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Thread: Putting this to use.

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    Putting this to use.

    So, right now this subsection of the forums is never used.
    I do have a suggestion on how to change that.
    Other suggestions are welcome as well.
    Part of the reason I want to do this is to make general discussion have higher quality content.

    1. Make this subsection public.
    This is the first step. And likely the most obvious one.

    2. Setup a set of rules for this subsection.
    This is not the place for suggestions or bug reports.
    It is a place for constructive development discussion.

    3. Have a weekly post with the changelog.
    We do this in general discussion but it is not really updated.
    If we do it here and it's public it's in the same place.

    4. Give the big 5 their own topic.
    In my opinion we can put this place to use. And it should be for announcements instead of discord.

    5. Move topics about development from general discussion to here.
    Obvious why.

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    Could you elaborate a bit on point #2? I can see the value in having discussion about the development, but most discussion typically either start or end up with a suggestion.

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