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Thread: Groundside Req Guide (As rifleman) (NOW WITH PICTURES!!!)

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    Cool Groundside Req Guide (As rifleman) (NOW WITH PICTURES!!!)

    Groundside Req Guide


    This Guide will teach you the basics of a very niche role that few still continue to play. This includes what your loadout should look like, Materials you will need, where to set up your Requisitions, and how to set up your Requisitions department. Remember you are pretty much a CT but groundside and cool, you are ment to keep supplies organized and always stand post to distruibute loot.

    You will spawn in as a squad rifleman for (insert squad here), once thats done make your way over to the squad vendors and grab these items:

    USCM uniform
    Construction pamphlet
    Range finder
    Supply encryption key
    G8-A general utility pouch
    Construction pouch

    After you have grabbed these items make your way to the construction site (the area just below Normandy) and grab these times:

    Orange hazard vest

    Why do i need all this? Well allow me to go through each of the more specific items in this list. Firstly, the Construction pamphlet will allow you to make some basic sandbag, wires, and cades. This will stop the marines from getting in from behind and stealing your stockpile of cool shit. Next is the range finder, this little device paired with the Supply encryption key will let you call in supply drops directly on your Requisition point so you aint gotta run around looking for the crates to drag back. Finally is our trust blue toolbox, This includes everything you need to alter the area around and inside of your Requisition point. Forgot to mention you will need a orange crayon from mess hall to mark you Req point.

    This part is most of what you will need to set up a basic Groundside Requisition area. Now open the supply crate "strange solutions" using a knife and crowbar. Once open you will see vast amounts of table parts and racks, these are you most important materials when it comes to making the supply point. Stuff all these into you backpack and G8 utility pouch, it might also do some good to grab sandbags and metal however these are optional and you can do without them.

    where to set up your Requisitions
    The answer to this is going to vary from map to map however there are a few key guidelines you should follow.
    1) most important among these being: build it where the APC can pass by it. If the APC can pass it then that means your not blocking anything which means people wont get pissed at you cause they cant pass.
    2) make it in a place where theres lots of foot traffic so tons of people can see your supply point.
    3) Make it close to or within the LZ. if you dont do this then people are gonna get mad cause you took all the loot they need and moved it halfway across the map that they then have to go march to. Or they will think someone just stole all the ammo and MREs and not bother to go to your supply point.
    4) make it compact and small, you dont wanna walk halfway arcoss a room to get a box of AP ammo for someone. It also helps when xenos are about to breach and you need to load up everything into a crate

    As you can see here all the points above are being used here for this supply point

    How to set up your Requisitions
    This is the most important part of groundside req: the layout of the supply point. You want at minimum 3-4 racks, each rack will hold some type of item. Once these racks are laid out in a straight line build tables all around them leaving space for you to walk between the tables and racks.

    sorry for the blurry image

    As you can see the 1st rack at the top holds MAG BOXES (boxes where is gives you the physical mag) these are THROWN onto the rack so with a right click we can sort through them and see all their names.

    The 2nd rack holds spare guns sent down by shipside req (thrown on so we can sort through them with right click)

    3rd rack holds metal/sandbags/plasteel (thrown on so we can sort through them with right click)

    and the 4th rack hold AMMO BOXES (this type allows you to fill mags and must be kept on a seperate rack so there is no confusion between Mag boxes and Ammo boxes) (thrown on so we can sort through them with right click).

    Closing thoughts

    Now you have all you need to be a groundside req gamer Hope you enjoyed the guide and learned something new. Now get out there and supply our boys, they need it

    Tip: throw all items onto rack so you can sort through the rack with right click
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    imo i kinda wish we could have a slot for a Quartermaster role who's intended to deploy to organize & catalogue supplies being kinda like the Requisition's hands on the ground of the FOB LZ

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