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Thread: TheLC - Synthetic Application

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    TheLC - Synthetic Application

    Synthetic Whitelist Application
    Byond ID?

    Marine Name
    Gunner Caldwel

    Other Whitelist Applications

    Name of the Synth Character you wish to play

    Are you familiar with the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines?

    What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
    Basic mele if the need arises. First aid to the wounded. Baricade construction. Transporting supplies/wounded to/from the frontline.

    Synthetic Character Story
    Arthur is a realtivley new synth. He (they?) have only taken part in one operation with the Falling Falcons, but is eager (or at least as eager as a synth can be) to help the crew during their next operation.

    What is your Synth’s quirk and personality?
    Arthur is programmed to be eager about his (their? I honestly have no idea) currently assigned job. But, perhaps due to a programming fault, he finds that seeing anyone consuming food to be unappealing, or even revolting at times.

    How familiar are you with Engineering?
    I have a basic familiarity.

    How familiar are you with Command?
    I am familiar with command.

    How familiar are you with Medical?
    I have a decent familiarity with Medical.

    How familiar are you with Requisitions?
    I am unfamiliar with Requisitions.

    Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
    I have found other sythetic players to be interesting and fun to have in the round. I have also been annoyed with not having the necessary skill to do something as a role, and the synthetic's all rounder skillset seems interesting.

    Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

    Are you currently banned from our Discord, and if so, why?

    Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
    Nothing else.

    Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or the Synthetic Programming Guideline?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

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    So a first a bit of advice:

    1) Read through some of the accepted and denied applications for Synthetics. They're very helpful, and give you a good estimate on what your application should look like (or if you are looking at a denied application, what they should not look like.

    2) Ask someone to review your application. On discord, or even DMs on here, you can get some good feedback for your application so you can get a feel for whether or not your app is up to par. Of course, everyone's opinion is different, but pretty much anyone who has had an application accepted could tell you whether your app has a good chance of passing, might need some work, or will absolutely flop.

    3) Whitelist applications are pretty strict. You have to put quite a bit of effort to get one approved.

    Now to go over your application:

    I am not a council member, so my opinion doesn't really matter, but I can tell you almost without a doubt that this will be denied. Whitelist applications, as I stated above, require a decent amount of effort. You really need to care about getting it, and put in the time. This application, in relevance to what is required, is a no effort app.

    First of all, your synthetic story is literally two sentences long. Had you even glanced at a proper, accepted whitelist app, you would have seen how long they are on average. For your synthetic story, it MUST have your synthetic's quirk involved in it. That is absolutely paramount to the story.

    Second, your quirk is weak. I feel like maybe your quirk could be okay, but flesh it out more. Explain it more. Also remember that your story needs to have your quirk in it. So if your quirk is your synth hates food, your story needs to have him hating food in it.

    Third, for how familiar you are with each of the different fields, you need to be sub-god tier at each of the roles, and you need to be more specific here than just "I am familiar with ____." For medical, you need to know how to do chemicals, you can't be ODing people in the field, you need to know how to run medical both in the field and in the medbay. You have to be 100% proficient in everything medical. For requisitions, you must be, again, sub-god tier. No one expects perfection, but synthetics are supposed to be better than the average human and most tasks. What will you do if you show up to your captain to report for duty, and no one is manning requisitions? Now the Captain asks you to go run req until someone wakes up. You head down there and don't know what to do. That's a big problem.

    I think it's obvious but I would vote this a -1.

    Don't give up though! Make sure you familiarize yourself with everything support in CM, make a good application, and when this is denied, come back in a month to try again. Showing progress on a later application is very commendable in my opinion. Good luck.
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    TheLC, you should have looked at other applications before applying yourself. The story needs to be way longer and, probably, get more playtime as I've not seen you in game. The quirk needs to be worked on, but it seems... interesting. Also, get some playtime on requisitions, some rounds you will be requested to work there, alone.
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    I do not need to echo what others have written down here. Please read through the accepted synthetic applications before you reapply to understand how it is properly done and what is expected of you and better luck next time.
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    As the others have said, there are huge problems with your synthetic application.

    Your story does not showcase your quirk and how your synth will act in-game or talk with other crewmembers. I give you an advice to get people to proof-read any whitelist stories you have before applying.

    Your quirk is ok, but it could be worked on more. Do that and you will have an excellent quirk.

    The fact that you are unfamiliar with Requisitions is not good. You have to be at least familiarized with all support roles before applying. Try grinding CT and RO before applying.

    Overall, the application did not meet some important requirements so I will be leaving a NEGATIVE vote.
    Farm the advices and feedback that you got and you will have a great synthetic application later.


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    Listen to feedback given above. Also arthur name is taken. And synth being repulsed by humans eating makes no sense.

    Denied, you can try again in a month. I urge you to ask for help next time.
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