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Thread: Xenomorph Guide for New and Old Players

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    Xenomorph Guide for New and Old Players

    I'm just gonna start with basic tactics, then I'll get into more niche' roles of certain castes.

    Don't be stupid.
    Look for traps that marines set up.
    When retreating from combat, retreat like this:
    M = marine ... X = you ... --- = block/meter


    This makes it damn near impossible for them to hit you off-screen, given that they don't move down.
    It's usually a good idea when off-screen to move 1 more meter downwards.


    Mines are not horrible to step on, they just stun you and do a little bit of damage. I hate to sound dumb, but if there's a mine no-body is directly watching ... STEP ON IT!

    Grenades ... do I reall- alright ... just run, don't be dumb. It also inhibits the marine's movement forward so ... kind of a waste on their part if they don't throw it right.

    Mutators 101:
    As a xeno, your most beneficial trait of the hive is war of attrition V.I.A hit fast, hit hard, and hit often kind of memento.

    a "+" is a buff, and a "-" is a weakness, but gives you more mutator points to work with for mutations.

    As a building/support caste (Drone, Hivelord, Burrower, Carrier), you'll usually want: Tackle-, Speed+, Pheromone+, If you're Carrier get carrying capacity+, Plasma+

    As a hunting caste (Runner, Lurker, Ravager, Warrior), you'll usually want: Plasma-, Speed+, Damage+, Health+, Armor+

    As a spitting caste (Sentinel, Spitter, Praetorian, Boiler), you'll usually want: Tackle-, Speed+, Acid damage+, If you're a boiler get gas radius+, health+

    As a defending/heavy caste (Defender, Praetorian, Crusher), you'll usually want: Tackle-, Speed+, Armor+, If you're a Praetorian get acid+, Health+

    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Long-range/open space:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Assaulting an FOB/fort:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Alright, now we're gonna get into specific castes.


    Plant eggs near the front.
    You are THE CORE of the hive in terms of support.
    Weed anywhere and EVERWHERE.
    Build cover where needed.
    Only emit recovery, the other pheromones are only relevant when you have strong/VERY strong pheremones.

    You're basically a glass-cannon that does ... eh ... O-K damage.
    Basically if someone wants to ambush or do CQC, help them.

    You're basically a weak-sauce good-for-nothing piece of crap until you're elder/ancient.
    You defend boilers from stray bullets.
    You cover the retreat or pull-out of crit'ed xenos. TAKE THE BULLETS, you're much more resilient than you think.

    You're kind of like a runner, except you don't have speed, and you do SHIT for damage.
    Your biggest buff is that of the neuro-tox spit.
    If you're elder/ancient, you can spam that shit and knock-down/STUNLOCK 3, MAYBE even 4 marines, it's great.


    You're basically a MUCH better sentinel.
    You can spit acid which deals burn damage at ... pretty decent range.
    You can melt stuff pretty well, good for FOB assaults given a boiler.

    You're the iconic xeno ... and the one that gets killed all the time. You could be referred to as like a destroyer; Fast, hits hard when your attacks land, and really stealthy.
    Sky-risk, Sky-reward.
    When you 'walk' or 'stalk', you become incredibly opaque/invisible.
    Your pounce is your most deadly tool.
    At Elder/Ancient, you are probably the most deadly tool in the hive arsenal besides a ravager.

    You're basically a Lurker that can drag marines into the depths of the cold, dark night.
    Your pounce-grab is the most deadly tool you have, since marines can't get out of it.
    You will most likely work closely with a carrier if there is one.
    At elder/ancient, you're basically a Lurker that can secure a kill V.I.A pounce-grab.

    You are probably the only one in the hive that is going to generate more larva/xenos for the hive.
    You are incredibly weak in all terms.
    You are ... basically like an aircraft carrier. You're slow, weak, but powerful in the right scenario/condition.
    ALWAYS stay safe.
    Grab huggies BEFORE grabbing eggs, and then plant the eggs near the front-line.
    Work with Warriors CLOSELY.
    For the love of god, DON'T DIE WITH 50 HUGGERS AND 30 EGGS ON YOU.
    Usually if your fellow xenos see you / a fellow carrier, they're less likely to do 'No capture, kill all' kind of momento.

    You are a drone that has better pheromones, more plasma, and build structures with more health.
    You can 'upgrade' a drone's structure's health by just 'building' on the structure.

    ... You've made somewhat of a mistake if you've gone burrower. (currently the most unused/frowned upon T3 in the game)
    Your only useful skill is that you can make tunnels for fast-travel.
    You can go underneath the ground to hide/ambush.

    You are the biggest and the baddest, but that doesn't mean you're invincible.
    Play your hand of cards right, and you'll reap lots of honor and rewards.

    You are the definition of fear.
    Your attacks do absolutely insane damage, capable of killing in just 3-4 hits! (if you do it right)
    Your speed is GARBAGE. Like ... slower than DEFENDER GARBAGE.
    Your charge is your best weapon/attack.
    You are a hit-and-run xeno.
    At mature, you're basically a lurker that has INFINITELY sharper claws and less speed.
    At elder/ancient, you're basically a de-cappitating un-holy terror to behold.
    You are immune to fire, and fire-inducing bullets and weaponry.

    You're basically a charger from Left 4 Dead.
    Your charge is your best tool to barge through a bunch of marines.
    Your stomp does a bunch of damage when on top of a downed marine.
    Your hard-counter and weakness is fire ... AHHHHH ... F***ING FIRE!!!
    At mature/elder, you have INSANE armor. Like, better than ANCIENT DEFENDER WITH ARMOR MUTATION INSANE.

