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Thread: Gitlab: Wiki Requests

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    Exclamation Gitlab: Wiki Requests

    In order to simplify wiki requests to make it easier (for me and you) to track them it would be highly appreciated if you move your wiki requests to Gitlab.

    Discussions on wiki ideas as a whole are fine to stay on the forums/discord just your main proposal of change would be appreciated on gitlab.

    Easier to track Wiki requests.

    Feedback on the requested change whether it be positive or negative would be displayed clearly.

    Due to how it'll be your main prospal of change it should be fairly short and easy to get an idea of what you're wanting.

    I'll be able to directly link to NGGJamie your abbreviated concerns about the wiki (Marine Law/Rank Page changes + Requested wiki features/Backend Improvements) without having to transcribe it from discord or the forums.

    It's on gitlab meaning you'd need to make an account for it if you don't have one already.

    Wiki Request Format:

    Wiki Request Format Code:

    [pre]Wiki Request - Example Idea

    **Summary (a quick, 1-2 sentence summary):**

    **Relevant Page(s):**[/pre]


    Label Searching:


    #Wiki-Work and the Wiki forum section are fine to keep suggesting ideas and revamps just it'd be preferred if you made a Gitlab for it first then linked that into your discussion on the forums/discord.

    For minor wiki edits such as sprites being outdated and wording fixes don't worry about a gitlab as generally they're fixed pretty quickly so it'd be a waste of time.
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