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Thread: QuickLoad - Rule 4. No griefing

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    QuickLoad - Rule 4. No griefing

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    September 2, 2022

    Your Character Name?
    Bob Huey

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Leon 'Top' Konrad

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    2022-09-02 00:39:35 server time

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Rule 4. No griefing

    Description of the incident:
    I had geared up in time for the 2nd drop as the Req player that was doing my line was new, so I deploy at around 00:25, when I get to fob I see that nearly all my squad has left for the front line and none of the cades was up, so I start building and end up getting constantly harassed and finding 3 recently dead marines and I call over the radio for medics after a while I call again for cic to get medics to me then after than I call for the major to get medics to fob as the marines were going perma (lukily we had a colony synth nearby to save some of them) so after doing that whilst being constantly harassed I call again a few more times for cic and the CO to respond and get us assistance a few move minutes pass, whilst waiting my SG and a rifleman are attacked by a IO for no apparent reason and the rifleman is killed and the sg was shot i again shout to the CO for him to send down some MP to deal with it with you guessed it, no response, after that i say im going to bring him up myself and eventually after around 20 minutes of calling for cic with 0 response I say im going up to deal with it, I head up around 12:45 and bring the murdering IO with me, when I get shipside I take him to the brig and spend about 5 minutes there then the MP comes back and i leave it to him, after that i move into cic and stand next to the major for 5 minutes trying to talk to him and he just straight up ignores me so i move over to the east side of cic and start writing a fax to high command complaining (i do tell him im doing this as well). he then orders me to deploy which I do at around 55minutes and the CO claims at this time that I've been shipside for over an hour which is a bit stupid but not relevant, as I'm in the dropship I continue writing my fax, I arrive ground side and start to check on things and generally do SL things after a while I move to hydro and then medical with a few marines. I find some research items and say over the radio 3 times that I'm returning to the ship to give them to research and then I return to the fob and move to research and drop them off when I'm leaving the CO ambushes me with the CMP and a cadet and he accuses me of a few things and I justify all of them and say I'm happy to go to the brig, he then says he is going to BE me for something and instantly shoots me a few times with the Perma gun

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    unfortunately, i was trying to resolve this in game via Ahelp (which was done by Thebiggest and was less than useful) so i didn't capture the chat log i do have the Ahelp log that is shown below

    as i said most the information will lie in the logs, the main problems are the straight-up lies of the times that i was deployed for by Leon, the use of a BE in research during green, the completely invalid intent in the first place for BEing me and the complete failure to do his role (that is a very important role at that its not the gunnery sergeant or a pred its the LEADER of the entire Marine force)

    my goal with this report is for him to be removed from CO whitelist and maybe a small ban?, i dunno you people know the appropriate punishments

    State: CLOSED Refresh

    Opened at: 01:21:38 (Approx 30 minutes and 23.7 seconds ago)
    Closed at: 01:47:33 (Approx 4 minutes and 28.8 seconds ago)


    00:02:09: Ticker175/(Bob Huey): so the major just shot me with the perma gun?
    00:02:26: PM From TheeBiggest: You were constantly told to deploy.
    00:03:10: Reply PM from-Ticker175: i did then i came back after telling him i would and he just shot me? thats completly out of protocol
    00:09:51: Reply PM from-Ticker175: so after i was completly validly returning to ship the first time after not hearing from command after repeated radio calls i was writing a fax i then deployed as the CO ordered and finished my fax groundside i then gave it to the PO to send to high command then i found some research items so after TELLING COMMAND I WAS COMING UP WITH IMPORTANT RESEARCH STUFF returned to the ship to submit another fax and to deliver the items to research. i was then BE IN RESEARCH (which is so out of fucking protocol its fucking insane), and your telling me that he is in the right
    00:24:44: Reply PM from-Ticker175: Hello? i still want this resolved, thank you
    00:24:55: PM From TheeBiggest: I was busy
    00:25:57: PM From TheeBiggest: I was told you never bothered to deploy groundside for about an hour, you did deploy but it wasn't for long. Did you ever tell the CO you're coming up?
    00:28:48: Reply PM from-Ticker175: i deployed on 2nd drop and came back up after 20 minutes of no responces from command
    00:29:20: Reply PM from-Ticker175: the CO actually said i had been shipside for an hour at 49minutes into the op
    00:32:02: Reply PM from-Ticker175: i deployed the first time for about 20 minutes and after no responce i then came up with IO that murdered 2 of my men out of the blue, dragged him to brig then went into cic to talk to the CO who ignored me for 10 minutes even though i was standing next to him, i then started to write a fax which i told him i was doing, he told me to deploy which i did i was then ground side for another 15 minutes after witch i found a lot of items for research so after clearly stating i was returning to deliver stims he ambushed me in research and shot me
    00:33:32: Reply PM from-Ticker175: to deliver Vials and pred healing crystals* not stims
    00:34:20: PM From TheeBiggest: Alright well he didn't seem to BE you without intent. I can't handle WL problems so make a Player Report if you want.
    00:35:13: Reply PM from-Ticker175: the problem is he didnt have VALID intent and a BE is not at all acceptable IN RESEARCH on green and with no known threats even close to even fob
    00:35:54: PM From TheeBiggest: He had clear intentions and again, this is a CO Whitelist problem now. I suggest making a PR otherwise this is resolved
    00:36:50: Reply PM from-Ticker175: this is a player problem for multiple reasons starting at grief and ending at metatargeting
    00:37:25: PM From TheeBiggest: I told you what to do already, nothing I can personally do. Ask the CO Councilors if you want.
    00:37:33: Ticket closed!

