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Having been stunlocked by slugs in the past 24 hours your argument holds little sway to me.
Also, if increasing shooting delay was an option was was nuero completely nerf'd by the rework yet shotgun bullshit kept intact?
You keep confusing terms. "Stunlocked" means to stay laying on the floor in the same tile and never standing up. "Chainstunned" is to be stunned, get up, maybe walk a bit and then getting stunned again.
So no, you weren't stunlocked by slugs, at best you were chainstunned. Chainstun with slug requires a fair ammount of skill and luck on marine side. RNG miss, RNG scatter and RNG evasion, slow single projectile, fairly slow rate of fire, high FF potential that leads not only to damage, but also long stun on marines.
Slugs were nerfed and I would argue they shouldn't as they are practically useless against T3's and certain T2's, while also worst possible choice to fight runners and other fast benos.

Neuro wasn't just directly nerfed, it was reworked. In the past you shoot once and marine get up after a while (it was the same as Queen neuro, T1 shouldn't have ability that is as powerfull as Queen's), you could shoot again to extend the stun (stunlock). This however could also lead to sentinel/spitter downfall as it was never pernament, guy with magharness buckshot shotgun could just straight up decimate you if you decided to slash him at the same time.

Now you have to hit 3 times to put marine down and then shoot more at lying corpse to put him into sleep. This made captures more reliable and safer. First hit slows marine down greatly, second stops him from saying anything meaningfull on comms, slowed down more and blurred vision, thrid stuns and prevents marine from using weapons for a short while after standing up.

Slug is only viable against Defenders, Sentinels, Spitters, Drone and maybe Warrior. For how much you risk with taking slug, the reward is bearable, but thats it.