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Thread: Staff Report - nanu308

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    Staff Report - nanu308

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    February 5, 2020
    Your Character Name?
    Scott Miller
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Not really needed since it’s an note-edit request but I guess it would be: Preserve the RP and enjoyment oft he server: If no one admin helps (ahelp) a complaint, or seems tob e complaining or taking issue with it, it may be the best to let it go
    Description of the incident
    First of: I accept the validity of the ban although I was an bit upset about not getting to explain myself but I was told on the discord by others that I got of easy and ERP bans are taken so seriously that admins ban without questioning the offender.

    It was roundstart and Dorkkeli was playing an “question-answer game“ (not sure what to call it) and made the question „Okay last round, things you can say tot he Clown but not the Mime“.

    This prompted me to make the jokey answer: „creampy me daddy“ as an obvious reference to clowns often throwing pies and on some servers even starting off with pie-cannons on other SS13 servers.

    I then got bwoinked by nanu308. (What I quote from here on out is not word by word since I don’t know how to access logs but they should convey the essentials)
    nanu: „Hey there have an second?“
    me: „Is this about the creampie joke“
    nanu: „You are being banned for 7 days for 18+ content“
    me: „Can you tell me if your trolling me or if this is serious?“


    My last question was due to it being an nice jokey atmosphere in ooc but I guess on CM bwoinks are always taken tob e serious ad not taken as meme’s since you refrain from doing that. I can also see how my question about it being trolling could be seen as trying to provoke an reaction but it really wasn’t meant to.

    While, as I have started in the beginning, I don’t like it what I wasn’t given an opportunity to justify myself that isn’t really the reason fort he report.
    „OOC: Dorkkeli: Okay last round, things you can say tot he Clown but not the Mime“

    (not an log excerpt since I don’t know how to access those)
    How you would punish the accused
    I would like the note/ban reason edited to correctly reflect the situation, that would mean to include: The fact that I only made the 18+ comment as an prompt to Dorkkeli’s joke-question
    The question from Dorkkeli

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    Joking around in OOC while waiting for event to start, is not a clause to say stuff that is against the rules. Should not have to be said outloud, but apparently it has to be. Nothing further to add.
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    This is not an 18+ server, and we have a sizable contingent of underage players who play CM. So - naturally - we respond pretty heavily to any issues involving 18+ content. But the bottom line here is that no matter what the situation is, be it an OOC 'game' or an IC conversation, you are expected to follow server rules at all times. Truthfully, clarifying in the note that it was part of an OOC game would not make the situation appear any better. Even if appealing or adjusting notes was a thing (it isn't), I do not see sufficient reason to do so here.

    On that basis I'll be denying this report. No action taken.
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