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Thread: Predator Honor Code

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    Predator Honor Code

    The Predator Honor Code is a set of rules all Predator players are required to follow. Failure to uphold these rules may result in suspension or removal of your Predator Whitelist. For clarification on some rules or more specific cases, whitelisted players can check the Predator Rule Clarification topic. (Players without a predator whitelist will be unable to view that post)

    Disclaimer: Predators are a third-party faction with the ability to engage either side in combat. They are not your allies and should not be treated as such.

    Honor Code applies to all Predators on the hunting grounds. It informs you what prey is designated to be hunted by a Predator and clarifies what intents and weapons the Predator may use upon its target. The hunting rules of Predator are the backbone of the role and should never be broken. Please note, classification applies to both individuals and groups.

    Worthy - Predators specifically hunting prey must ensure that their target meets the following requirements:
    • Is able to effectively fight back against the Yautja - Fists against an armored Yautja, does not count.
    • Is not wounded, including non-permanent wounds - Burns or minor brute damage.
    • Is assisting someone being hunted.
    • Prey not actively engaged or preforming actions vital to the success of their side - Someone not fighting on the frontlines or actively assisting it through other means.

    Examples of Worthy prey:
    • A healthy specialist, away from the frontlines.
    • A medic, with no one to heal or no signs of moving to perform his duties.
    • A medic knowingly assisting a marine actively being hunted - Healing a marine after they've seen you engaging or hunting them.
    • A human that is wearing Yautja gear, after killing one.
    • Groups of humans/xenos hunting down any Yautja.

    Yautja are able to LPC/HPC any worthy, though that turns them into Unhuntable, and the Yautja will be unable to continue hunting them until they’ve recovered. Cloak LPC/HPC is not permitted for this.

    Unhuntables - Humans or Xenos, that by circumstance or duty, are unable to be hunted. Unhuntables include one of the following:
    • Humans or Xenos that are debilitatingly wounded - This includes heavy, non-permanent damage such as missing limbs, fractures, or internal damage.
    • Humans or Xenos that are required for the success of their side, and without, they would surely collapse or fail. Such as a Queen, or a CO leading their force.
    • Humans or Xenos that are actively fighting on the frontline. Coming back to heal does not disqualify this.
    • Non-direct combatants. Drone-evolutions, boilers, all Almayer crew, Synthetics, etc.
    • Any human or xeno that the Yautja has stunned with an HPC, LPC, or weapon stuns unless they are dishonorable - Targets stunned will be worthy upon recovering, reacquiring their gear, and being ready to fight again.
    • Humans or Xenos defending key locations, such as the Hive or a FOB.
    • Human colonists that are currently surviving a Xeno infestation.

    Examples of Unhuntable prey:
    • A human missing a limb.
    • A medic healing the wounded.
    • A group of worthy marines that have just been HPCed.
    • A group of xenos that are defending their hive.
    • An IO recovering intelligence.
    • A group of survivors gathering supplies.

    Through certain circumstances, unhuntables can become worthy. For example, a doctor or drone actively challenging you, starting a fight, or assisting will make them worthy.

    Dishonourable - Human or Xenos, that by their actions, have dishonoured one or more Yautja and can be killed using full gear of the Yautja. Dishonorable include one of the following:

    • Any Human that flees from an honor duel, heals during it, or attempts to contact outside help.
    • Humans or Xenos that knowingly interrupt an honor duel. Humans or Xenos that unwittingly interrupt a duel, are to be given one grace -- interrupting again will be considered dishonorable.
    • Humans or Xenos that are LRP/Metaing the guideline. Hugging the Yautja, saying the Yautja won’t fight you because you’re not worthy, etc.

    Examples of Dishonourable prey:
    • A xeno that continually interrupts and attacks someone in an honor duel.
    • A marine calls for assistance from their squad in a duel.
    • A marine that throws their gun away when they see you.
    • A xeno/human does a LRP action, like fortnite default dancing beside a Yautja.

    Killing/Murdering a fellow Yautja outside an honorable duel is considered the worst possible crime.

    Gear Recovery - If a Yautja fails as a hunter and dies, gear recovery may take place under certain circumstances. No matter what, the BODY must always be recovered, through worthy means, unless the holders of the corpse are dishonourable. Innocents with a body, are considered worthy, until it is recovered..

    • The gear is being brought to the Almayer, for reverse engineering and or general study. This requires at least two hunters.
    • The gear was obtained through interrupting an honor duel.
    • You are allowed to recover gear on the planetside, however, they must be hunted according to their current state. No killing heavily wounded because they had gear.
    • If the Hive at any point hijacks the shuttle or is actively fighting on the Almayer, you must leave the Almayer and not interfere with their battle.

    If a human, or group of humans, kills a Yautja, and uses the gear to further engage Yautja, or Xenos, they do not need to have their gear stripped from them at the time as they are using it as the Yautja would, and can be retrieved after the humans enter cryostasis. There is no risk of it being reverse engineered or studied in combat during this situation. The exception to this is if the gear was obtained through interrupting an honor duel, in that case, it must be recovered. If you do not know whether or not gear was gained fairly or not, best leave it be.

