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Thread: shadowww - Synthetic Application

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    shadowww - Synthetic Application

    Synthetic Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    Discord ID?

    Marine Name
    guilherme ´shadow´ huster

    Other Whitelist Applications

    Character Information

    Name of the Synth Character you wish to play

    What is your Synthetic's Personality?
    old model made unknown the brand is only known that it was bought for few credits it was used as a supply loader on a military base has (has great experience and experience with the military and a great understanding of how they felt after returning from combat he is understandable and proactive in helping its members emotionally and mentally ) was transferred to the USMC resentfully and is getting used to his new brothers in service

    Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
    I wanted to try new ways to make a good rp.
    I don't know I just wanted to try new things I thought I'd try the predator withlist harder and harder and there's no clan recruiting for a while so I'm trying other types

    What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
    translating the speech to the greens and making them allies

    Synthetic Character Story
    old model made unknown the brand is only known that it was bought for few credits it was used as a supply loader on a military base has was transferred to the USMC resentfully and is getting used to his new brothers in service


    How familiar are you with Engineering?
    little experience I never played as a ship's engineer only as a combat engineer

    How familiar are you with Command?
    I already played a few hours as a CO I have some experiences

    How familiar are you with Medical?
    I have some experience both in combat and stationary

    How familiar are you with Requisitions?
    I already have a few hours as an RT in the beginning it was difficult to learn the names but I already have experience

    What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
    only in self-defense as a last resort example you are surround and you cannot avoid the combat situation so the law of self-preservation is active to defend yourself and keep the unit active at all costs if it is in delta code all combat protocols are revoked and you are allowed to use different weapons to exterminate the enemies that will invade the ship and saving the other members of the USMC


    Are you familiar with the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines?

    Have you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or the Synthetic Programming Guideline?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

    Are you currently banned from our Discord, and if so, why?

    Discord Ban Reason

    Other Information

    Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
    I wanted to try new ways to make a good rp.
    thanks for watching and let me know if i could improve on something my lore or something is wrong

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    Guilherme, I've talked with you before and I said that you would firstly need to improve your english, the lack of commas and the simple use of...well, coherence. Lacking even in your own main language (Which is portuguese).

    I've found an application made by you in the past, being quite funny that you didn't mention it on that new application of yours:

    ...But returning to your Aplication, the lack of a proper personality is persistent, and the story is shorter than an old pencil. The name of your synthetic is the same name of your marine character, which is very...non-creative.

    A synthetic should know about everything, having only a very, petty, little margin for forgetting one little thing or another, as so, Having "some experiences" is simply not enough for the role. You need to have experience with everything and that experience need to be good.

    You should really check on other applications or talk with the council (The same advice that others have given you before), because this application lacks in...well, everything I would say. I recommend withdrawing.

    Me desculpe Guilherme, mas voce vai precisar ser melhor que isso para passar em qualquer tipo de aplicação por aqui.

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    I would have to suggest you withdraw this application.

    was transferred to the USMC resentfully
    Synthetics do not experience emotion in CM - they simply fake it. They would not be resentful of a transfer. In actual Alien and Aliens lore synthetics can develop emotions to an extent, yes, but not here.
    More importantly, your synthetic does not really have a personality that fits, or a story. The synthetic acquired by the Almayer has to make sense for it - and has to be functional and able to integrate with the marines effectively. An old, unknown model that nobody knows about is unlikely to be placed on any military vessel, even if the Almayer is a shitbucket.

    It is also difficult to determine how your synthetic would act or react to any situation, given that their is no dialogue or written personality. This is a character you are going to have to roleplay as with consistency. In terms of how to improve it, I would suggest thinking of a full personality for your synthetic - not simply an origin for them. If you wish to stick with your current idea, you could make them a retrieved line of Generation 1 Synthetics or a repaired Generation 1 Synthetic designed for a specific task before being retrofitted for modern service. Teaching or primarily focusing on engineering and comparing surgery to maintaining an engine for instance are all possible.

    For experience, you are also expected to be extremely skilled or to have mastered Engineering, Requisitions and Medical.

    In short, I recommend you withdraw this application, and ask the council or WL holders for assistance in writing or creating another application, if you still wish to do so. Creating a personality and assisting you with writing are what they are their for, after all.

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    -1 I also agree that you should withdraw this application as its going to get denied anyway and nowhere near the standards we look for with synthetics.

    Please join the CM discord and seek help in the WL-App-Help channel before trying to apply again.
    If you have CM brain rot don't talk to me.

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