My idea is for a proper designation of the xenomorph hive, I'm thinking roughly 25x25 tile area ( can be changed if needed) considered the hive, I've also got a few ideas attached to this one. The queen at round start can desigate a hive at her location which centers around her, for the next ten minutes or so, weeds will sprout from this location and begin to cover every surface within this hive with a slightly different covered hive weed that heals a bit faster and is a little bit darker (in addition to the rest of the hive being a bit harder to see in as a human) Th queen while in the hive if she gets off of her ovipositor, she can return and reattach it within a minute or so if she needs to get off of it to deal with something important, and new egg sacs take roughly 2 minutes, but in exchange, the queen can only make egg sacs within the designated hive, and a new hive takes 15 mintues to designate (which can also be done on the dropship or almayer) requring this to be a fairly important decision that the queen would need to base her strategy around

while in the hive, the queen tracker would update significantly faster, xenomorphs would be able to see the approximate health of infected hosts that are within the hive, hive weed as stated before would recover health a bit faster, but in response hive weed would be weaker to explosives to compensate (as flamers and boot knives already auto kill weeds) drones, sentinels, and praetorians would have buffed stats while in the hive ( mostly related to speed/plasma regen) and a special feature many have requested: wall hiding.

Wall hiding would work similar to wall holes do, only small xenos can fit inside, it would remove their sprite similar to hiding, and you would only be able to passively detect them through bio scans, potential research gear in the future, or being adjacient to the wall and examining it. It would take a few seconds for the xeno to leave the wall, making a large obvious message for anyone nearby in the chat, as long as the area had light, if it didnt, it wouldn't show any message, and perceptive players would have to keep an eye out, or marines would learn to value flares (and specifically flare guns) more. in addition, humans not wearing any armor (or maybe limit it to colonists/clf armor/maaaybe light armor) would be able to hop into the hole, but any xeno could examine the wall from any distance and detect them (maybe the resin musk masks their scent unless they focus on it) giving survivors an avenue to hide from xenos.

lots of small things that add up, mostly this would be a xeno buff, but with the way the hives work, it would require decent planning on the queen's part and would be involved in the strategy similar to marine FOB. Maybe make designating a hive optional and allowing normal queen pseudo hives so it isn't forced on them