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Thread: Not Known - CO Execution Privileges.

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    Not Known - CO Execution Privileges.

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    August 9, 2022

    Your Character Name?

    Accused Byond Key(if known):
    Not Known

    Accused Character Name
    Blake Blaine

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    3am CST

    What rule(s) were broken:
    CO Execution Privileges.

    Description of the incident:
    Blake Blaine as CO deployed planetside to BE one August Pheonix for Insubordination. They did kill them, but failed to perma them.

    August Pheonix would then go on to be revived. After which they were detained by Allision A.W. Claymore (delta marine) and brought topside. Even though MPs were there to retrieve august Pheonix. The major ordered all MPs away from the area and then without charges or announcements executed August Pheonix On board the Almayer.

    I believe This a breach of CO Execution Privileges' "This means they may personally execute anyone under their authority on the ship or Area of Operations without warning or procedure unless in MP Custody"

    The CO would even go on to say that they had no charges that warranted an execution topside.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):

    Plus logs from Admins

    What resolution are you seeking?
    That's entirely up to the CO Council.

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    I was the CO involved. In the initial execution, before I could permanently kill the marine, a newer MP dragged away the body. I ordered them to morgue it, instead of punishing them as they were clearly a new player. Unfortunately they failed to do so. As for why I didn't permanently kill them in the first place, my Mateba was unloaded at the time after I had fought a lurker off of a marine. I realized when I looked in my belt, so I grabbed a pulse rifle off of the ground and used it was it was much quicker to grab and fire a rifle without retaliation, than it was to unholster, reload, and hit several inaccurate shots from the Mateba.

    The execution on the ship was, in my eyes, an extension of the original punishment. The player was already ghosted, maybe if they hadn't ghosted I would have handled it differently. However, they had been charged with no crimes (as I handled it all via their execution) therefor the MPs were not able to properly arrest them. By law and rule, an execution can not be committed in front of MPs if they are able to arrest the culprit, but since there were no crimes committed I had to make sure that there were no legal loopholes to have me arrested thus I sent them away. Due to them already having been executed and the announcement made clear, I did not make a second announcement as it was both redundant and unnecessary, especially for every marine player on the server to hear twice.

    In the end, I should have grabbed the body from the bald MP, instead of expecting them to follow orders (by server rule) to morgue it. However, I stand by my actions on why I handled things the way I did.

    TLDR; Bald MP dragged away body, player ghosted after execution, I finished execution after sending MPs away as there were no crimes to arrest them for, as I never had them officially charged. Perhaps this would've been different had the player not already been ghosted.

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    Here is your missing Ckey.

    Ckey : Dr. Lance
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    Unless you're the victim of a Improper Battlefield Execution, you cannot report what you believe is an improper BE as a third party. If the person who was executed wants to, he may file the report.

    Quote Originally Posted by Report a Player Rules
    CO Battlefield Execution reports may only be made by the player who was executed if they feel it was not right/improper.
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