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Thread: Rogueguy I believe - Rule 4.

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    Rogueguy I believe - Rule 4.

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    September 14, 2022

    Your Character Name?
    Warrior xx 74

    Accused Byond Key(if known):
    Rogueguy I believe

    Accused Character Name
    Warrior RE-D

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    Yesterday 8 PM central us time

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Rule 4.

    Description of the incident:
    Hello, I was playing warrior on shivas and after a while of fighting we pushed out to near bar. Immediately I began having issues with some other xeno players namely a boiler who believed I was deliberately killing captures. I had lunged a marine near bar and killed it, and the boiler got mad at me for that in hive mind chat. When I was helping with capturing another marine, the marine got up and took out its weapon and i flingrd it on a wal to prevent t it from killing itself causing the boiler to get even more unhappy with me.

    Fast forward to near fob, I was killing marines south west of it, and lunged a medic who was out of position. I quickly flung ky to xeno lines and slashed it along with 2 other xenos. When the marine was pushed farther back warrior RED subsequently lunged it and started tackling it when it was already low health, already being slashed, and immediately got angry at me for that. A few more xenos started to ask for my banishment and I had to defend myself in hive mind chat. Ruhr when I was doing so, another marine was lunged by me (through fire in a 1 tile doorway) and I tried to escape and bring myself back to safety. Warrior RED began to push me into the fire and into marine bullets causing me to die. Right afterwards, many people in dchat and the xenos nearby immediately declared I was body blocked (intentionally) and this was exacerbated by warrior RED essentially admitting to this by saying “JOB DONE” showing he planned and essentially got me killed over a single “capture”that I killed (reminder I had lunged first and was already in the process of killing it.

    I would appreciate a much harsher call than a simple “talking to” especially considering I had not been asked (until the griefing) to stop slashing so much, and the player in question has enough hours to know not to grief players over something as petty as not tackling an already crit marine. I have dmed both soldier and silencer (who handled my original ahelp) and I’ve gotten permission to make a player report.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    The griefing
    What happened right before the bodyblock

    Do you understand that staff make the final decision in the resolution of this report?

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    If necessary (and when I get home) I can provide more evidence of what the other xenos were talking about when they said I was “killing caps”.

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    I'm resolving this because this was a very grey area. Silencer didn't do anything wrong and made a judgement call, but after talking with him and the logs will show

    2022/09/14: [00:59:36]ADMIN: PM: Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed)->Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D)): The queen ordered them to stop slashing caps as you were bodyblocking and killing them, while you celebratorly said JOB DONE. None of that is allowed. You cannot grudge kill anoter xeno who is not banished by abusing the bodyblocking mechanic.
    2022/09/14: [01:00:40]ADMIN: PM: Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D))->Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed): the queen ordered her many times to fucking stop, she kept griefing the hive, the queen was literally happy with her death, the queen even said ''that solves the problem''
    2022/09/14: [01:01:28]ADMIN: PM: Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D))->Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed): if there's here who deserves punishment is that motherfucker for killing our easycaps, while we are capturing he kept slashing and doing fling on the caps, killing them, he did it about 3 or 4 times
    2022/09/14: [01:01:34]ADMIN: PM: Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed)->Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D)): The queen has a way of getting rid of xenos like that and that is via ahelping and/or banishing them. You cannot take action that has the ahllmarks of griefing before the queen takes those steps.
    2022/09/14: [01:02:08]ADMIN: PM: Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D))->Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed): soo you're saying that the griefer is going to get rid of any punishment?
    2022/09/14: [01:02:54]ADMIN: PM: Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D))->Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed): if the ENTIRE hive and the QUEEN itself said it was a good decision at killing xx-74, why are you even bothering?
    2022/09/14: [01:04:18]ADMIN: PM: Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed)->Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D)): The QUeen had just ordered them to stop and threathened them with banishment when you bodyblocked them and had them killed, it is shown in both the logs and the video I was shown. You are not allowed to take action that hurt other xenos, no matter what your opinion is on them, when they are still a part of your hive, that is what banishment is for.
    2022/09/14: [01:04:50]ADMIN: PM: Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D))->Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed): do i have to agree with another xeno griefing the hive itself?
    2022/09/14: [01:05:12]ADMIN: PM: Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed)->Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D)): If you think a xeno is griefig the hive, ahelp it and it will be investigated.
    2022/09/14: [01:05:44]ADMIN: PM: Rogueguy/(Elder Warrior (RE-189-D))->Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed): in this i agree with you that i forgot to ahelp, maybe it was because i was too focused in IC issues
    2022/09/14: [01:08:22]ADMIN: PM: Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed)->Rogueguy/(Mature Defender (RE-378-D)): All right. Since the situation was somewhat tnese, I wont further sanction you any further, but please keep what I said in mind. Thank you.
    2022/09/14: [01:08:44]ADMIN: PM: Rogueguy/(Mature Defender (RE-378-D))->Silencer_pl/(Cassandra Reed): i will, thank you for the headsup
    This is similar to an instance of when something should be ahelped. In the end this is a situation where a player believes there is a rule break and responds with another rule break. There were a lot of issues going on, however we are in agreement that Rogueguy did not bodyblock Usnpeepoo by accident, and this was a deliberate act. This not meet the level where a ban should be issued, but we agree that a warning should have been issued.

    A warning note will be issued to rogueguy, and in the future for xenos, remember to let the queen handle issues first, before taking matters into your own hands. If you're not sure, then please send an adminhelp ticket.
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