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Thread: FrogZeke - Synthetic Guidelines 5 & 6

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    FrogZeke - Synthetic Guidelines 5 & 6

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    November 13, 2022

    Your Character Name?
    Prime Runner GR-U6

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    ~3:00AM EST

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Synthetic Guidelines 5 & 6

    Description of the incident:
    Synthetic Day, over the course of the Shivas Snowball round, put themselves in unreasonable danger and disregarded their self preservation protocol multiple times. Their actions got themselves and three others permanently killed.

    It started outside the LZ2 FOB later in the round. While waiting outside the FoB for a lone marine to capture, I spot the sniper by themselves. I engaged the sniper, and right before they got back into the FoB barricades, I landed my tackle. Day saw then, and as I dragged the sniper into the darkness, they began to pursue.

    All the way to west botany. Alone.

    I had to abandon my capture and instead kill the sniper to engage Day. Day and I scuffled over the body until I wounded them enough to force a retreat. Knowing that Day is a very aggressive synth, I waited in ambush in a nearby bush. Sure enough, they came all the way back by themselves, and I repelled them a second time. At this point I called in reinforcements, a defender and lurker. Day comes back alone AGAIN, and the three of us repel her all the way back to the FoB with critical damage.

    Day has put their life in mortal danger three times with no backup, but does not stop trying for the snipers body. Day returns with a *single* medic to attempt a fourth body recovery. I kill the medic, Day grabs their body and falls back. My reinforcements at this point disperse to engage other targets, but the area is becoming a frontline. The main hive is pushing to the north, and I hope that Day might give up.

    Day does not.

    Day returns with a three man team. A smartgunner, medic, and squad leader. Refusing to give up the snipers body, I throw myself at them and fight to the death. In a pitched battle, I sacrifice my life to buy enough time for other xenos to come to assistance. This entire time, Day is prioritizing the dead body over the living marines that are dying literally inches from them, and ends up leaving all three of the team behind. Day is then killed by the main xeno force and waves of friendly fire. The sniper permas, all three responders perma, Day is not revived. THIS is the worst offense in the entire debacle.

    Frogzeke's actions were insanely over aggressive and dismissive of the lives of themselves and others. Frogzeke gambled their own life and others in an admirable but foolish attempt to save a specialist, far beyond the restrictions of the whitelist. For this, I would like them to be warned to curb this action in the future.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc): - An illustration of how far Day pursued

    Do you understand that staff make the final decision in the resolution of this report?

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    First, I was the colony synth. I state this as it is important to note, not for the sake of the synth guidelines (as this was post marine contact), but for capabilities.

    What GRUG is describe as 'capture' was not a devour, but dragging stunlocked marine, that was at or near full health. I attempted to pursuit the whole of the distance in the attempt to shake the sniper to his feet, but due to the slower speed and the deep snow, it took me longer than I had hoped. If I recall, the sniper even said 'Real' at one point in the pursuit as he was unable to stand and I was having difficulty catching up to them. With nightvision, I saw only GRUG in the area. I lacked marine coms to call for help from marines. I did catch up, which resulted in GRUG killing the spec and fighting me as I attempted to recover the marine, but was forced to retreat. I returned hoping GRUG had moved on, but was met with resistance, I was not in crit for this attempt, trusting nightvision to be able to back off or get a better idea of the location of the sniper for recovery.

    Upon returning to FOB, I notified 3 marines, a SG, a rifleman, and a medic. We attempted to recover the spec, but I got a bit lost and the sniper was dragged (I believe, I was going by my own blood trail and his blood trail). GRUG attacked the 4 of us, and it resulted in more damage to me, and two or three of the marines killed. I again returned to FOB to recruit more help, and the APC driver had heard the first and now the second request for assistance, and left a single marine, the APC, and myself. The APC drove off to areas unknown (there was some talk about this in dchat as the decisions of the APC driver), which left the second rescue operation undermanned, and the medic wounded, which I took back to FOB and healed. With the lack of marines, and the growing number of xenos in the area southeast of the FOB's east entrance. I moved towards coms, northeast of FOB. I went down due to FF while retreating when I realized the T3s had showed up, and the frontline was near. I was dragged into coms, which ended up cut off due to the more xenos at the southeast corner pushing north. East FOB was breached due to the east cades being half open, and all marines including the PO died in Normandy.

    Again, without marine coms, I did not know the dire state of the marines and could only act on what I saw with my eyes. I cannot expect every marine to be able to cover me, but hope they are capable against a single runner.

    'This entire time, Day is prioritizing the dead body over the living marines that are dying literally inches from them'. Rescue attempts don't stop the moment a member of the group is wounded. I was the one that had the approximate knowledge of the location of the downed marine which required me to be in the front to lead them. At the same time, a smartgunner can shot through me. The medic was capable of healing himself and the rifleman. Getting near to the medic or rifleman is inviting FF in the same way a healer drone can bodyblock. I stayed out of their lane of fire to the best of my ability.

    "Do not perform needlessly suicidal actions. Your self-preservation comes first." A single runner focused on dragging away a marine is not a direct threat to a synthetic, particularly when a single shake of a near full health marine will provide a combat capable ally and prevent a capture which is in the interest of the synthetic for the sake of self-preservation. It is in the interest of the synthetic to gather allies when a threat proves to be too much, which I did by gathering marines.

    "If engaged in combat, you must ensure the threat disengages or is disabled. If it runs away, you are not to chase it to the ends of the Earth." It is one thing if a synth encounters a xeno while alone, attacks and starts chasing a wounded xeno, which is not allowed except during Delta or similar circumstances. My pursuit was for the sake of a very much alive marine, and subsequent attempts to recover downed marines. It is the job of the synthetic to support their allies which includes preventing captures and attempting to recover downed marines within reason.

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    DM on discord if more logs are needed.

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    The council has reviewed the logs and determined that the synthetic code/self preservation was not breached in this case.

    This report is Denied.
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