Let go with the first thing, if this is your first time playing Queen you are going to have a hard time. If for no other reason then you need to learn the limits and powers of Queen as a fighter.

What is the Queen even?

A Queen is a tier 4 caste member of the Xenomorph Hive; basically your a SO that can heal while on ovipositor(ovi), your a glorified stun machine while deoovipositored(deovi). Lore wise you are this https://aliens.fandom.com/wiki/Xenomorph_Queen. Gameplay wise you are this https://cm-ss13.com/wiki/Queen.

The Queen in truth is comparable to a CO/XO expect even more important. You are the solo provider of orders for them hivemind and your will is theres. Marines can disobey the CO/XO/SO/whomever, the xenos can't. With issues but will get back to that. As the Queen you need to provide direction for the Hive on what to do and in time of dire need even fight.

And, finally for some people your just a beefy carrier that gives evolution points.

What does a Queen do ?
Hive Locations

Okay! So you rolled for Queen and got the roll what now? You need a nice hive spot and you need to Ovi. Finding a nice hive spot isn't always easy though but I will try to give workable areas.

LV-Basically any cave system, though the Eastern Caves near the tunnel there is a prime spot. Reason? Tank can't reach you there and marines will have a hard time reaching you.

Big Red/Solaris Ridge-Basically any cave system. Reason? So the main way marines push in is they go through filtration caves as it is the easiest path to reach the aliens, otherwise they will try to blast all the locks to the labs to reach you so no one place is really safe safe. Just don't ovi in filtration caves or outside the caves unless you want to end the hive under a hour.

Ice Colony-Underground far southeast caves(the ones connecting crashship to the rest of the underground). Reason? Crashship is workable too but I don't like the risk of getting trapped there if they attack from LZ1 and hit excavation. Otherwise anywhere underground is good IF they do a LZ1 drop. The caves in the southeast can't be reached by tank and take a while to reach from LZ2 reducing the effects of a LZ2 push. Hiving in research with a LZ2 from marines is a death sentence for the hive.

Prison Station-Civilian hanger. Reason? It the furthest from Marines and you spawn there... there not many good good spots on Prison Station.

Trijent Dam- Eastern Laboratories. Reason? It your spawn location, and most other locations are too far to reach to justify hiving there. Sure a workshop hive would be interesting but marine meta is to rush the water treatment plants so your hive will be STUMBLED ON! about 25-30 minutes in.

CORSAT-Omega Dome. Reason? With limited knowledge I can say this, the other locations just put you closer to the marines for no other benefit. Omega Dome is also an Alien habitat dome making it the ideal place to nest.

Ovi Time!

Okay a hive location is set! Now what? Time to ovi

So how to ovi? Ovipositor is a button in the top that looks like ...

Costs a lot of plasma so be careful if you been weeding. Also you need to be on weeds to grow an Ovipositor.

Alien Overwatch

So you are ovi now what? You overwatch the aliens and give orders based on the situation. You can do this by the watch alien button on the top or just use hive status and click on the child you want to look at.

Now what do I do as an overwatcher? First thing first, now you can set orders and make queen announcements but that is more for trying to keep them in line. It is not required but something to know you have, it is in the Alien tab and is two different options of 'Word of the Queen'(queen announcement), and 'Set Hive Orders'. So main things to do right away? If you haven't already done so look at a drone guide as you are an super drone after all but... Plant the eggs till the larva evolve, really and then sometimes you have to keep doing it just pick a egg up and click on a weeded tile to plant them. Now for the good stuff. You want to usually set pheromones to recovery and set 2 drones as leaders. Typically the ones weeding. The goal is to help them weed as much area as possible and recovery allows faster plasma recovery.

Now for survivors and healing. So with survivors these are going to be your test for overwatch. Now if you didn't already make sure you got your children looking for smalls(the monkeys and such) and reporting talls(humans+predators). As you get reports you must decide what to do with that tall. Now, if power is restored(it starts on on Solaris Ridge(Big Red)), you must be careful they don't run into shocked doors. Shocked doors give a 5+ second stun leaving them helpless to buckshot shotgun blasts from survivors. Best way to deal with this is by having acid welding caste members melt the doors, though crushers can also just CRUSH the door down. When sisters are hurt you will typically hear something like 'MOM HEAL!' so you just click on there name and jump to them, at this point go to the top right of your screen and click on 'heal xeno'... looks like this

Costs 600 plasma, you start with if I remember off the top of my head as a Queen 1000 plasma, and can only do it about every 15 seconds. This cooldown for watch is shared with give plasma and give/take leader. As you age your plasma pool grows and your plasma generation grows so take note. It is recommended to focus on healing tier 3s due to how much they sway the battlefield with there existence but who you heal is ultimately up to you.

