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Thread: Human-Specific Achievements/Challenges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asian_047 View Post
    "Welcome To Colonial Marines"

    Die to a warrior lunge
    Im a gamer and a warrior main and that was epic

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    "You always were a asshole"
    As a Marine Kill yourself with a Grenade while near 2 Or more Xenos or while Having a Embryo inside of you
    Squad Leader John Witmore is awarded the medal of exceptional heroism
    Gathering marines on the Normandy on a last ditch effort to rescue the marines which were left behind in a failed evacuation. Although this attempt failed, it's effort that counts.
    John "twitch" Witmore: A Squad marine Veteran hates CLF with a Passion
    Elizabeth"Cat" Verbatim:German Girl Obsses with Fire
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    "The Frenchmen is Back"
    Kill 10 Xenos with Claymore's and the M37

    "Become the Apex Predator"
    Play as a Primordial and get 15 Kills

    "A taste of their own Medicine"
    Kill a Yautja with their own gear.

    "Damn its Chilly"
    Become hunted for the first time by a predator.

    "The M37A2 Master"
    Get 20 PB's through the game on Xenos.
    Oh God Oh Fuck
    Imagine being CM Staff ehehhehehehe
    Real Santa Hours
    Miss you Mine Man :''(
    God i feel like a Boomer

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    The Very Good Doctor

    Somehow perform a surgery without the use of anaesthetics.

    But HOW

    Kill 30 xenos as a PFC.

    Lung cancer

    Smoke 60 cigarettes in a single round.

    Game over man Game over!

    Be the first marine to die in a round, FF counts.

    How do I use this thing?

    Yeet some HEFA at your own squadmates has to hit atleast 5.


    Arrest someone above the rank of Ensign as an MP.

    i dont even know what i'm doing at this point.
    The doctor that can do anything.

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    Execute atleast 15 prisoners in 1 round as an MP.
    MP/CMP Main also love playing Medic - Alberto 'Surtr' Lineman

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    God save the Queen!
    - As the Xenomorph queen, gain 10 Kill or assists on tallhosts while below half HP near the previous Ovipositor location.

    - Commit murder on a poor, harmless little creature.

    Ultimate Life-form
    - As a Xenomorph, kill 5 tallhosts as a Tier 1 before hitting Mature.

    Do you ever get that feeling...
    - Step on the tile where you previously died.

    Deja Vu
    - Die on the same tile you previously died.

    Too angry to DIE
    - As a Marine, kill 10 xenomorphs with overall damage is above 125.

    Uh oh
    - Be within five tiles of two or more thrown or fired primed Grenades.

    Too hot
    - As a Marine or Survivor, kill a xenomorph with a fireaxe while on fire.

    Daga Kotowaru
    - As a Marine or Survivor, break and walk away from a Warrior's Lunge grapple.

    Sikko Mode
    - Gain 20 kills as both Xenomorph and Marine in the same round.

    Fastest in the West
    - As a Marine, trigger a Hugger trap, and kill the resulting Hugger yourself before you are hugged.

    I'll make you feel my pain
    - As a Marine, kill a xenomorph while overdosed on two or more chemicals.

    How did you get here?
    - Reach the ERT Base as a non-ERT, non-admin spawned Human or Xenomorph.

    A cat is fine, too
    - As a Xenomorph, kill a tallhost with Jones.

    Forbidden Technologh
    - As a Xenomorph, die after getting caught in an alien mine.

    Did you think this would stop me
    - As a Xenomorph, trigger an Alien Mine and kill the Tallhost or Hunter that set it.

    Speak up
    - As a Marine, stand inside a Queen's screech radius and not get stunned.

    Going where Pizza has never gone Before
    - As the Pizza Delivery Person, feed a total of 5 different Xenomorphs with any kind of Soda or Pizza.

    Country Roads
    - Be onboard a Dropship being called by the Xenomorph Queen.

    - As a Predator, get your head decapitated.

    Vibe Check
    - As a Marine, kill the Xenomorph Queen with a Melee weapon.

    Why can't I hold all these eggs
    - As a Xenomorph Queen, have 20 unplanted eggs on the same spot.

    Where am I
    - As a Chestburster, burst out inside the USS Almayer or the Dropships.

    Why, though
    - As a Marine, Point Blank another Marine with a shotgun.

