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Thread: CHURCHTUARY - Ban Appeal (Timed Ban)

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    CHURCHTUARY - Ban Appeal (Timed Ban)

    Ban Appeal
    Byond ID?
    Character Name?
    Harper Barrett
    Type of Ban?
    Timed Ban
    If jobban, which job are you appealing?
    No job ban.
    Admin who banned you (if known)
    Total Ban Duration
    3 hours
    Remaining Duration
    2.8 hours
    What other servers do you play on?
    Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?
    Reason for Ban
    Link to previous appeals for the same ban (if applicable):
    Your appeal, including evidence (screenshots, etc)
    I don't even know why this happened. The round had already ended and I started to melee attack a downed queen. I did NOT knew you could take damage from it nor I'm not aware if it damaged the players nearby. Since it was round end, I isolated myself and tried to kill my character, since I could not do that under normal circumstances and I'd rather have it offed myself rather than impregnated by a xeno if surrounded. Since there was no way I could find out about that, I did at round end to see how long it would take.

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    EORG is tied to generating combat logs after round end. Since you tried to kill yourself, you generated combat logs and thus got EORG banned. Don't do that in the future to avoid getting EORG ban. Also, bans under 3 hours are not appealable.

    Resolved - Denied
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