TacticalSpacePilot - Synthetic Application

    Synthetic Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    Discord ID?
    TSP #3312

    Marine Name
    Dewi Lim

    Other Whitelist Applications
    One pending, I'm not allowed to advertise it.

    Character Information

    Name of the Synth Character you wish to play

    What is your Synthetic's Personality?
    Chaplin likes to comfort marines in their last moments, be it while the queen is storming their last stand, or a mortar is about to fall on their head. They are inquisitive about the human will to keep on living through self preservation, and will find it interesting to see a marine act against their own good intentions, i.e someone primes a grenade and runs straight for the hive. Chaplin has seen firsthand the corporate greed of the company that he works for, and even though he may act for their profit, he will at-least acknowledge any immoral wrongdoing that marines may face because of this.

    Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
    I really want to make the most of this WL by roleplaying with others and increasing the RP standards around me. Not to mention I love playing doctor and saving people.

    What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
    I was playing xeno queen and we converted a synthetic survivor to our side, and as we brought captures to our hive they would be talking to them as they bursted. (I know as a synthetic you cannot side with the xenos outside of admin permission, but it was still memorable.)

    Synthetic Character Story

    The office was a small clinic, with a meeting table and a sickly looking coffee machine. My work was done in a miniature room the size of a closet, in which I prepared a special blood taken from a reptilian species.

    He was a decrepit man, aged 127. Sun battered skin, the sign of a hard worker. His calloused hands clinging to a wad of cash, gripping it over and over and rolling it in his palms.

    “Before we get started, I would go over some of the things you should already be well aware of by now.”

    “Just get on with it!” the man sighs.

    “You forgo your rights to have children, you will be taxed an additional 35% on all your income. Your economic output must remain baseline. Alternatively, any other contribution to science, studies, research, and further will also be accepted, by basis.”

    “Should you live long enough to see your own children grow old, we recommend you go through the cassettes on acceptance of generational death. You will be screened every 10 years and are required to pass a psych exam for your mental stability, out of pocket.”

    The man perks up a bit. “I don’t have children. And what’s the big deal with banging some women?”

    “Well, if the dose is large enough, the injection will also include a chemical castration. Weyland cannot trust what happens to the economy from overpopulation. Any species that lives long enough and can breed freely would eventually upset the balance of their habitat.

    “Now, Weyland-Utani reserves the right to take you to court if you refuse these terms, otherwise you may face serious capital punishment.”

    I look down.

    “Is that what you have brought?”

    “Well, yes,” said the man. “This is more than I had last time, and this is all I got. My legs barely worked by the time I got paid.”

    “Sir, the prices have changed. That much only gets you a week, I’m afraid. Once your cells are rejuvenated they will quickly turn senile again.”

    His face turned red, brows furrowed. “I got me 2 weeks last time with 30 grand, that’s all I’ve got left, you stupid toy!”

    This is what I have to deliver. Once again, I’m so sorry you are near expiration. I hope you can make peace in your final days.

    “Just do it.” he muttered.

    I walk to the back and precisely measure out the amount of liquid to inject into the man. Recalling the main point of my training: You cannot add more than a microgram which is necessary, otherwise the company would lose great profits.

    I came back, and apologized. He had tears running down his face, which I dried with a tissue. His veins were long past their prime, but I managed to get the needle in the second time. The injector hissed, and the flesh around the entrance instantly smoothed out.

    The man did not return. Three weeks later I visited him on his deathbed. I was ordered by my superiors to offer additional treatment. His body was old, and too worn out to even speak. His lips moved and fluttered but nothing came out. This time they wanted to seize his assets and put him on a debt payment. Despite my efforts his doctor quickly turned me away.

    Lastly, I knelt down beside his bed and took his hand.

    “Weyland appreciates your time with this company, and is sorry to see you go! We respect your choice to decline our services. ”

    As I had completed my task I looked him in the eyes.

    “Forgive me I could not let you die with dignity. I don’t make the rules, I am simply the messenger. Take care now.”

    I walked to the exit and turned my head one last time. As he stared at me I heard him murmur incoherently again. But it wasn’t me who he’d be talking to much longer. He was due for his meeting with death.

    I received a fax the next day. I was to report to processing chambers, sanitized, and then shipped off to a new job aboard the respected USS Almayer. My experience working with high value substances is required and they claim to have detected more dreadlock species. I smiled at the new synthetic worker and shook their hand as I left my post.

    *Two months later, aboard the USS Almayer*

    “I suppose I do miss it, doctor. It was clean, and kept. The coffee machine never broke. The customers never wasted my time either, as they were always in some kind of a hurry. Thank you for asking about my previous work. I don’t get much more than a sour look from most personnel aboard here.”

    “I’d best get going. Command wants me in research, they need stasis expertise in the labs to collect the so-called “liquid gold.”

    I arrived at the destination to quite a spectacle. It was lying on the table tied and held down with an alarming amount of zipties, dozens of expended sedatives lying on the ground. A very large humanoid, riddled with bullet holes in his reptilian-like skin, mandibles grasping at the arms reaching across the table.

    I took out my card to enter, but the Commanding officer held his hand out.

    “I’m not letting you in there. You’re too valuable, and it’s too dangerous. If it wants to break free we’ll simply lock it down and let the fucker starve.”

    “As you wish, captain. Be aware however, I am equipped with micro-hydraulics capable of applying several hundred pounds of force with ease. I am ready to step in when you give me the word.”

    For a few minutes the creature seemed to lay dormant, but as I warned them the sedative would be wearing off, he flickered to life, opening and producing a shattering scream. Only two things mattered to it anymore. Hurting back, and getting us to kill him.

