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Thread: mynameadam - Not doing job as MP/LRP

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    mynameadam - Not doing job as MP/LRP

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    October 10, 2022

    Your Character Name?
    Nigel Godfrey II

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Harry G. Mann

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    Sometime around 10pm

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Not doing job as MP/LRP

    Description of the incident:
    I woke up late to the operation, encounter a CL being held indefinitely in CIC by the XO because he had a body on his desk. I'm informed the MPs are SSD/not doing their jobs so I deputize Rosco 'Vagabond' Pines to deal with the situation as we don't have active MPs.

    When the accused MP player was supposed to respond to an OT being assaulted who shot the guy assaulting him, instead responds "based" and leaves. Later when my deputized SO goes to make an arrest on them, instead cryoing so he can't be arrested.

    This is behavior unbecoming of an MP, and based off the name of "Harry G. Mann" I'm sure you'll find other LRP things other than cryoing instead of being arrested.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    N/A its in the logs.

    Do you understand that staff make the final decision in the resolution of this report?
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    Logs for the incident

    Let me know in Necrosium#5663 for any issues!
    The logs posted below are most likely incomplete. Do let me know if I have missed anything important.

    Accused: My_Name_Adam
    Reporter: c4xmaniac

    -- Short logs of the CL issue [may be incomplete] --
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    -- First logs of the MP's behaviour --
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    -- Lieutenant is deputised by CO - MP chat logs elsewhere during the deputisation --
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    -- MP cryoing --
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Could not find more logs so far.

    Playing as:
    - Noah 'Butterfingers' Jones
    - Marcos 'Payaso' Ruiz
    - MOL-XXX
    - Pablo
    - Na'kel-uq Bo'ytill

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    Hi there! After reviewing the logs, it appears the MP player was making very little effort to play the role they selected, Rule 2. Roleplay- and failing to follow Rule 11. Marine Law by neglecting to make an effort to follow up on a reported crime. Because the player has very little note history, and the last relevant note history was back in April, I will be placing a warning note for each offense.

    Please be advised that future issues such as the above may result in timed or MP job bans.

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