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Date of Incident
August 31, 2022
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Cooter Davenport
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Approximate time and date of the incident
Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
Do not abuse your power
- This should go without saying, but abusing your power as staff can - and will - result in swift punishment.

Remain Professional, no matter what happens
- Constantly stay cool. Regardless of what a player says to you do not act unprofessional and get angry with them.
- This also applies to the forums. Retain some level of professionalism when posting in player reports or ban appeals.
- Do not release information from the staff chat to the public. EVER.
Description of the incident
Rather than respond to my request and information. Moonshanks shuffled my ban appeal in the incorrect location and locked it.

His reply to my appeal did not denote whether, or whether not, I may re-appeal.

I had no avenue to initially contest the odd location of the appeal and where he had shuffled it to, while ignoring my response.

Fortunately, Segrain was online in server and I was able to voice my concerns with him.

Rather than accurately respond, Moon Shanks (presumably) deleted my request for additional information and placed my appeal in the correct location.

I believe Moonshanks is acting in an unconventional and unprofessional manner and has used his permissions to unjustifiably delete my reply. That is, granted, with the belief that he has deleted the reply.
Unfortunately I am unable to prove that a reply was deleted. Segrain could be contacted to advise that i had in fact talked to him. Potentially someone should be able to see that he wiped my response.
What resolution are you seeking?
My reply to be placed back in the thread and adequate information be provided as requested.

I was initially advised by Lunarflu that Ben or Frozen could review the ban. I did not believe it was necessary initially but after observing how Moonshanks has handled this I would respectfully request that this matter be reviewed.

Moonshanks actions in the handling of this report be reviewed internally and potentially addressed should they be found to have been inappropriate.

Link to current location of ban appeal which contains conversations with Lunarflu when the ban was placed.