    Do you understand that staff make the final decision in the resolution of this report?
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    sorry i accidently submitted this before finishing the "what rules were broken section" please consider the following in that area

    The following sections of ML were broken:

    The Commanding Officer is not above Marine Law. However, they may not be arrested without the explicit permission of High Command. Should the Commanding Officer break Marine Law, High Command may be contacted via fax for permission to arrest the Commanding Officer. The right to contact High Command may not be denied. If the Commanding Officer has been deposed due to a mutiny, the MPs should hold the deposed Commanding Officer in confinement if their freedom would reignite the conflict; once a Commanding Officer has been deposed, they lose their arrest immunity and are no longer considered the Commander.

    i was writing a fax at the time of him sending me ground side and i told him this and he said if i didn't deploy i would be charged with desertion and killed

    Execution Privileges
    The Commanding Officer may perform Battlefield Executions. This means they may personally execute anyone under their authority on the ship or Area of Operations without warning or procedure unless in MP Custody, provided their words or actions fulfill one of the following conditions:

    High Command (Provost Admiralty or USCM General Staff), Fleet Command (CO Council dispatched by staff) and Event Characters (as defined by the event running admin) inherit the power to Battlefield Execute following normal guidelines.
    A threat to your command. Credibly attempting to or threatening to undermine your command, or attempting to remove your command through illegal means. (Minor insults, disagreements, or being faxed about to high command is not undermining your command. Countermanding or refusing to follow orders is.)
    A threat to persons. Credibly threatening and attempting to do harm to the Commanding Officer or to someone while in the Commanding Officer's presence.
    A threat to the ship or operation. Credibly threatening or attempting to do damage to the ship, the USCM, or operation while in the Commanding Officer’s presence.
    Battlefield Executions should not be done in such a way it creates collateral damage or risks involving innocent parties or persons, they should be performed in person and target each individual individually. For example, the Orbital Cannon may not be used for BE's. Upon completion of a battlefield execution, an announcement must be made within a reasonable time explaining why the person was executed and noting their name and position. The Commanding Officer may not Battlefield Execute a person in custody of the MPs (securely restrained or brigged) unless performing a normal execution is not possible (such as during a Delta Alert). Additionally, the Commanding Officer may request permission to execute prisoners in ways different from Firing Squad or Lethal Injection to High Command or authorize nonstandard methods of execution in emergencies where the normal procedure is impossible.

    the sections in bold are relevant for clear reasons

    Desertion Refusing to carry out the duties essential to one’s post or abandoning post unauthorized, without intent to return. (Retreating from the planet when the FOB is breached is not Desertion, refusing to return when ordered is).

    he charged me with this and i did not leave without intent to return and i was unable to carry out my duties without communication from command, which is what i was attempting to do all operation

    Battlefield Executions
    Whitelisted Commanding Officers are allowed to instantly kill any player at any time if the player fulfills the conditions found in Marine Law. Excessive or poorly-reasoned battlefield executions (such as BEing MPs over a valid arrest) may end with the Commanding Officers being removed from the whitelist.

    for obvious reasons

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    Your job as Bravo SL is to lead your squad and fulfill your objectives - any reasonable objective given by command must be followed through.
    You did not get to the planet on time, Joe Santos was instated as the SL instead and kept cohesion along with callouts.
    When you DID get to the planet, you did not build the FOB in any significant matter or lead your squad in any significant matter. Katie the Synthetic was instead building most of the SE, S, and W FOB while the two engis were doing Kitchen and Cargo.
    Your claim that your squad wasn't there, is not true, when Katie called out a xeno in FOB, I ensured that the ENTIRETY of Bravo was there. Even their scout, Alexander Startsev was holding the FOB with them for that duration.
    You ask for medical help, and so I sent doctors to deploy.
    Later, an IO uses a smartdisc and shoots Santos, something that should be addressed by admins, but regardless I sent down a MP called Dmitry Petrov.
    This doesn't matter however, because you decided to take it into your own hands to play MP. You abandon your entire squad and come up on the Alamo, with the IO, and after deposing of him you decide to sit around in CIC writing a paper instead of doing your job. This is Neglect of Duty, failure to uphold your role and responsibilities.

