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Thread: knock knock its time to update the pages

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    knock knock its time to update the pages

    disclaimer:did not see that sticky at the top sorry

    thing that you need to fix/update/add

    Cargo tech-way too old now

    predators page

    those grenade knights

    -too all devs please add t3s to all of the drone stuff; carriers are fun and all but I need a op super carrier
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    Just a heads up for any future wiki posts. I don't often look at this section of the forums as I get most of the outdated info from our discord in #wiki-works. Though I will try to look into here every so often. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    A predator page is not my priority as the marines and xenos are.
    HEFA knight is not a normal ERT, same with the pirates, crusaders and others. I'll try to add them to the ERT page at some point.

    For cargo, I'll be updating it shortly.
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