Survivor meta

Survivors will kill about 10 of your sisters if you do not know these metas... Take note though all metas can be countered by just not engaging the survivors but this will go through how to break in. Take note also you sometimes will have to break a couple eggs. Killing the survivors deny the marines a few extra allies, though capping ensures a few more aliens.

CORSAT-No known meta yet

LV- Survivors usually hide in two places; the security place in Nexus but more commonly, Secure Storage. Secure storage is a nice little bunker which all survivors know is a great place to hideout. What makes it truly good? It has a ... FLAMETHROWER! . So the flamethrower isn't the biggest risk always but if they open the door the survivors can and will sometimes burn a sister who was low on HP finishing her off. They may get away with this a couple times considering the group might be 3-6 strong. How to deal with it? Best way is just having overwhelming numbers of 6-10 sisters so any sally out will be meet with death. Otherwise a slow siege and generous healing will slowly crack this defense typical.

Big Red- Survivors prefer to roam on this map and abuse shock doors, otherwise they usually bum around Marshall and fortify in. How to deal with it? Melt all the doors. And slash apcs. This is the best way to deal with them, Big Red is survivor heaven for a reason. Take note they may get a flamer sometimes on this map so be on watch.

Ice- No real meta, they typically just roam in a death gang looking for pick offs or hide in medical or such hoping for rescue. Other times they make constant trips on the elevator baiting poor bastards to attack and get killed on the elevator ride.

Trijent- Typically they hide in Marshall otherwise... This map provides a massive risk for aliens. So if they fix all the treatment plants and reach the sensor tower they can just see all the alien pings on the overwatch at the alaymer. This kills the alien. To prevent this you must make sure they do not repair the treatment plants. Take note survivors doing this should typically be killed if needed. The risk is too great to play with them.

Prison Station- Typically they hide in Warden or LV1 monorail. Will need acid to break into those areas since it will be blocked by fax machines and such. Otherwise they might hide in engineering. If they try to get power on it might be more prudent to just kill them if needed to prevent power from coming on. Otherwise same as Big Red abuse of shock doors to kill your children, use acid.


Tactics oh god...

So there is many MANY ways to siege everything and will change on what is here and there. Let me put it basic. If something is undefended or uncaded it is a prime spot to attack.

On Ice there is a strat of waiting for the first wave to go underground before attacking, not always a bad idea as it leaves the marines weaker.

All honesty you just need to try various things. Remember though flanks can ruin the marines as it cuts them off and causes them to panic.

Fighting Queen

How to be robust as Queen...

To be robust you need to know a few things.

Before we get to screeching let me talk about your neuro and basic attack. For neuro you have the old neuro of just out and out stunning them, abuse it to knock them on there ass and slash them to death. It is very useful. For your basic attack, I recommend the arms just because hands might get cut off and you will be attacking nothing. The arms have less armor then the chest allowing you to do more damage. Also take note you are tanky but not that tanky. How much damage can you take? About a mag or 2 worth of 39 regular ammo, not even extended. You are tanky but not immortal so be always careful.


Why you live and die is to get those sweet screeches, and to fight the tonk but later on that.

So as Queen this is what makes you the feared big bad bitch for them all. An AOE stun that lasts about 5,7 seconds. How far it reach? About as far as you can see them and they can see you. THEY MUST SEE YOU TO BE STUNNED! . If you are screeching in a gas cloud you ain't doing anything. Goals for screech? Just don't die while trying to get them. Same idea with everything else you need to know your limits on what you can get away with screeching, and it is better to be conservative with it then to go too deep and die.

Tank and You

So the tank is your great threat, the big bad to your story. This thing can easily murder you and the whole god dam hive by itself if you don't play it right. So let note how to fight it.

One: NEVER FIGHT IN A LONG ALLEYWAY! If you can not get away from a tank and it is minigunning you down it will chase and murder you very VERY easily.

Two: Dodge dodge dodge. Keep running around the tank while slashing, you are fire immune if it has a flamer and nades are sad way to try and kill you/will damage the tank more. You might not always kill the tank while doing this but at least you will force it to repair for the next 15 minutes.

Three: LTBGT, or just LTB+TOW. The Queen Killer Combo Wombo. and many other things. This, this is death incarnate. This is how a tanker kills a queen. So the gimmick is the LTB on direct hit or TOW on direct hit WILL stun you. Take note only mortar fire, CAS, OB, and AP rocket typically can, that and dying. This will send you to near death and if marines are near you might be just dead. This combo will kill an ancient crusher even. How to fight it then? Best way tbh is just send a runner one by one to soak attacks or suicide attack and force them to use the TOW/LTB next to them damaging the tank. Otherwise just got to dodge the rockets and pray to Queen Mother you don't die. It can't do jack when it's rockets are on cooldown so abuse this fact.


This was quick guide on various queen stuff, might edit this later with feedback and other stuff as needed.