    Additional Predator Rules/Explanations:
    This list goes more in-depth about the specifics of certain Predator systems and behaviors. It's important to remember that Predators are tasked with using their abilities to enhance the round rather than just benefit themselves. The Additional Predator Rules should be followed as closely as possible to avoid trouble but slight deviations from these rules that enhance the round may not be punished. (This doesn't mean these rules don't apply and saying you broke a rule to enhance the round will result in your whitelist being removed. It will be down to Head Staff to decide if the actions in question benefited the round or not.)

    Predator Honor Duels & Mercy:
    Predators may challenge other predators or humans they deem worthy to "honor duels". The challenger must provide the challenged with an appropriate melee weapon. Ranged weapons are forbidden against each other. Both sides must not heal, run away, or contact for assistance during an Honor Duel. Evacuating because of an incoming Xeno swarm is not dishonorable. An honor duel victor may give the loser mercy and is allowed to collect an item or a limb. They must be brought to safety if mercy is given.

    Yautja must hunt alone. The only thing you are allowed to do as a group, is dispatch unworthy, gear recovery, and hunt abominations. Orders from Elder Yautja may change this.

    For one's body to be killed in combat is dishonorable, though to die by a bracer's self-destruct is an honorable death. If a Yautja is about to die, they must try to self destruct. Once you have committed to self-destructing, you must go through with the process unless you have a very valid reason to cancel it. Self-destructing and then canceling to scare away enemies is considered extremely dishonorable. During the self-destruct process, they are unable to use any stun weaponry or attempt to keep Xenos or Humans within the self destruct radius. You’ll never be punished OOCly for not self-destructing, so use your discretion if it’s worth SDing.

    You are allowed to Self destruct fallen Yautja as you see fit. That being said, do not throw the body as a weapon after you trigger the self-destruction sequence. The same rules apply with attempting to keep Humans or Xenos within the blast radius.

    Abominations are considered unworthy of life and should be eliminated with every Yautja-made tool in your arsenal. If you get infected, you must die at any cost.

    Should an abomination be present on the Almayer, hunters are able to go onboard to destroy it. Focus should be placed on killing abomination with the intent on minimizing unnecessary kills, though some are to be expected. After its death, all Yautja are to leave the ship as soon as possible.

    Hive Disruption:
    Before Xenos get Tier 3s, Yautjas are not allowed to stalk Xenos, instigate them to attack the Yautja, or interfere with them gathering hosts, human or not. If you are attacked before they get Tier 3s, just leave the area. Do not attempt to retrieve any infected persons from any xenomorph nest, Yautja exempted. Humans and the like are beneath your notice, and if they get infected, they are worth even less of your time.

    Yautja are not allowed to alter the environment in a way that would result in either side being crippled, or forced to reallocate forces there. I.E, blowing into Lambda, making a flank into the FOB. Yautja are also not allowed to be within a Hive or a FOB, unless they are recovering a Yautja body.

    Under normal circumstances, Yautja are only allowed to go up to the Almayer to recover gear. No hunting, no peace conferences, only gear recovery. A minimum of two hunters must be present during this mission. These rules are overridden by Abomination or Dropship Hijacking.

    Stray Fire:
    Given the armour of the Yautja, any unintentional fire/attacks are to be ignored, given the likelihood of confusion from Humans and or Xenos.

    Elders (A very rare predator role that is granted by Head staff to exceptional Yautja Players) may make exceptions to this code for role-playing or game progression reasons with Admin direction similar to how Corporate Liaisons can sometimes get exceptions to the standard rules. This means an Admin will tell you which parts you can ignore so don't ahelp asking for exceptions to be made. These will be reserved primarily for role play situations. This means if you see a predator doing something against the honor code, it may be legal for that round.

    Councillor (A Predator role given to all Yautja Council members) are given some leverage with things such as Additional Rules and may alter how the Honor Code is dealt with ICly for that round. Councillors are unable to change what prey is worth, unhuntable, and dishonorable. ICly, what a Councillor says is to be respected and followed as a superior to the Blooded Yautja. Players under direct orders from a Councillor will not be held OOCly for the specific IC actions given to them, however, Councillors will be if their orders cause problems with the round overall. This means that while a Blooded may be told to kill a specific target, what they do to get to the target is still their own actions unless addressed overwise by a Councillor. Councillors are also able to handle certain Honor Code breaks ICly, though OOC punishments for the player breaking the rules can still occure. Councillors are not forbidden from starting their own hunts but priority should always be placed in overseeing the training of Blooded Yautja.

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    As of April 5th, 2020, there is a new Yautja Honor Code. The old Honor code (seen at the start of this thread) is no longer valid.

    Any queries and or concerns should be brought to any one of the current Yautja councils, or the Yautja administrator.

    Note: the Predator rules clarification thread is no longer an extension of the Honor code and should be ignored.

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