    He ripped apart sinews of his own flesh, freeing his arm in place. He pulled the nearest scientist, driving stiffened fingers into the man's throat. Roaring in bloodthirsty exultation. Cartilage gave away. He made a claw, yanked with all his remaining strength.

    There were still two researchers left in the containment chamber, scrambling for an unused injector. I leaned into the intercom and calmly stated they had a case lying right besides their feet. Once they slammed him with drugs, the commander stormed into the chamber with his metaba, aiming for the specimen's head, center mass.

    “Admiral, I must inform you Weyland wanted a live-”

    “Private! Close your eyes.”

    He pulled the trigger until all 6 casings lay sizzling in a pool of blood.

    “Well, I suppose what's done is done.” I sigh. With that, I went right away to collect as much blood as was left in the body that hadn’t already drained down the grate in the floor.


    How familiar are you with Engineering?
    I'm overall pretty decent at engineering, I can fix APCs, help with the vehicle or loading dropships, I can set up a FOB with cades spaced accordingly, and refuel the engine.

    How familiar are you with Command?
    I used to play XO a lot before they reset hours, however I know how to overwatch, I can set up aSL, make announcements, I understand how to communicate with the rest of the ship to make sure marines are well-supported, and when to retreat.

    How familiar are you with Medical?
    Extremely familiar, my best strength is here. I know all the most requested recipes (IA, KD, KB, cryomix) and can make them very quickly.

    I am very comfortable doing groundside surgery. Have all the surgeries memorized by heart, and I can do embryo removal groundside if I find a surgery table.

    I can revive marines with 600+ brute/burn quickly and efficiently, and understand the principle of triage in dire situations.

    How familiar are you with Requisitions?
    I know how to man the req line, I understand what marines need to build the FOB, including backpacks of flares, metal, flashlights, MRE's, rangefinders, signal flares, ammo boxes, and have a good feel for req overall. If I'm planetside I will ensure req has FOB coords.

    What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
    While I cannot actively engage a hostile, I am allowed to defend myself when I am at risk of death, or there is a marine unable to defend themselves. I should not chase down an enemy to kill them, however. But in delta alert I have a little more leniency to engage in combat unless there are needs to be tended to.


    Are you familiar with the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines?

    Have you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or the Synthetic Programming Guideline?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

    Are you currently banned from our Discord, and if so, why?

    Discord Ban Reason

    Other Information

    Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
    Thank you SgtMike for helping with my story.

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    Good day.

    As you know, Synthetic WL has the highest standards of all WL, and we would like to see a plethora of experience, a polished application and active support play / RP on the server. But more on this later.

    Your story was captivating to me and I enjoyed reading it. There are some very minor typos, in fact, I could only find one. It was a good read!

    Your experience would require some vouches, this is because we feel like you haven't been seen with support roles enough. Playing while your application is up, is important indeed, but having a rapport and an already-built reputation beforehand is equally important. I don't doubt your experience but I can see some concern with your appearances. Believe me when I say that actively being seen in support roles, with good RP and good behavior helps tremendously with your application.

    For example, refueling the engine isn't something that requires manual intervention anymore on either dropships or Almayer. Your command experience might be a little lacking too.

    I also think your example of a combat scenario wasn't satisfactory, and the answer felt a bit shallow. When the application asks for examples it is more like "If a runner was to... If I was treating an IO and a defender came... etc.

    Whatever happens, I would highly recommend playing more support roles on the server and getting a reputation for being a good, respectable player.

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    Thanks for the response.

    First of all I'm glad you like my story. Regarding vouches, it's difficult getting seen, especially when most of my hours are as doctor. I try to deploy most of the time, and do surgery groundside. This does not keep me from RPing with people, but I guess most of the people whom I've had good interactions with are not active on the forums.

    Secondly, I realize I made a mistake about refueling the engine, that was an outdated thing include in my app.
    Realizing now, that my combat answer was lacking, however I have seen plenty of examples in-game of when synths can or cannot fight, and would love to give a better response to any combat questions I may get (or I'll improve it in my next app.)

    I do enjoy support roles and will continue to try and get my name out there, and appreciate your advice greatly.

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    Hey man, no one has seen you play any of the relevant roles to synth (doctor, medic, squad engineer, CT/RO, etc), you should really consider picking up those roles between now and Friday.
    Synth Gaming

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    Well, friday is here and I still haven't seen you play. I like the idea behind your quirk but it's too generic to be workable. I've also never seen you play, nor was I able to reach anyone else who has seen you play and or could vouch for your knowledge and ability. So this will be a -1 from me.
    Sheeesh this boy LRP as hell!

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    Saying this as I usually tend to be a lot around the server, I have really not recognised that name much. Neither as a support role or as any one. I'd highly suggest you get yourself an image before anything, it's hard to prove your in-game skills if we rarely see you playing.

    However, the story is very nice and shows a good creative mind in terms of roleplay. I'd not doubt that, should you get in the whitelist, you'd be a great add-on indeed!

    As of now I'll remain neutral. Get some more time playing in the server, make yourself known, and I will certainly vote in your favour!

    Playing as:
    - Noah 'Butterfingers' Jones
    - Marcos 'Payaso' Ruiz
    - MOL-XXX
    - Pablo
    - Na'kel-uq Bo'ytill

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    This application is denied at this time. Firstly, the personality and story are well written and enjoyable to read. It shows care for the character and RP. The engines on the Almayer have not been used for some time. This leads people to believe you need more recent experience. Add your playtimes to your future application so people can observe your support play.3

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