    United, we Fall
    - As the RPG Specialist, fire a White Posphorus rocket and set yourself and three other humans on fire.

    A new Hive
    - As a Xenomorph, severe your ties with the hive and become corrupted.

    - Listen to it as an admin plays it.

    Confirming Good Hits
    - As a Staff Officer, Chief Military Police, Chief Medical Officer, Requisitions Officer, Chief Engineer, Executive Officer or Commanding Officer, kill 5 or more Marines with an Orbital Bombardment.

    Confirming good hits..?
    - As a Staff Officer, Chief Military Police, Chief Medical Officer, Requisitions Officer, Chief Engineer, Executive Officer or Commanding Officer, Kill 5 or more Xenomorphs with an Orbital Bombardment.
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    "Renaissance Marine"
    Register damage on Xenomorph with at least 4 different weapons in the same round.

    "Meet Your Maker"
    Register a Xenomorph kill while playing as a Corporate Liaison.

    "Choices, Choices..."
    Have four different magazine types (for the same weapon) on your person.

    "Smart Scope, Dumb User"
    Manage to register friendly fire damage using a weapon with IFF capabilities.

    "The Burned Man"
    While on fire, register a Xenomorph kill.

    "Long-Distance Relationship"
    Register a Xenomorph Kill from off-screen. (Using a Scope is forbidden for this achievement.)

    "Unidentified Flying Object"
    Get hit by a deadly Xenomorphic driving accident.

    Escape as a Corporate Liaison.

    "Oh shit..."
    Start to hear the sound of a OB or CAS descending on your location.

    "Self-Driving Bullets"
    Register damage through fellow Marines using IFF.

    "Good Luck, We're Counting On You."
    Become Acting Squad Leader.

    "Scraping The Barrel"
    Become Acting Squad Leader as a PFC.

    "Closer-Than-Air Support"
    Register a Xenomorph Kill using a personal weapon as PO.

    "The Man They Could Not Kill"
    Take 500 damage in one round.

    "This Is Why I'm A Good Theoretical Physicist..."
    Register a Xenomorph kill as a Scientist.

    "The Long Arm Of The Law"
    Handcuff a Human planetside as a MP.

    "Uhh... That Was A Battlefield Execution, Right?"
    Register friendly fire damage with an OB as CO. Enjoy your ban!

    Edit: Extras I thought of.

    Spoiler Spoiler:
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    I always like these threads

    Role Reversal
    As a survivor, burst out of a Xenomorph.

    The Savior of the Broken...
    As a squad medic, evacuate 5 marines with multiple broken bones in a single round.

    ... The Beaten ...
    Evacuate 5 marines with internal bleeding in a single round.

    And The Damned.
    Evacuate 5 marines who have been facehugged in a single round.

    Leader of the Pack
    As Alpha SL, score 3 kills of your own, and have at least 60% of your squad survive the operation.

    As Bravo SL, lead a push out of an FOB being sieged, and have your squad get 4 Xenomorph kills in the process.

    The Grapes of Wrath
    As Charlie SL, lead your squad into the hive, and save at least 2 charlie marines who have been captured, killing at least 3 Xenomorphs in the process.

    "Special" Forces
    As Delta SL, have your squad kill the Queen and 4 Tier 3 Xenomorphs in under 30 minutes after being deployed.

    The Nuclear Option
    As an Intelligence Officer, get enough DEFCON points for a nuke.

    Smile You Son of a Bitch!
    As a M5-RPG spec, fire an AT rocket at crusher charging towards you.

    A Ride Denied
    As a Pilot Officer, regain controls of either the Alamo or the Normandy after the Queen locks the console.

    Frequent Flier
    As a marine, be evacuated by a squad medic 3 times in a single round.

    Guns, Guns, Guns
    As a CAS Pilot, kill 4 Xenomorphs in a single firemission.

    If You Want Something Done Right...
    As a Captain, kill a Queen with your Mateba.

    As a Squad Specialist, die before killing any Xenomorphs.

    Game Over Man, Game Over!
    Have the Xenomorph population reach over 40 during a bioscan.

    Home Field Advantage
    After a Dropship crashes into the Almayer, wipe out the Xenomorphs on board in less than 20 minutes.

    Who's Laughing Now?
    As a Marine, decapitate a Predator.

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    Old school engineer
    As maintenance technician or squad engineer kill a xeno with a toolbox.

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