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Thread: The Story you Need, but not deserve.

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    The Story you Need, but not deserve.

    Oh yes, this will be fun. Hello people, my name is xXx_Sagasword_xXx and I'm here to write you one of the most -if not the most- amazing stories you'll ever read on this godforsaken World. Don't believe me? Well I don't blame ya ;-; but please give it a try?

    Our first story will be a good one, writing takes about one week or less so these chapters are bound to be kinda slow in the posting but may differ in the pace depending on the timeline and how much effort I'll put into it if you guys like it.

    Stories also contain but not limited to Sci-Fi, Tragedy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Comedy, SS13 lore, and many many more!

    If anyone would like to Join the Story with their character all they have to do is to write it down in the post here, and they will appear in the story in due time depending on your character's general background, skills, job, etc.. You can also add more than one character up to 3 Characters, and I suggest that you don't make lots of marine characters. Characters are also open! You can literally make any character from gods to even a mice named "Mini', the possibilities are endless! Make sure to make a background though or I'll have to use my imagination based on your character's skills, etc.. And don't blame me if you don't like it, it's all drama here!

    And that's about it! Here's my Opening to the first chapter with the Title
    "The Secret Whispers"

    Spoiler Spoiler:
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