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Thread: Staff Report - JarekTheRaptor

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    Staff Report - JarekTheRaptor

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    September 14, 2022
    Your Character Name?
    Anekcahap 'Kneecap' Volkov
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    3:30-ish AM
    Which of the following are you reporting?
    1. Abuse of moderator/admin powers
    Description of the incident
    After calming down some, I have decided to make a report.

    The round time was around 2 to 2-1/2 hours.

    Marines had around ... 22-24 forces and the xenos had 7-8 with no caps.

    Marines, after the CO was brutally de-capped during a push from FOB, turtled in the FOB. Some time passes, and we're back to where we started ... turtling in the FOB.

    From my perspective of being the scout, the xenos had HEAVILY fortified ... everything. I'm talking back of hospital all the way to filt entrance and caves. We had already killed around 3-4 boilers who were harassing the FOB by rushing them, so the xenos had boilers, it's just that they were dead.

    After some time, unbeknownst to the marines. 5 T3's were spawned by JarekTheRaptor. to quote him "The reason xenos got the preferencial treatment is because the CO who was leading a push got destroyed and was dead (decapped), so rewarding marines in any way after that would have been a bit... hmm..."

    The FACT that Jarek did this is incredibly annoying considering the fact that I had to work my ASS off as scout to save literally 39 people (obviously multiple people twice), just to see it go down the drain, not even knowing that an admin pushed the Rook to Checkmate is appalling.

    I realize that YES, the round needed to end because to quote Jarek "91 ghosts were spectating" (albeit most had probably DC'ed)

    I realize that YES, something needed to happen, but this ... this is/was NOT the way ... at least to me it wasn't for all the hard effort I put in along with other marines.

    If we got PMC's as marines, I 100% would probably NOT be making this report, and a xeno player would probably be making it. But that solution would NOT have been OK either.

    If it were up to me (Which I admit, it isn't ever up to me) I would've said "Draw" and ended the round.

    Personally, if the punishment were up to me (which it isn't) I would just slap Jarek on the wrist and make him apologize formally.
    N/A, he has already admitted he spawned 5 T3's
    Do you understand that staff make the final decision in the resolution of this report?

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    Hello there. As there are two reports made on the same incident, I will be copying this ruling into both.

    First and foremost, Jarek did run his decision with the rest of present staff, myself and Scarlet included. Because I was there and saw the chocies being made, log pulls will not really be necessary.

    What you are describing was a over two hour, lowpop round which has been stagnating for a good while now.

    The Marines were about to organize a push, with a second CO logging in after the first cryoed, unfortunately said CO lost their head and so did the push.

    We do not have a set policy for that, but typically the "optimal" round length is given at something oscillating around 90 minutes. Typically staff starts considering round ending mechanics at around the 2:30 mark, this one was a little bit earlier, but as was mentioned here - it was a hellish lowpop round that by then had accrued more ghosts than living players and after the death of the CO seemed to lose momentum.

    I did not find Jarek's assessment, who had been fairly active within the round itself, as fundamentally wrong. This did indeed carry the signs of a stagnating round.

    We, once again, do not have strict policy regulating round-ending events. While it is most commonly a nuclear bomb given to the Marines, we do not always do that. Sometimes its an AA boiler. Sometimes its Marine reinforcements. And sometimes its T3s to tip the scales. Whatever an admin choosing this solution ultimately picks does not have to be inherently balanced - while we prefer a solution that is not horribly one sided, you do after all want the round to end. The solution has to be decisive.

    And by this logic, we did not want a stalemate on the ground, we certainly did not want to commit to a potential stalemate on the ship as well via giving marines extra PMCs. The round was over at that point.

    To sum this up:

    - Jarek was correct to look into a round ender past the 120 minute round time mark - the 150 minute mark tends to be extremely exhausting, laggy and filled to the brim with ghosts.

    - Jarek was within staff protocol to decide to give the round-ending event to Xenos. We leave what is given and to what side totally up to the discretion of the Admin.

    - Jarek was within staff protocol to make this a decisive win for the Xenos. Again, giving one side a round ender means you want the round to end. 5 T3 xenos falls within being definite without being just a mericless stomp.

    - And finally, Jarek was within protocl to deny the early PMC ERT, since again - the goal was to balance and end a stagnating round, not draw it out to timeout on hijack.

    Report denied, management was aware of this decision and agreed with it, no staff procedures were broken.

    Administrator Manager

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