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Thread: Short explanation about this subforum.

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    Short explanation about this subforum.

    So, since today this section is public.
    This is a quick post to clarify a bit.

    Having this subforum be public has been discussed during our last dev meeting.
    We have some idea's about how this is going to work.
    Please ignore anything you (may) have read in the topic about making this section public.

    We plan to have few sticky topics in this subforum.
    1. The current big 5 for that moment. Updated in the same way we update the staff list.
    2. An intro topic for this section that is a required read to post here.
    3. A q&a for development team questions. (Single line only and only questions to the team not to specific developers.)
    4. A dev announcements topic.

    There would also be some non sticky topics.
    1. A discussion topic per big 5 item.

    Next the plan is that you cannot directly post in this section.
    You will post through a form like you do with appeals or apps.
    You can respond to topics in here though.
    Developers and staff can make topics however.

    There are several forms we had in mind.
    But this is still very fluid so I cannot go into this.

    In general we can still deviate from the above. But those are the plans as it is now.
    You can feel free to reply to this topic with any questions.

    Questions I already said I would reply to in this dev topic.

    Where are the town halls?
    • With slc gone they are happening less/not at all. The dev team does want to see them back in some form.

    When are dev meetings and can we be there or add topics?
    • We have bi-weekly dev meetings. Only dev staff, managers+ and the wiki administrator can be there.
    • There is no official way for non attendee's to add a dev meeting topic

    You can reply to this topic if you have questions. Do not post in other topics in this forum yet. (Nor make them if you can.)
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