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View Poll Results: What do you think is the best alternative to calling Predators "Jamaicans"?

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  • Hunters

    25 13.97%
  • Spooks

    23 12.85%
  • Crocs

    4 2.23%
  • Lizardmen

    4 2.23%
  • Unidentified Enemy Combatants

    20 11.17%
  • Chrome-Domes

    9 5.03%
  • Boogeymen

    10 5.59%
  • Headhunters

    14 7.82%
  • Just "Predators"

    30 16.76%
  • Natives

    16 8.94%
  • I prefer calling them "Jamaicans", and choose to ignore the implications

    106 59.22%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Denote "Jamaicans" in reference to Predators as unacceptably LRP on-par with the Xeno

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    haha funny red dog go splat

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    Quote Originally Posted by CABAL View Post
    Ehhh... SJW aren't worth my time.
    Hilarious. Call me a snowflake next and I'll have a bingo line.

    I accept your surrender.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sora9567 View Post
    Ok, as one of the resident Council people for the Yautja Whitelist, I think I can answer this.

    Hunters? Fine.

    Jamaicans? Also fine.

    Cloakers, Natives, Headhunters, "Those fucking invisible assholes?" Fine.

    Predators? Skirting the line a bit, but if I remember correctly, the staff aren't going to crack down on it from what I can tell. If you really want to use it, I recommend asking staff first.

    Yautja? No, it wouldn't make sense for either xenos or marines to be referring to them as such. Yautja the word is via their language, so unless someone told them about it in-game during a round, it wouldn't make sense for either side to know the vocabulary.

    Great. Now can we take this thread behind the shed and Old Yeller it to death?
    And this works for me, I can just cringe ICly whenever I hear Jamaican ;P

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    I will become an admin so I can run an event where a Jamaican political envoy comes to the USS Almayer, then, a plot twist will be that they are ACTUALLY predators.
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    Ok this thread has run it's course. We all agreed that calling pred Jamaican is awesome.

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