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Thread: BLUESMURF9111 - Rule 6 - Metagaming

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    BLUESMURF9111 - Rule 6 - Metagaming

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    July 27, 2022

    Your Character Name?
    Noah Jones

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Elder Drone (UZI-15)

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    12:45 Central US aprox.

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Rule 6 - Metagaming

    Description of the incident:
    After my death as Charlie Spec (Pyro), I noticed whilst ghosted that my body was inside a 3x3 box, which appeared to be intentionally made in order to hide my corpse.

    After looking at the wall prints, it led me to the aforementioned drone, whom I am accusing of a metagame rulebreak.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    What resolution are you seeking?
    A veredict whether it was a rulebreak or not, and proper escalation if it was.

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    Logs for the incident!

    If I missed anything important you feel should be included, message me on discord @Frog#6006 and I'll see what I can do!


    BLUESMURF9111 - UZI-15 (Elder Drone)
    Time_URSS - Noah Jones (Specialist)

    Time_URSS dies to a mortar shell
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Time_URSS comes back to his body walled in, and investigates with UZI
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Unfortunately, the server doesn't store logs about resin walls being made, only when someone chooses the action to make a wall. But I will retain the related round logs for the report if management needs further clarification.
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