    During this time, not only am I not able to send Katie to help Hydro, which is getting skirmished by 3 lurkers - because Katie is needed to help build the FOB, but the squad is still being led by Joe Santos, a PFC, when it's your literal role duty to lead your squad instead.
    There are several occasions when Marines complain about the state of the FOB, but you are doing nothing to help them.
    After I see you in CIC, I decide to let you be for almost 10 minutes, until I finally ask you why you haven't deployed back.
    You decide to question my command (on multiple occasions, which I could have shot you for before, as this is already Sedition) instead of doing your role(the round has been going for almost an hour by now) and when I ask you about the sorry state of your FOB you say it's "commands fault". No, it is your fault. You are the SL of Bravo. It's your responsibility to uphold the FOB. And while you are playing politics, the Bravo Marines and Synth are doing your job for you.
    At this point I order your arrest, because you are refusing to deploy, meaning desertion, and sitting in CIC. However, because my character has had experience with you in the past, out of courtesy I give you the ultimatum of "deploy or you will be considered a deserter". No, I did not threaten to kill you. I also told you during the round ICly, "If it was anyone else, you would already be in jail."

    So now you finally go back to the planet, but you are just sitting almost motionless in the Alamo, or in the LZ, doing nothing.
    Even when all Combat marines are ordered to the front to assist, you do nothing but stay idle. Joe Santos and Sam Yates instead take the initiative and lead a QRF to assist the front.
    At some point, Joe Santos dies, and the command is passed onto Sam Yates by my SO. You want to know why? It's because you still haven't lead your squad.
    You don't act on info, you don't communicate, you don't lead, you don't give orders.
    PFC Kenju even says "There are lots of mats at the FOB that need to be used" but you don't build the FOB. And when Sam Yates says there's a burrower harassing North FOB, you also don't act either.
    Where do I find you?
    You are on Alamo. Coming back up, to the OT workshop. For all I know you are plotting revenge, a bomb, a mutiny, etc. There is very little reason for a Bravo SL to be leaving the FOB when it's actively being harassed.
    Combat personnel leave the AO for severe, non-planetside treatable medical wounds. Not because they feel like it.
    And when you are done with the OT workshop, you go to the research area. That is when I BE you for Desertion, Sedition, and NoD.

    Keep in mind, I could have(and many other COs would have) BE'd you much, much sooner for your seditious comments and outright refusal to listen to command. Instead, because my character is courteous, and even moreso to Bob Huey, I not only did not BE you on the spot for your seditious comments, but I even rescinded your arrest order so long as you deployed. These were second chances and a trust opportunity that you would uphold your role, uphold your job, and do what you were there for.
    You broke this trust and you ruined your opportunities by yet again going AWOL from the field of battle, and leaving your men.

    You did NO squad leading almost through the entire round. And decided to play politics on the ship instead of doing your job. Your Marines, and even the Synth, were doing what YOU were supposed to do.
    Our forces suffered because you wouldn't do your role.

    You do not need to hand deliver chemicals to research, that's for IOs, POs, DCC. Literally anyone EXCEPT a combat leader who should be on the ground with their men. We have fultons, ship personnel, comms, etc all for that reason.
    You do not need to play MP, that's for MPs. Which not only were active, but deployed.
    You do not need to play politics, that is for the CL and other roles.

    Your job is a SQUAD LEADER. You failed to lead your squad. You failed your men. You failed to uphold your mission. You failed to build the FOB. And you failed to actually perform your role.
    If you do not want such scrutiny, do not play squad leader. If you play squad leader, you are expected to do your job. It is timelocked, scrutinized, and a highly important role for a reason.

    The only thing I ask of anyone is that they do their job, and despite giving you several opportunities to, you did not.
    Do not play Squad Leader if you don't plan on playing the role and the responsibilities it entails. Many other people could have been SLing instead.

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    Logs for the incident!

    If I missed anything important you feel should be included, message me on discord @Frog#6006 and I'll see what I can do!


    Ticker175 - Bob Huey (Bravo SL)
    QuickLoad - Leon 'Top' Konrad (CO)
    Second party
    Third party

    FOB comms situation Bob was talking about
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Bob brings the IO shipside, then to Brig
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Bob confronts the CO
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    CO takes action into his own hands when he finds out Bob hasn't deployed
    Spoiler Spoiler:
    Major Amber Walsh, Exceptional Leader

    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Za'Kul, Foolish Hunter
    Spoiler Spoiler:

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    The council reviewed the logs and discussed it. They felt that your actions/inactions as an SL met the level for a valid battlefield execution.
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