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Date of Incident
July 27, 2022

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4:30-5:00 PST most likely

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Description of the incident:
My character dropped off an S-V42 Smartpack, which was carrying extra supplies, at the FOB. Ferrying M-41 AP and 10x28mm ammo to the front, while returning with SSD to the FOB. Probably 2-3 trips besides helping wounded and rescuing those caught in sketchy situations. In any case, on the third trip, xenomorphs had outflanked the marine force and I was killed. After being revived at the FOB, I was busy treating and doing surgery of critical patients and couldn't repair out of crit due to the loss of smartpak. The smartpak was not in its original location, and staff weren't able to locate it, leading me to believe it was not only hidden, but likely destroyed via the tossing of under dropship. Similar to hiding the M5 RPG of a sadar spec, it is grief to hide or destroy(by throwing under DS) role-critical equipment. Overall, I wasn't going to make a report, but other players can be harmed by this behavior, and their rounds changed dramatically, so I am making the PR for that reason.

Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
The only evidence I have is a great member of our community which investigated, and confirmed it was not able to be found.

What resolution are you seeking?
The precedent should be maintained to not grief players, especially those who depend on critical equipment designed for their role.