    You're basically the heavy artillery of the hive. You could also be referred to as a heavy-cruiser; slow, little armor, big guns, and strike from far-range.
    Your neuro-toxin only blinds marines, but is more useful as a smoke-screen for FOB assaults.
    You emit light.
    You're really slow.
    Your CQC defense is spitting a line of acid that hurts and downs marines when they walk over it.

    You're basically a boiler that can't bombard from long-range. You could also be referred to as a battleship; slow, heavy armor, big guns, and good at brawling.
    Your acid spray is the same as the boiler's ... except it does it in an AOE cone in the direction of spit, making it incredibly lethal/good.
    You can spit sticky-resin, slowing down advances.
    Your spit is INFINITELY better than your T2 spitter counter-part.
    You have really good armor like an ancient defender.
    Your slashes deal pretty good damage.
    You're kinda slow.

    As a queen, you really shouldn't be on the front lines ... EVER!!!
    You are the mother-ship, core, and keystone of the hive ... DO NOT DIE!!

    You should always be planting/making eggs and coordinating assaults and strategy.
    Your screech is your most effective tool. As an AOE stun effect that last longer the closer you are to it, it's good for pushes.
    You can spit about as well as a mature spitter.
    When in your ovipositor, you can remotely heal, watch, and coordinate your hive.
    For mutations ... it's better to ask your hive-lings what they need. Usually for the hive you'll want speed, pheromone strength +, and everything else is usually a case-by-case basis. For yourself, invest in faster egg-laying.

    I hope this guide helped any new players, or experienced players looking for tips.

    спасибо за чтение моих друзей
    spasibo za chteniye moikh druzey
    Thank you for reading my friends
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    flip carrier and burrower tier levels.

    Also don't walk on claymores that are unguarded. Check the tile to see which side of the tile they are on. They are facing the opposite direction and will blow up in that direction. Stand behind them and click on them like you would attacking a marine. Congrats you blew it up and took minimal damage instead of using your face to tank it.

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    I was told that warrior's drag speed is static so drag speed mutator doesn't work for warrior. You also forgot to mention which flaw mutators the xenos should take

    Also, I believe that speed mutator is a must-have for every caste except runner

    For hive mutators I would go flaw tackle -> speed + health -> damage -> armor in that order. It's personal preference for me but some people would go flaw tackle -> speed + pheros -> health -> damage
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    I don't agree with Spitter being "MUCH BETTER" sentinel. Sentinel is faster, cheaper (grows faster, so more mutations earlier), and easier to get (no T2 slots needed). Have you seen how much a drag speed Sentinel can do ?

    Overall, they have their niche.

    Also you should really get some mutation builds in here, I'll help.

    Drone : Speed+Phero+Health+Armor+Slash and Tackle Flaw. Faster Weed is too weak, and you don't really use anything else aside from maybe plasma and acid (which is more for a dedicated support drone build)
    Sentinel : Speed+Drag Speed+Health+Armor+Slash and Tackle Flaw (can sub it Acid Tipped Claws or Boost Acid if you want)
    Runner : Drag Speed+Health+Armor+Slash+... and Tackle Flaw or Plasma Flaw (can take Boost Tackle if the Queen doesn't go Tackle Flaw by default). Longer Pounce for an already incredibly fast caste is a massive waste. I also don't like extra Boost Speed on Runner because you're relegating yourself to FF duty only, but that's your choice to make
    Defender : Speed+Armor+Health+Slash+Plasma and Tackle Flaw (Plasma is for spamming your abilities more)

    Carrier : Speed+Phero+Health+Armor+Increased Storage Capacity/Slash and Tackle Flaw (Can get Storage or Slash earlier if you want)
    Hivelord : Speed+Phero+Health+Armor+Plasma and Tackle Flaw (switch Plasma with Slash or Boost Acid if you want)
    Warrior : Speed+Health+Armor+Slash+Plasma and Tackle Flaw (Plasma is for spamming your abilities more)
    Lurker : Speed+Health+Armor+Slash+Drag Speed (which got stealth nerfed, so eh, don't really know what to fill in the last slot here) and Tackle Flaw as usual, or Plasma Flaw
    Spitter : Speed+Health+Armor+Acid Tipped Claws+Slash and Tackle Flaw (can replace one of the last 4 with Boost Acid)

    Burrower : Don't play this. You don't even need it for Carrier now. Speed+Health+Armor+Tackle+Slash and Plasma Flaw (your tackle is actually decent, and since you don't have Phero to spend points on, whoop dee doo)
    Boiler : Speed+Wider Gas+Health+Armor+Slash (Ancient T3 in this meta lmao)
    Ravager : Speed+Health+Armor+Slash+Longer Pounce and Tackle or Plasma Flaw (can take Longer Pounce earlier if you want, gonna have to sack either health and armor or slash though since you ain't getting Ancient T3 in this meta)
    Prae : Speed+Phero and (+Health+Armor) or (+Slash+Acid Tipped Claws) with Tackle Flaw. Again, ain't gonna get Ancient T3
    Crusher : Speed+Armor+Health+Slash+... and Tackle Flaw

    Queen : Tackle Flaw or Plasma Flaw, then you have plenty of choice. Either Health+Armor+Speed+Slash, or Speed+Phero+Health+Slash, or Faster Maturation+Speed+Health+Armor/Slash, .....

    See a common theme yet ? Speed+Armor+Health. In this meta, with plenty of damage from both sides, you need 3 of those to survive. Do I like having to pick those 3 all the time on all the castes ? No. But I want to enjoy my round and not get critted by ~6 AP SMG shots as a Mature Rav with 1x Boost Health.
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