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Thread: Yautja lore - READ before applying

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    Question Yautja lore - READ before applying

    The following a listing of the current lore for the Yautja. All applicants must adhere to the information on this page when writing their character and clan stories (Starting 07/2/2020).

    Please continue to check this page periodically for updates to the lore

    Origin of the Yautja

    Spoiler Spoiler:


    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Societal structure
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Spoiler Spoiler:
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    Societal/Clan changelog:


    - Added ancillary roles for Elites


    - Added information on Bad Bloods


    - Yautja history and biology is now live and on the wiki. History and biology also added to this thread.
    - Massive clean up in this thread. Merged all the lore together
    - All new applicants to the WL must adhere to the lore in this thread when creating their applications.
    - Added an explanation that the clans pay fealty to the council of ancients
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