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Thread: I hate being an adult

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    I hate being an adult

    Fucking insurance payments, bills, cars broken and needs a hub bearing replaced(shitty design subaru), college fucking sucks, my machined parts are out of spec and look like shit, gas is expensive, having to fuck with cps for bullshit reasons, no friends, no one to talk to, wifi is still a month away from being done(might be longer because the ground just froze), work has shit pay and has cut my hours down to one to two days a week, no time to relax or play video games.

    On the plus side I'm almost done with my semester, computers kinda okay, and I'm not in ohio.

    Fucking hate being an adult, I just wanna be an overgrown manchild and play videogames all day.
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    Depending on your major it gets mildly better.

    Now I have money to buy whatever I want but no time to enjoy it.

    I have only seen part of Ohio. I second your statement it sucks
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